How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp: A Definitive Guide

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April 18, 2023

WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool in communication, boasting over two billion active users globally. Its ubiquitous presence and ease of use make it a prime option for business marketing. For businesses, the WhatsApp platform offers a direct and personal way to connect with customers, making every conversation more meaningful. In this context, obtaining the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is crucial for businesses to enhance their credibility and visibility. This guide aims to clarify the process of gaining this coveted status, detailing its significance and advantages to businesses.

What is WhatsApp Green Tick?

The WhatsApp Green Tick is a verification badge that appears next to the name of an official business account. This symbol of authenticity signifies that WhatsApp has confirmed the account as a genuine indication of the business it claims to be. The presence of this badge is significant as it reassures customers that they are interacting with a verified company, thereby enhancing trust and credibility. Verified accounts also stand out from non-verified ones, offering a competitive edge by increasing the business’s visibility and authority. Remember that you need the official WhatsApp to log in to get a green tick.

Difference Between a Regular Business Account and an Official Business Account

When navigating the landscape of WhatsApp business tools, it’s crucial to differentiate between a Regular Business Account and an Official Business Account. Each type serves distinct purposes and offers different features tailored to varying business needs and scales. Understanding these differences can significantly influence how businesses plan their communication strategies on WhatsApp.

1. Regular WhatsApp Business Account

A Regular WhatsApp Business Account is the entry-level option for small to medium businesses looking to engage with their customers on WhatsApp. It’s relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require a rigorous verification process. Here are the key aspects:

  1. Profile Creation: Businesses can create a profile that includes essential information such as their business name, address, business hours, description, website, and contact information.
  2. Features: The account provides essential communication tools, such as broadcasting to customers, automated greetings and away messages, and quick replies, to streamline customer service.
  3. Reach and Limitations: While anyone can download the WhatsApp Business app and set up a Regular Business Account, it does not have the green tick verification. This means the business name will only appear when entered during the setup process without indicating an official status. Also, messaging capabilities can be limited if unsolicited messages are high, potentially leading to restrictions or bans.

2. Official WhatsApp Business Account

An Official WhatsApp Business Account is designated by a green tick badge next to the business name, indicating that WhatsApp has verified that the account is the authentic presence of the brand. This account suits larger businesses with a broader customer base or those needing more robust capabilities. Here’s what makes it distinct:

  1. Verification and Trust: The green tick badge is a significant trust signal to customers, indicating that WhatsApp recognizes and verifies the business. This can enhance customer trust and improve engagement rates.
  2. Advanced Messaging Features: Official accounts can access advanced tools and APIs, allowing for more sophisticated communication strategies. This includes high-volume messaging and the ability to integrate with other systems for comprehensive customer relationship management.
  3. Global Reach: Official accounts are particularly beneficial for businesses operating globally. The verification reassures international customers of the business’s legitimacy, which is crucial for maintaining communication in different markets.
  4. Eligibility and Application: Getting an Official Business Account involves a detailed application process. The business must prove its authenticity through various documents and compliance with WhatsApp’s policies. This process ensures that only legitimate companies obtain the verification badge.

Cons of the WhatsApp Green Tick

To understand the downsides, one must familiarize themselves with the potential pitfalls before obtaining the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick. Let’s explore these drawbacks.

1. Strict Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for getting a WhatsApp Green Tick are rigorous, requiring businesses to prove their authenticity and operational integrity. This can pose significant difficulties, especially for newer businesses or those with less formalized operations.

2. Application Process Complexity

For many businesses, the Green Tick application process is complex and daunting. It involves multiple steps and submitting detailed business information, which can be time-consuming and require careful attention to detail.

3. Potential for Rejection

The application process always has the potential for rejection, which can be discouraging. Rejections must be handled constructively by understanding the reasons provided and making necessary adjustments to the business profile or operations.

4. Maintenance of High Standards

Once verified, businesses must maintain high standards to retain their verification status. This includes consistent adherence to WhatsApp’s policies and maintaining quality customer interactions.

5. Higher Expectations

Verification raises customer expectations regarding the quality of communication and service. Businesses must be prepared to consistently meet these enhanced expectations to leverage the benefits of their verified status effectively.

