Best 30 WhatsApp Promotional Messages Examples [Updated 2024]

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April 18, 2023

What are the whatsapp promotional messages?

The article on WhatsApp promotional messages offers a detailed guide for businesses seeking to harness WhatsApp’s marketing potential. It covers various message types like festive wishes with promotions, loyalty programs, product launches, and more. The article emphasizes the advantages of using WhatsApp for promotions, such as improving customer experience, boosting conversions, and reaching a broader audience economically.

It also provides three key tips: segmenting and personalizing messages, tracking data for insights, and using a shared inbox for efficient customer response management. Furthermore, it outlines guidelines for sending promotional messages on WhatsApp and recommends as a reliable WhatsApp Marketing Software. Overall, the article serves as a practical resource for businesses aiming to enhance their promotional efforts through WhatsApp marketing strategies.

Best 30 WhatsApp Promotional Messages for Your Business

In the realm of digital marketing, leveraging WhatsApp for promotional messages has become a game-changer for businesses. The article “Best 30 WhatsApp Promotional Messages for Your Business” delves into a variety of impactful messaging strategies tailored to enhance business outreach. From engaging WhatsApp Carousel Messages that showcase multiple offerings in a single swipe to Multi-Button Promotion Messages enabling seamless interaction, these techniques elevate customer engagement.

The article also explores innovative approaches such as combining Festive Wishes with Promotional Messages, implementing Loyalty Programs to reward customers, and utilizing WhatsApp for New Product Launch announcements. Additionally, it delves into the importance of feedback-driven promotions, follow-up messages for enhanced customer retention, and strategies like Abandoned Cart reminders to recover potential sales. These diverse promotional message types, including Order Confirmation with Upsell opportunities and using WhatsApp as a Landing Page, showcase the platform’s versatility in driving customer interaction and boosting sales effectively.

WhatsApp Carousel Messages

WhatsApp Carousel Messages offer businesses a dynamic method to display numerous products or services in one interactive message. This feature enables users to swipe through various offerings, delivering a visually captivating and educational experience. Businesses can leverage WhatsApp Carousel Messages to spotlight product collections, promotions, or diverse options, simplifying customer exploration and decision-making. This format boosts user engagement, optimizes the browsing experience, and enhances conversion rates by presenting a range of offerings in an appealing and interactive manner.

Multi-Button WhatsApp Promotion Message

The Multi-Button WhatsApp Promotion Message is a powerful tool for businesses to drive engagement and facilitate interactions with customers. This feature allows companies to include multiple call-to-action buttons within a single message, such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Contact Us.” By offering various options directly in the message, businesses can guide users to take specific actions, whether it’s making a purchase, exploring more about a product or service, or initiating direct communication. The Multi-Button WhatsApp Promotion Message enhances user convenience, increases response rates, and improves overall conversion by providing clear and actionable choices for customers.

Festive Wishes + Promotional Message

A Festive Wishes + Promotional Message combines seasonal greetings with promotional content, creating a warm and engaging communication approach. This type of message is particularly effective during festive seasons or holidays when there is a high search volume for related terms. Businesses can use Festive Wishes + Promotional Messages to connect emotionally with customers, offer special promotions or discounts, and boost sales during festive periods. By incorporating festive themes and promotional offers into a single message, companies can capture the festive spirit while driving customer engagement and conversions.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are designed by businesses to appreciate and keep loyal customers. These programs provide advantages like discounts, rewards points, exclusive offers, and VIP privileges to encourage repeat purchases and nurture lasting relationships. By emphasizing customer loyalty, businesses can improve satisfaction, promote repeat sales, and boost the overall value of each customer over time. Loyalty Programs also help in fostering brand loyalty and setting businesses apart in competitive markets, leading to steady growth and retaining customers in the long run.

New Product Launch WhatsApp Message

A New Product Launch WhatsApp Message is a targeted communication strategy used by businesses to announce and promote their latest offerings directly to customers on the messaging platform. These messages are designed to create excitement and generate interest in the new product, often including key features, benefits, and launch details. By leveraging WhatsApp for new product launches, businesses can reach a wide audience instantly, encourage early adoption, and facilitate customer engagement through direct communication channels. This approach is effective in building anticipation, driving sales, and establishing a strong market presence for the new product.

