How to Create WhatsApp Short Link + 5 Best Third-Party Tools [2024]

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April 18, 2023

In the digital age, seamless communication is crucial for businesses and individuals. WhatsApp short link have emerged as a powerful tool for simplifying the sharing of contact information. These links make it easy for customers, clients, and friends to reach you on WhatsApp with just a click. The concept of short links has been around for a while. Still, in recent years, they’ve gained popularity thanks to the widespread application of WhatsApp and the increasing need for instant and direct communication. 

In this article, we’ll explore short links on WhatsApp and their value. We’ll also review the top five third-party tools for creating these links, each offering unique benefits.

What is Whatsapp Short Link?

A WhatsApp short link is a simplified URL that directs users to a specific WhatsApp chat with a predefined message. This link eliminates the need for users to manually save a contact number, providing a hassle-free way to initiate a conversation on WhatsApp. Instead, they can simply click on the link and be redirected to the WhatsApp app or web interface, where the chat with the intended recipient is ready to begin.

How WhatsApp Short Links Work

WhatsApp short links work by encoding the recipient’s phone number and an optional message into a URL format. When users click the short link, they are instantly taken to the WhatsApp chat interface with the specified phone number. If a message is predefined, it appears in the message field and is ready to be sent with just one click. This process ensures immediate connection, involving:

  • Creating the Link: You input the recipient’s phone number and an optional message using WhatsApp’s native feature or a third-party tool.
  • Generating the URL: The tool converts this information into a short, shareable link.
  • User Interaction: When someone clicks the link, it opens WhatsApp on their device and initiates a chat with the provided number. If a message was included, it appears in the text input field.

Why WhatsApp Short Links are Useful

WhatsApp short links offer several advantages that make them highly beneficial for both personal and business use:

  • Ease of Communication: They remove the friction of manually saving contact numbers streamlining the process of starting a conversation.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users can instantly connect with businesses or individuals, improving overall engagement and satisfaction.
  • Effective Marketing Tool: Short links can be easily integrated into marketing campaigns, allowing potential customers to reach out directly from ads, emails, websites, or social media posts.
  • Customization: Businesses can customize these links with predefined messages to guide the conversation and ensure users provide necessary information upfront.
  • Professionalism: Short links provide a clean and professional way to share contact details instead of lengthy phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Analytics and Tracking: Third-party tools often offer analytics features, enabling businesses to track link performance and gather insights into user interactions.

By leveraging WhatsApp short links, businesses and individuals can enhance communication efficiency, foster better customer relationships, and streamline connecting via WhatsApp.

The  Benefit of Using WhatsApp Short Link

WhatsApp short links offer numerous advantages that significantly enhance communication and engagement for businesses and individuals. Here are the key benefits:

1. Ease of Use

One of the primary benefits of WhatsApp short links is their simplicity. Users need not manually save a contact number to start a conversation. Instead, they can click a short link to open a chat with the intended recipient directly. This ease of use encourages more people to reach out and engage, as it removes barriers to communication.

2. Improved Customer Engagement

WhatsApp short links are powerful tools for businesses to boost customer engagement. By offering direct interaction, companies make it simple for customers to ask questions, seek support, or make inquiries. This immediacy helps build trust and foster a closer relationship with customers.

3. Marketing Efficiency

WhatsApp short links are highly effective in marketing campaigns. They can be embedded in digital ads, email newsletters, social media posts, and printed materials like flyers and business cards. This allows potential customers to contact the business directly from the marketing material, increasing the chances of conversion. Including a predefined message in the link can streamline the initial interaction and guide customers to provide the necessary information upfront.

4. Professionalism

Using short links on WhatsApp adds a layer of professionalism to communication. Instead of sharing long, cumbersome phone numbers or email addresses, businesses can provide a clean, concise link. This looks better and makes connecting easier for customers, reflecting well on the business’s image.

5. Analytics and Tracking

Many third-party tools that generate WhatsApp short links offer analytics features. These analytics can allow valuable insights into how many people click the links, where they are coming from, and how they engage with the business. This data can help companies to refine their marketing strategies and improve their communication tactics.