6. Compliance Requirements

Maintaining compliance with WhatsApp’s evolving policies is essential for keeping the verification badge. This can require ongoing adjustments to business practices and communication strategies.

How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp: A Detailed Application Process 2024

Gaining the prestigious Green Tick on WhatsApp is a signifier of authenticity and trust, marking a business as verified on one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms. The application process for obtaining the Green Tick is detailed and requires meticulous preparation and adherence to WhatsApp’s standards. Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the steps involved:

1. Sign up for WhatsApp API Access

Before applying for the Green Tick, businesses must secure access to the WhatsApp Business API, designed for medium and large businesses requiring more advanced messaging capabilities.

  1. Eligibility: Ensure your business meets WhatsApp’s eligibility requirements, including having a clean messaging history and high user engagement.
  2. Application: The application process involves submitting your business information through the WhatsApp Business API. This includes business details, such as the legal business name, address, and product or service type.

2. We Recommend to Reach Tier 2 or Higher Messaging Levels

Advancing to at least Tier 2 in WhatsApp’s messaging tiers is advisable because it reflects higher trust and engagement, making the Green Tick verification process smoother.

What are Messaging Tiers?

Messaging tiers determine the number of messages a business can send customers within a certain period. Based on its messaging history, these tiers reflect a business’s trust and reliability.

How to Reach Tier 2 or Higher Messaging Levels?

Achieving a higher messaging tier on WhatsApp is crucial for businesses that must communicate with a larger audience and want to enhance their credibility and customer service capabilities. Tier 2 and above indicate a higher level of trust and reliability granted by WhatsApp, which allows for increased messaging volume. Here’s how businesses can strive to reach and maintain these levels:

1. Maintain High Message Quality

Quality over quantity is vital. Ensure that every message sent provides value and is tailored to the recipient. Avoid generic messages and create personalized interactions catering to your customers’ needs and interests.

2. Consistently Reach Messaging Limits

You must fully utilize your current messaging capacity to reach a higher tier. Regularly reaching your limit shows WhatsApp that your business requires more capacity to communicate effectively with your customers.

3. Monitor Message Quality Rating

WhatsApp evaluates the quality of your messages based on customer interactions, including block and report rates. Monitor these metrics and strive to minimize negative feedback. High message quality ratings are crucial for advancing to higher tiers.

4. Maintain High Response Rates

Quick and relevant responses to customer inquiries can enhance your reputation on WhatsApp. High response rates demonstrate your commitment to customer service, encouraging WhatsApp to increase your messaging capabilities.

5. Use Quick Replies

Quick replies are templated messages that efficiently answer common questions. Fast replies speed up response times and ensure communication consistency and accuracy.

6. Send Relevant Content

Ensure the content you forward is relevant and valuable to your audience. Irrelevant messages can lead to higher block rates and lower engagement, negatively affecting your chances of reaching higher tiers.

7. Frequency of Messages

Balancing the frequency of your messages is crucial. Too many messages can annoy customers and lead to blocks, while too few can diminish engagement. Find the right cadence for your audience based on their feedback and interaction levels.

8. Organize and Label Chats

Organizing your chats helps you manage customer interactions more effectively. Label conversations by query type, customer status, or urgency, which can streamline response strategies and improve service quality.

9. Avoid Blockages

Being blocked by users is a negative indicator of WhatsApp. Minimize blockages by respecting customer preferences for communication frequency and content relevance. Ensure your opt-in practices are transparent and honor opt-out requests promptly.

10. Encourage Customer Engagement

Engage customers by encouraging them to interact with your content. Use engaging elements like call-to-action buttons or interactive media. Higher engagement rates can positively influence your messaging tier status.

11. Utilize WhatsApp Business Tools

Leverage the full suite of tools available in the WhatsApp Business API, such as automated messages, chatbots, and CRM integrations, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications.

12. Monitor Analytics

Use analytics to track the performance of your messages and understand customer behaviors. Insights gained from analytics can guide adjustments to your messaging strategies, helping to maintain high quality and relevance.