Feedback + Promotion Offer Message

A Feedback + Promotion Offer Message is a strategic communication that encourages customers to provide feedback while also offering promotional incentives. This message invites customers to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the business, helping to gather valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction. In return for feedback, customers may receive special promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers as a token of appreciation. This approach not only fosters a stronger connection with customers but also incentivizes them to engage with the business and take advantage of promotional opportunities, contributing to enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.

Follow-up WhatsApp promotion Message

A Follow-up WhatsApp Promotion Message is a targeted communication sent to customers after an initial interaction or purchase to nurture the relationship and encourage further engagement. This message may include personalized content related to previous interactions, such as product recommendations based on past purchases or updates on ongoing promotions. By following up with customers through WhatsApp, businesses can strengthen connections, address any concerns, and provide additional value, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. The personalized nature of follow-up messages enhances customer satisfaction and drives conversions effectively.

Abandoned Cart

An Abandoned Cart message is a reminder sent to customers who have added products to their online shopping cart but didn’t finish the purchase. It’s a way to gently nudge them back to complete their order, often by offering incentives like discounts or free shipping. These messages aim to recover potentially lost sales, reduce cart abandonment rates, and boost revenue by encouraging customers to return and complete their transactions.

WhatsApp Promotion Message – Order Confirmation + Upsell

A WhatsApp Promotion Message for order confirmation and upselling is a strategic communication sent to customers after they have made a purchase. This message not only confirms the order details but also presents additional products or services related to their purchase, aiming to upsell and increase the order value. By leveraging the order confirmation process to introduce complementary or upgraded items, businesses can capitalize on the customer’s buying intent and maximize sales opportunities. This approach enhances customer experience, drives incremental revenue, and strengthens customer loyalty through personalized recommendations.

Use WhatsApp as a Landing Page

Using WhatsApp as a landing page involves directing potential customers from external sources like social media or ads to a WhatsApp conversation instead of a traditional website. This approach allows businesses to engage users directly in a conversational manner, providing instant information, answering queries, and facilitating conversions within the messaging app. By utilizing WhatsApp as a landing page, businesses can offer a personalized and interactive experience, capture leads efficiently, and streamline the customer journey by eliminating the need for users to navigate through multiple webpages.

Product Updates WhatsApp Promotion message

A Product Updates WhatsApp Promotion Message is a targeted communication sent to customers to inform them about new features, improvements, or additions to products or services. This message provides valuable updates and encourages customers to explore the latest offerings, highlighting key benefits and enhancements. It may also include promotions or incentives related to the updated products to drive interest and engagement. Product Updates WhatsApp Promotion Messages aim to keep customers informed, engaged, and satisfied while also promoting new features and driving sales through effective communication and promotion strategies.

Cross-selling WhatsApp promotional message

A Cross-selling WhatsApp Promotional Message is a strategic communication sent to existing customers to promote complementary or related products or services. This message leverages customer data and purchase history to recommend relevant offerings that complement their previous purchases. By showcasing additional products that align with the customer’s interests or needs, businesses can encourage cross-selling and increase the average order value. Cross-selling WhatsApp Promotional Messages are effective in expanding customer purchases, enhancing customer satisfaction by offering relevant options, and maximizing revenue opportunities through targeted and personalized recommendations.

Out-of-stock alert messages

Out-of-stock alert messages are notifications sent to customers when a product they are interested in is currently unavailable due to being out of stock. These messages inform customers about the status of the product and may include options such as notifying them when the item is back in stock or suggesting alternative products. Out-of-stock alert messages help manage customer expectations, prevent frustration, and retain customer interest by keeping them informed and offering alternative solutions. This proactive approach to communication fosters transparency, enhances customer experience, and maintains customer engagement despite stock availability challenges.

