How to download whatsapp status(Android and iPhone): A Step By Step Guide

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April 18, 2023

WhatsApp status messages are a great way to send updates, express thoughts, and share moments with your contact list. Sometimes, you may come across a status that you want to capture for later. However, WhatsApp does not allow you to download status messages. Nevertheless, you can quickly download WhatsApp statuses on your Android or iOS device.

In this blog post, we will describe a complete tutorial on how to download WhatsApp status using different procedures on both Android and iOS devices. We will also ensure you can capture those special updates after they disappear.

How to Download WhatsApp Status on Android

For Android users, downloading a WhatsApp status is easy with the right tools. Here’s how you can do it:

Method 1: Download Status Through Google File

  1. Start by pressing on the Menu option at the top right corner of your phone.
  2. Go to the Setting option and open it.
  3. Next, tap on “ Show Hidden Files.”
  4. Now, click on your phone’s File Manager in the internal storage option, press WhatsApp, choose WhatsApp, select Media, and select the Select option.
  5. After that, choose the image and video you want to save.
  6. Lastly, click the selected item for a while by choosing a location, such as Camera, WhatsApp images, and Download.

Method 2: Take a Screenshot or Use Screen Record

This is the same process for screenshots you take on your smartphone. The exact features are accessible on phones like native screen recorders.

Keep reading this blog to learn how to download WhatsApp status and how to save WhatsApp photos with a third-party application.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Using Third Party in Android

Using a third-party app is another popular method to download WhatsApp statuses. Here are a few reliable apps:

Status Saver

This third-party application, Status Saver, is widely trusted and used to download WhatsApp status updates with photos and videos. It provides a user-friendly interface for checking and saving status updates from your WhatsApp contacts. Moreover, it helps forward saved status updates directly to your social media to ensure your trust and safety.

All you have to do is download the application from the Google Play Store. Then, open the application to see all accessible statutes listed. You just have to select the ones you want to download.

Status Downloader for WhatsApp

This application aims to download photos, GIFs, and videos of the statues posted by your WhatsApp contacts. It is designed to save statues and is easy to handle and resend. Additional features include direct chat and reposting without saving the media. It has a user-friendly interface like Status Saver, making saving WhatsApp statuses easy.

Save Status- Status Saver & Downloader

This third-party application is known for its streamlined features and lets you save and repost WhatsApp statuses. The best part about this application is that it lets you view saved statues offline and add features for batch downloading numerous statues simultaneously. Always check application permissions and reviews before downloading to confirm your data is protected.

However, if you are an iPhone user and do not understand how to download WhatsApp status, then do not worry; we have got you!

How to Download WhatsApp Status in IOS

Downloading a WhatsApp status on iOS can be tricky due to the platform’s restrictions on direct file access and privacy settings. However, you can use a few methods to save statuses, such as photos or videos, from your WhatsApp contacts. Here are some approaches:

Method 1: Screen Recording

iOS users can download WhatsApp statuses by using the built-in screen recording feature:

  1. First, slide down from the upper-right corner of your screen to use the Control Center.
  2. Now, click the screen recording option. If it is not showing, navigate to the Setting option, click the Control Center, press the Customize Control, and include the Screen Recording control.
  3. Go to WhatsApp and see the status you want to record.

4. Lastly, stop the recording from the Control Center once you are done.

Method 2: Employ a File Management App

  • A few file management applications might provide instructions on using and saving media files from WhatsApp, but this is generally more limited on iOS than Android.
  • These apps might need extra permission or might work by backing up your phone’s data to use WhatsApp media.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Using Third Party App in IOS

To download WhatsApp statuses on iOS, users typically seek third-party applications that allow them to save the media posted by their contacts. Here are three apps that you might find helpful for this purpose:

1. Status Saver for WhatsApp

This third-party tool lets users download and save WhatsApp statues, videos, and images. It has a user-friendly interface where you can check and monitor the downloaded statutes.

2. ChatSaver for WhatsApp

ChatSaver is another powerful third-party tool offering various features and download status access. It also offers features for handling chats and media, which makes it flexible.

3. WRevealer

While primarily known for other features, WRevealer can also view and save statuses from WhatsApp. It’s particularly noted for its ability to handle multiple media types efficiently.

Final Word!

Always check privacy and security concerns before using a third-party application. Do not forget to analyze the reviews and know the permissions required by the app to ensure your data is protected. Downloading WhatsApp statuses can be a helpful way to capture exciting content. Therefore, it may be worth reading this blog on how to download WhatsApp status.

Frequently Asked Questions

To download a WhatsApp status without using the application, you can use a third-party website or software designed specifically for this purpose. Many websites will help you do this, such as Status Saver Save Status. It lets you enter and download the WhatsApp status URL directly to your device. Always ensure the application is trustworthy and secure to avoid privacy risks.

You can easily download WhatsApp status messages with a status-saver application from the app stores. All you need to do is install the application and grant permission to access your WhatsApp, which will reflect all visible statuses. In this process, you can effortlessly download any status. Whether it is a video or a photo, with the help of these applications, you can download it directly to your device.

You can download videos for WhatsApp using the Status Saver application, available on Google Play or in the App Store. These applications aim to save the status sent by your contacts. Many websites offer free, downloadable short videos that are suitable for WhatsApp status messages. Pixabay and Pexels, for example, offer a wide range of free videos.

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