13. Train Your Team

Ensure that everyone managing WhatsApp communications is well-trained and aware of best practices and company policies. Regular training can help maintain high standards of message quality and customer interaction.

14. Collect Customer Feedback

Feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement. Regularly solicit customer feedback on their messaging experience and use this data to refine your strategies and address any areas of concern.

15. Compliance with WhatsApp Policies

Adhering to WhatsApp’s messaging policies is non-negotiable. Review and comply with these policies regularly to avoid penalties or reductions in messaging capabilities. Compliance helps maintain your current tier and is crucial for advancing to higher levels.

c) Verify your Business on Facebook Business Manager

As WhatsApp is part of the Facebook family of apps, verification starts with Facebook Business Manager, establishing another layer of authenticity.

  1. Documentation: Provide necessary documentation that proves business legitimacy, such as business licenses, tax files, and proof of address.
  2. Process: Follow the step-by-step verification process on Facebook Business Manager, which includes filling out details about your business and submitting the required documents for Facebook’s review.

d) Build Brand Value

Building and maintaining substantial brand value is crucial for gaining and retaining customer trust. Strategies to enhance brand credibility include consistent branding, high-quality customer interactions, and transparent communication.

e) Enable 2-step Verification

Two-step verification includes an extra layer of security to the business’s WhatsApp account, safeguarding it against unauthorized access.

Ways to Apply for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

Obtaining the WhatsApp Green Tick Badge signifies that a business is verified as authentic by WhatsApp, lending considerable credibility and visibility to the brand. The application process for the Green Tick Badge can be navigated through multiple channels, each with its procedures and requirements. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how a business can apply for this valuable verification status.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a primary tool for managing your business’s presence across the Facebook family of apps, including WhatsApp. Here’s how you can apply for the Green Tick through this platform:

  1. Business Verification: Verify your business on Facebook Business Manager before applying for the WhatsApp Green Tick. This involves submitting official documents that prove your business’s legitimacy, such as tax certificates, business licenses, and proof of business address.
  2. Link WhatsApp Account: Once verified, link your WhatsApp business account to the Facebook Business Manager. This step is crucial as it ties your business identity across platforms.
  3. Apply for WhatsApp Verification: Within the Facebook Business Manager, navigate to the WhatsApp accounts section and select the option to apply for verification. You’ll need to provide detailed information about how you plan to use WhatsApp, your customer engagement strategies, and how WhatsApp fits into your overall business communications.
  4. Submission and Review: After you submit your application, WhatsApp will review it. This review process can take several weeks and involves checking the authenticity of your information and the compliance of your messaging practices with WhatsApp’s standards.

Business Service Provider (BSP)

For businesses looking to leverage WhatsApp effectively, partnering with a Business Service Provider (BSP) can be a transformative move. A BSP-like specializes in integrating WhatsApp Business API solutions, offering expertise and tools that streamline communication processes, enhance customer interactions, and optimize overall messaging strategies. Here’s how using a BSP like can facilitate the application for the WhatsApp Green Tick Badge and provide ongoing support for businesses.

Choosing as Your BSP is a recognized provider that helps businesses utilize WhatsApp Business API’s full capabilities. Here’s why you might consider them:

  1. Expertise and Experience: The has extensive experience setting up and managing WhatsApp solutions for various business sectors. This expertise ensures that your business fully leverages WhatsApp’s capabilities.
  2. Custom Integration: The offers custom integrations of WhatsApp Business API with existing business systems, such as CRM tools and customer service software. This integration facilitates seamless communication workflows and data synchronization.
  3. Compliance and Best Practices: Ensuring compliance with WhatsApp’s policies is critical for maintaining API access and verification status. guides businesses in adhering to these policies and implementing the best message quality and customer interaction practices.

How Assists in Applying for the WhatsApp Green Tick

  1. Preparation and Documentation: The assists businesses in preparing the necessary documentation required for the WhatsApp Green Tick application. This includes verifying the accuracy of business information and ensuring that all the needed proofs of business legitimacy are well-prepared and presented.
  2. Application Submission: Leveraging their deep understanding of the process, the navigates the complexities of the application procedure. They manage the submission process through established channels, potentially upgrading the likelihood of a successful application.
  3. Strategy Implementation: The helps formulate strategies that enhance message quality and customer engagement, which WhatsApp considers vital factors during the verification process. They provide insights into creating effective messaging campaigns that adhere to WhatsApp’s guidelines and engage customers meaningfully.