Appointment messages

Appointment messages are communications sent to customers to confirm, remind, or reschedule appointments or meetings. These messages typically include details such as the appointment date, time, location, and any specific instructions or requirements. They serve as a helpful reminder for customers and ensure that they are well-prepared and informed about their scheduled appointments. Additionally, appointment messages can include options for customers to confirm their attendance, reschedule if needed, or provide feedback after the appointment, facilitating smooth communication and efficient appointment management for businesses and customers alike.

Welcome messages

Welcome messages are introductory communications sent to new customers or subscribers to greet them and provide essential information about the business, products, or services. These messages often include a warm welcome message, details about the company’s offerings, and instructions on how to get started or access resources. Welcome messages aim to make new customers feel valued, informed, and engaged from the outset, setting a positive tone for the customer relationship. They also offer opportunities to showcase key benefits, encourage exploration of products or services, and initiate meaningful interactions to foster long-term customer loyalty.

Event promotion messages

Event promotion messages are communications sent to inform and encourage recipients to participate in upcoming events such as conferences, webinars, workshops, or product launches. These messages typically include key details about the event, such as the date, time, location (if applicable), agenda, speakers, and registration information. They may also highlight the benefits of attending, special features, early bird discounts, or exclusive offers to attract attendees. Event promotion messages aim to generate excitement, increase attendance, and drive engagement by effectively communicating the value and appeal of the event to the target audience.

Technical issue update messages

Technical issue update messages are notifications sent to inform users about ongoing technical problems or updates affecting a product, service, or platform. These messages typically include details about the issue, its impact on users, steps being taken to resolve it, and any temporary workarounds or alternatives available. Technical issue update messages aim to keep users informed, manage expectations, and provide transparency regarding the status of technical issues. They help minimize confusion, frustration, and support inquiries by proactively communicating important information about technical challenges and their resolution progress to users.

Benefits of sending Promotional messages on WhatsApp

Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp offers several benefits for businesses:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: WhatsApp allows for direct and personalized communication, enhancing the overall customer experience by providing timely and relevant promotional offers.
  2. Boosting Conversion Rates: Promotional messages on WhatsApp can lead to higher conversion rates as they reach customers directly and are more likely to be seen and acted upon.
  3. Brand Loyalty: Regularly engaging customers with promotional messages on WhatsApp helps build brand loyalty and keeps the brand top-of-mind for future purchases.
  4. Cost-effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising channels, sending promotional messages on WhatsApp is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience instantly.
  5. Wider Audience Reach: With millions of active users, WhatsApp provides a platform to reach a wider audience globally, increasing the potential customer base for businesses.
  6. Repeat Purchases: Well-crafted promotional messages can encourage repeat purchases from existing customers, contributing to business growth and revenue.

Overall, leveraging WhatsApp for promotional messages can significantly impact customer engagement, sales, and brand visibility in a cost-efficient manner.

Best 3 Tips Before You Start Sending WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Before diving into WhatsApp promotional messages, it’s crucial to consider three key tips for optimal results. Firstly, segment and personalize your messages to target specific customer groups effectively. Secondly, track message data to analyze campaign performance and make data-driven decisions. Lastly, use a shared inbox to efficiently manage customer responses and ensure timely and personalized interactions. These tips are essential for enhancing engagement, optimizing campaigns, and delivering a seamless customer experience on WhatsApp.

Segment and personalize your message

Before initiating WhatsApp promotional messages, segment your audience based on preferences and behaviors. Personalize messages to resonate with each segment, increasing relevance and engagement. Additionally, track message data to analyze campaign performance and optimize future outreach. Employing these strategies ensures targeted communication, enhances customer experience, and maximizes the effectiveness of your promotional efforts on WhatsApp.

Track message data

Track message data to gain insights into campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics. Analyzing this data helps refine messaging strategies, optimize content, and target audiences more effectively. By monitoring message data, businesses can make informed decisions, enhance campaign effectiveness, and achieve better results with their WhatsApp promotional messages.