What if Your Application Gets Rejected for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

Receiving a rejection after applying for the WhatsApp Green Tick can be disappointing, but it’s not the end of the road. Understanding why your application was rejected and taking constructive steps to address the issues can significantly boost your chances of success in a future application. Here’s a detailed approach to handling a rejection and positioning your business for a successful reapplication.

Here’s What You Can Do

1. Review Rejection Reason

The first step is to review WhatsApp’s reasons for rejection carefully. WhatsApp typically provides feedback on why an application did not meet the verification criteria. This could be due to incomplete or inaccurate information, failure to meet eligibility requirements, or non-compliance with WhatsApp’s policies.

  1. Detailed Analysis: Analyze the rejection feedback in detail. Identify specific areas where your application fell short.
  2. Consult Experts: If the feedback is unclear or you need more insight, consider consulting with a BSP or a digital communication expert who understands the intricacies of the WhatsApp verification process.

2. Correct Issues

Once you understand the reasons for rejection, take corrective actions to address these issues.

  1. Documentation and Information: If the rejection was due to documentation issues, ensure that all required documents are accurate, up-to-date, and reflect your business legitimacy.
  2. Policy Compliance: If the rejection was due to policy non-compliance, revise your business practices to align strictly with WhatsApp’s guidelines.
  3. Improve Message Quality: If low message quality was a factor, improve the content and relevance of your messages to decrease block rates and increase customer engagement.

3. Increase Media Coverage

Increasing the visibility and credibility of your business through media coverage can strengthen your reapplication. Coverage in reputable publications or significant online platforms can demonstrate your business’s legitimacy and relevance.

  1. Press Releases: Publish press releases about significant developments or achievements of your business.
  2. Public Relations Campaigns: Engage in targeted public relations campaigns to boost your business’s public profile.

4. Initiate More WhatsApp Conversations

Engaging actively with customers on WhatsApp and showing a high level of customer interaction can make your application more favorable.

  1. Customer Engagement: Increase efforts to initiate and sustain conversations on WhatsApp. Use engaging content and prompt customer service to keep the interaction levels high.
  2. Feedback Collection: Collect and leverage customer feedback to demonstrate your commitment to using WhatsApp as a crucial communication tool.

5. Add WhatsApp Widget

Integrating a WhatsApp widget on your website can enhance user engagement and show WhatsApp that you are using their platform extensively for business communications.

  1. Ease of Access: A WhatsApp widget makes it easier for customers to initiate conversations, potentially increasing the volume and quality of interactions.
  2. Visibility: It also serves as a clear indicator to WhatsApp that their platform is a crucial part of your customer service strategy.

6. Contact WhatsApp Support

Contacting WhatsApp support can be beneficial if you need further clarification on the rejection or additional guidance.

  • Clarification and Guidance: WhatsApp support can provide specific insights into the rejection and offer advice on improving your application.

7. Ensure Compliance

Double-check that all your business activities and messaging practices comply with WhatsApp policies. Regular policy updates require that you stay informed and adapt accordingly.

8. Improve Your Business Profile

Enhance your business profile to reflect your brand’s credibility and reliability better. This includes updating your business description, contact information, and relevant details demonstrating your business’s stability and reputation.

9. Wait and Reapply

After addressing the issues, wait for an appropriate period before reapplying. This shows WhatsApp that you have taken the time to make meaningful improvements in your business operations and communications strategy.

10. Seek Professional Help

If needed, consider hiring a professional who specializes in WhatsApp Business applications. They can offer expert guidance and increase the likelihood of a successful reapplication.

11. Stay Informed

Stay informed of any changes in WhatsApp’s verification criteria and policies. This will ensure that your reapplication aligns with any new requirements or changes in the verification process.