Use a shared inbox to manage customer responses

Utilize a shared inbox to streamline management of customer responses to WhatsApp promotional messages. A shared inbox enables collaboration among team members, ensuring prompt and coordinated responses to inquiries, feedback, and requests. This centralized system enhances efficiency, reduces response times, and maintains consistency in communication, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and fostering positive relationships with your audience.

Benefits of sending promotional messages on WhatsApp

Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp offers a multitude of benefits for businesses. Firstly, it significantly enhances customer experience by delivering relevant offers directly to their preferred messaging platform. This personalized approach boosts conversion rates, fostering a sense of brand loyalty among customers. Moreover, leveraging WhatsApp for promotions enables businesses to reach a wider audience at minimal costs, ultimately driving sales. Additionally, by maintaining regular engagement, businesses can encourage repeat purchases, further solidifying customer relationships and ensuring long-term success.

Improvement in customer experience

Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp enhances customer experience by providing personalized and timely offers directly to their preferred messaging platform. Customers appreciate the convenience and relevance of receiving promotions via WhatsApp, leading to a more positive interaction with the brand. This improves overall satisfaction, strengthens the relationship between the business and its customers, and increases the likelihood of repeat engagement and purchases.

Boosting conversion rates

Promotional messages on WhatsApp are effective in boosting conversion rates by delivering targeted offers directly to customers’ devices. The personalized nature of these messages increases the likelihood of engagement and prompts users to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. By leveraging WhatsApp for promotions, businesses can optimize conversion rates and drive more sales effectively and efficiently.

Brand loyalty

WhatsApp promotional messages contribute to brand loyalty by fostering direct and personalized communication with customers. By delivering exclusive offers, updates, and personalized content, businesses deepen the emotional connection with their audience. This consistent engagement and value-added communication build trust and affinity towards the brand, encouraging repeat purchases and advocacy. Ultimately, strong brand loyalty cultivated through WhatsApp messaging leads to long-term customer relationships and sustained business growth.

Boosting sales through cost-effective way

Leveraging WhatsApp for promotional messages boosts sales cost-effectively by reaching a wide audience at minimal expense. Compared to traditional advertising channels, WhatsApp offers low-cost communication with high engagement rates. By targeting offers and updates directly to customers’ phones, businesses can drive purchase intent and conversions efficiently. This cost-effective approach maximizes sales while minimizing marketing expenses, resulting in a favorable return on investment.

Reaching out to a wider audience

WhatsApp promotional messages facilitate broad audience outreach by leveraging the platform’s extensive user base. With billions of active users globally, WhatsApp presents an unparalleled opportunity to enhance brand visibility. By crafting tailored promotions, businesses can effectively engage with diverse demographics and geographic regions, fostering new customer connections and expanding market presence. This approach fuels growth and amplifies market influence, optimizing opportunities for business expansion and success.

Repeat purchase

WhatsApp promotional messages encourage repeat purchases by maintaining regular engagement with customers. Through personalized offers, reminders, and updates sent directly to their preferred messaging platform, businesses keep their products or services top-of-mind. By nurturing ongoing relationships and addressing customer needs promptly, WhatsApp promotions create a seamless buying experience that encourages customers to return and make additional purchases, fostering loyalty and driving revenue growth.

Eligibility to send promotional messages on WhatsApp

1. Follow WhatsApp Commerce Policy:

It’s crucial to comply with WhatsApp’s commerce policy, which restricts certain industries from sending messages through WhatsApp Business solutions. These restrictions are outlined on WhatsApp’s official page. However, there are exceptions for some industries. For instance, while businesses may not directly sell alcohol, they can promote alcohol-related items such as glasses or coolers.

2. Opt-in Consent:

Before sending promotional messages, it’s essential to ensure that recipients have explicitly opted in to receive them. Sending messages without prior consent not only violates legal regulations but also risks user complaints, potentially leading to account suspension. Obtaining consent fosters a more positive user experience and establishes trust between the brand and its audience.

3. Template Approval:

WhatsApp requires businesses to get their message templates approved to ensure compliance with guidelines. While directly contacting WhatsApp for template approval can be cumbersome, platforms like Chatbot.Team streamline this process. The platform offers tools for submitting templates and managing WhatsApp marketing activities, including chatbots, canned replies, shared inboxes, and analytics. This facilitates quick approval, typically within 48 hours, ensuring that messages align with WhatsApp’s standards.