Businesses That Can’t Apply for Green Tick Verification

While the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a valuable asset for many businesses, enhancing credibility and customer trust, not all businesses can apply. WhatsApp has specific guidelines and restrictions that exclude certain businesses from obtaining the Green Tick. Understanding these restrictions is crucial for companies to assess their eligibility and explore other avenues to establish trust and authenticity with their audience.

Types of Businesses Ineligible for Green Tick Verification

  1. Adult Content and Services: Businesses that deal in adult content or services, including but not limited to pornography, adult entertainment, or adult dating services, are not eligible for verification. WhatsApp maintains a strict policy to ensure that the content on its platform remains appropriate for all users, including minors.
  2. Tobacco and Alcohol Sales: Companies that sell tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or alcoholic beverages directly to consumers are generally excluded from verification. This restriction is in place due to legal complexities and the health implications of these products.
  3. Gambling and Betting Services: Businesses involved in gambling, including online casinos, sports betting, and lottery ticket sales, are not eligible. The policy reflects legal restrictions and the potentially addictive nature of gambling services.
  4. Pharmaceuticals Sales: While healthcare providers can obtain the Green Tick, businesses that sell prescription drugs or certain types of over-the-counter medications directly to consumers are typically barred from verification due to regulatory and safety considerations.
  5. Weapons and Explosives: Companies that sell or distribute weapons, ammunition, explosives, or firearms cannot apply for the Green Tick. This exclusion is part of WhatsApp’s commitment to promoting safety and preventing violence.
  6. Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Due to the unregulated nature and the potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies, businesses primarily dealing in cryptocurrency trading or related services often find it challenging to get verified.
  7. Political Organizations: Political parties and related organizations may not be eligible for the Green Tick Verification as WhatsApp aims to remain neutral and avoid implications of bias in political matters.

Benefits of a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

The WhatsApp Green Tick Badge is more than just a symbol; it’s a powerful tool that can change how businesses communicate with their customers on one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms. Achieving this status can significantly impact a business’s communications strategy, reputation, and operational efficiencies. Here’s an in-depth look at the myriad benefits of obtaining the WhatsApp Green Tick Badge:

1. Enhanced Trust and Credibility

In an era of prevalent phishing and scams, the Green Tick reassures customers, reducing skepticism and increasing the likelihood they will engage confidently with the business. The Green Tick Badge serves as an instant marker of authenticity and legitimacy. When customers see the badge, they immediately know they are dealing with a verified business, which helps to build trust.

2. Higher Open Rates

In an era of prevalent phishing and scams, the Green Tick reassures customers, reducing skepticism and increasing the likelihood they will engage confidently with the business. The Green Tick Badge serves as an instant marker of authenticity and legitimacy. When customers see the badge, they immediately know they are dealing with a verified business, which helps to build trust.

3. Direct Communication

Verified accounts can utilize advanced tools for customer support, including automated responses and high-volume messaging, enhancing the overall quality and speed of customer service. The badge allows for direct communication with customers, who may feel more comfortable and engaged in conversing with a verified business. This can lead to faster resolution of questions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

4. Increased Visibility

The badge can be leveraged in marketing materials and campaigns to highlight the business’s verified status, attracting more customers. Verified accounts often enjoy higher visibility in WhatsApp results, making it easier for customers to find and contact the company.

5. Brand Authority

Verified can enhance the brand’s overall perception, suggesting a well-established, reputable company. The Green Tick sets a business apart from competitors who may not be verified, establishing a sense of authority and leadership in the industry.

6. Better Campaign Performance

Verified status can lead to more effective marketing campaigns, as customers are more likely to trust and retain information from a verified source. With enhanced trust and engagement, campaigns run by verified accounts can see higher conversion rates, directly impacting sales and ROI.

7. Increased Conversion Rates

Trust can play a critical role in e-commerce settings, where customers’ trust often influences cart abandonment rates in the transaction process. Due to perceived security and legitimacy, customers are more likely to proceed with transactions when dealing with a verified business.

8. Competitive Advantage

Other businesses and potential partners are likelier to seek collaborations with verified companies, seeing them as credible and reliable. For industries where few competitors are verified, obtaining the Green Tick can provide a significant competitive advantage.

9. Protection Against Scams

The Green Tick helps protect against impersonation, as customers can clearly distinguish the verified account from potential fraudsters. Providing this level of security can reassure customers, making them feel safer when sharing personal information and conducting transactions.

10. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API, available to verified businesses, includes features allowing large-scale messaging, detailed analytics, and integration with existing business systems, which can significantly improve operational efficiency.

Using WhatsApp APIs Without Green Tick

While the WhatsApp Green Tick Badge offers numerous benefits and enhances a business’s credibility, not having this badge does not preclude a company from effectively using the WhatsApp Business API. Many companies successfully use the API without the Green Tick, leveraging its features to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication processes. Here’s how companies can maximize the use of WhatsApp APIs without the verification badge:

1. Access to Core Features

Businesses can automate responses and integrate WhatsApp with existing CRM systems, helping streamline operations and ensure customer data is seamlessly synchronized across platforms. Even without the Green Tick, businesses can access essential features of the WhatsApp Business API, such as sending notifications, customer support messages, and engaging in two-way communications. These capabilities allow for effective management of customer interactions at scale.

2. Building Trust through Quality Interactions

Personalizing messages based on customer interactions and history can build trust and rapport. Consistent and personalized communication can significantly enhance customer satisfaction without the Green Tick. Communicating your business identity and adhering to messaging best practices can foster trust. Be open about your business’s status and operations, ensuring customers feel secure interacting with you.

3. Enhancing Customer Experience

Utilize the API to provide quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries. Speedy responses can improve customer experience and satisfaction, crucial for building loyalty and retention. Sending images, videos, product catalogs, and interactive messages can enhance the communication experience. Rich media messages can be more engaging and informative, helping to compensate for the lack of a Green Tick.

4. Maintaining High Messaging Standards

Maintain a high messaging standard by ensuring all communications are relevant and valuable. Avoid sending unsolicited messages or spam, which can lead to blocks and affect your business’s reputation. Regularly review and analyze performance metrics provided by WhatsApp, such as delivery rates, read receipts, and customer responses. Use this data to refine your messaging strategies and improve engagement.

How much does WhatsApp Green Tick cost?

The cost of obtaining a Green Tick varies based on several factors, including the region and specific business requirements. Generally, the process involves direct and indirect costs, such as the application fees and the resources spent on meeting the necessary standards and maintaining compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification confirms that WhatsApp has authenticated a brand’s business account, distinguishing it as a verified and trusted brand on the platform. This green tick appears next to the business’s name in users’ chats.

Applying for the Green Tick Verification enhances credibility and trust among customers, signaling that WhatsApp recognizes the business as a genuine and notable brand.

The Green Tick Badge enhances customer trust, improves message deliverability rates, and generally increases the business’s visibility on the platform. It signifies authenticity and reliability to customers.

A standard WhatsApp Business Account provides businesses with tools such as automatic greetings and organization features. On the other hand, an Official Business Account, indicated by a green checkmark, signifies that WhatsApp has confirmed the account’s legitimacy.

To qualify, businesses must prove authenticity, have significant brand recognition, and ensure their account follows WhatsApp’s terms of service. Compliance with legal and security requirements is also mandatory.

The verification can vary, generally taking a few weeks to months, depending on the volume of applications and the completeness of the submitted applications.

If rejected, review WhatsApp’s feedback, make necessary adjustments to comply with their requirements, and reapply. Ensure all company information is accurate and up-to-date.

Yes, businesses can use WhatsApp Business APIs without a green tick. Verification is not mandatory for accessing the APIs but enhances trust and profile visibility.

Getting the green tick verification on WhatsApp is free, but there could be other expenses, such as ensuring you meet all the requirements, which may include changes to follow the rules and regulations.

WhatsApp does not allow businesses engaged in dishonest, unethical, or illegal behavior to use its platform. Additionally, specific industries may be barred based on local laws and operational standards.

Ensure your business profile on WhatsApp is filled out correctly and up to date, follows all of WhatsApp’s rules, and shows that your brand is well-known and respected in your industry.

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