4. Unsubscribe Option:

It’s essential to provide recipients with a straightforward way to opt out of receiving further messages. Making it difficult for users to unsubscribe can result in a negative brand perception and may lead to user complaints or reports. By offering an easy opt-out method, businesses demonstrate respect for users’ preferences and maintain a positive relationship with their audience.

Guidelines to send promotional messages on WhatsApp

Guidelines for Sending Promotional Messages on WhatsApp:

  1. Obtain Opt-in Consent: Ensure recipients have explicitly agreed to receive promotional messages, respecting their preferences and privacy.
  2. Compliance with Policies: Adhere strictly to WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines, avoiding spammy, illegal, or misleading content.
  3. Value-Centric Messaging: Provide valuable and relevant offers or information in promotional messages to maintain user engagement and trust.
  4. Template Approval: Use approved message templates provided by WhatsApp to ensure compliance and avoid issues with message delivery.
  5. Opt-out Option: Include a simple and accessible opt-out mechanism in all promotional messages, respecting users’ right to unsubscribe.
  6. Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitor the performance of promotional campaigns, analyzing metrics to optimize messaging strategies for better results.

How to Send Promotional WhatsApp Marketing Messages using Chatbot.Team

  1. Template Submission: Submit promotional message templates for approval through Chatbot.Team’s platform, ensuring compliance with WhatsApp guidelines.
  2. Segmentation: Utilize to segment your audience based on preferences or behaviors, enabling targeted promotional messaging.
  3. Personalization: Customize promotional messages with recipient’s name or other relevant details using Chatbot.Team’s personalization features for increased engagement.
  4. Scheduling: Schedule promotional messages at optimal times using Chatbot.Team’s scheduling tools to maximize reach and effectiveness.
  5. Analytics: Track message delivery, open rates, and other metrics using Chatbot.Team’s analytics dashboard to measure the success of your promotional campaigns.
  6. Opt-out Management: Manage opt-outs efficiently by automatically handling unsubscribe requests through’s platform, maintaining compliance and user satisfaction.

Chatbot.Team is the best WhatsApp Marketing Software to Grow Your Business

Chatbot.Team stands out as a top WhatsApp marketing software, offering essential features for business growth. With intuitive tools for template creation, audience segmentation, campaign scheduling, and compliance assistance, it streamlines marketing efforts. Its effectiveness in maximizing WhatsApp’s potential makes it an invaluable asset for expanding businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When advertising on WhatsApp, briefly convey the value proposition of your product or service, highlighting key benefits or features. Use concise language, compelling visuals, and clear calls-to-action to prompt engagement. Respect user preferences and privacy by obtaining consent and providing opt-out options. Ensure compliance with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines to maintain credibility.

To write and post on WhatsApp, open the app and navigate to the chat or group where you want to share your message. Type your message in the text field, ensuring it's clear, concise, and relevant to your audience. You can also enhance your message with emojis, images, videos, or documents using the attachment icon. Once your message is ready, simply tap the send button to post it. It's important to consider the context and tone of your message to effectively communicate with your recipients.

Promotion permeates every aspect of life, including the pursuit of one's faith. There's a distinction between merely fulfilling a task and actively seeking to excel in it. Those who go above and beyond to enhance their work ultimately stand out.

To activate promotional messages on WhatsApp, access the app's settings and proceed to the Privacy section within your Account settings. Here, you'll find options related to receiving messages from groups and businesses. Choose either "Everyone" or "My Contacts" under the Groups section to allow promotional messages from these sources. Additionally, enabling the "Receive messages from businesses" option permits receipt of promotional messages from verified businesses.

Yes, marketing on WhatsApp is possible and increasingly popular. Businesses can leverage WhatsApp for various marketing activities, including sending promotional messages, providing customer support, conducting surveys, and more. It offers a direct and personal channel to reach customers, making it a valuable platform for marketing initiatives.

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