6. Enhanced Security

WhatsApp short links can be more secure than sharing phone numbers publicly. A short link lets you control the context in which your number is shared and limit its exposure to spam or unwanted contacts.

5 Best Third-Party Tools to Create WhatsApp Short Links for Free

While WhatsApp provides a native feature for creating short links, third-party tools offer enhanced functionalities that greatly benefit individuals and businesses. Here are five of the best tools available in 2024:

2. is a robust tool designed to create WhatsApp short links effortlessly. This tool provides a range of features, such as link customization, analytics to track link performance, and the ability to generate multiple links for different purposes. It benefits businesses looking to streamline their customer service and engagement processes.

How to Create WhatsApp Short Link Using

  • Go to the

Visit the website and sign up for an account.

  • Click the Create Link

Navigate to the “Create Link” section.

  • Enter WhatsApp No.

Enter your WhatsApp number and the optional predefined message.

  • Personalized the Link

Customize the link text if desired.

  1. Hit on the Generate Link

Click on ” WhatsApp Link Generator to create your WhatsApp short link.

  1. Copy and Send the Generated Link

Copy and share the generated link.


Create.Wa.Link is another excellent tool for creating short links on WhatsApp. It provides link tracking, QR code generation, and easy integration with marketing tools. This user-friendly platform offers a straightforward process for generating customized WhatsApp links.

How to Create WhatsApp Short Link Using Create.Wa.Link:

  • Navigate to the Website

Go to the Wa.Link website.

  • Enter Your WhatsApp No

Input your WhatsApp number and the message you want to preset.

  • Personalized

Customize the link if needed.

  • Press Generate Option

Click “Generate” to create your WhatsApp short link.

  • Send Whenever Require

Copy the link and share it wherever required.


Wati is a comprehensive WhatsApp tool that creates short links and offers CRM features, automation, and analytics. It’s particularly useful for businesses looking to integrate WhatsApp into their customer service and marketing strategies. Wati helps manage customer interactions efficiently, providing a seamless communication experience.

How to Create WhatsApp Short Links Using Wati

  • Go to the Official Platform

Visit to the Wati platform.

  • Navigate to the Short Link

Go to the “Short Link” section.

  • Input the WhatsApp Number

Enter your WhatsApp number and a customized message.

  • Copy the Generated Link

Generate the link and copy it for use. is a powerful tool for managing customer communications. It supports creating WhatsApp short links and offers a suite of tools for customer engagement, automation, and analytics. This platform is perfect for companies that need a comprehensive solution for handling customer interactions across multiple channels.

How to Create WhatsApp Short Link Using

  • Visit to

Go to the platform.

  • Use the Link Generator Tool

Access to the “Link Generator” tool.

  • Type WhatsApp  Number:

Fill in your WhatsApp number and any predefined message.

  • Share the Copy Link

Generate the link and copy it for distribution.


Postcron is known for its social media management features and offers tools to create short WhatsApp links. It’s ideal for businesses that need an all-in-one solution for social media and communication management. Postcron helps streamline both marketing efforts and customer communication.

How to Create WhatsApp Short Link Using Postcron:

  • Navigate to the Website

Visting to the website of Postcron.

  • Go to the WhatsApp Link Tool

Navigate to the WhatsApp link creation tool.

  • Input WhatsApp Number

Enter your WhatsApp number and a default message.

  • Generate the Link and Copy

Generate the link and copy it for sharing.

How To Create WhatsApp Link: A Quick Guide

Using for WhatsApp short links can be beneficial and easy. provides a no-code chatbot solution and offers seamless integration and advanced analytics to enhance your communication strategies. Follow these simple steps to create your WhatsApp link.

1. Visit the Official Website of

Visit the website to create a WhatsApp short link.

2. Navigate to the “Create Link” Section

After logging in, go to the “Create Link” section on the dashboard. This is where you can start generating short links for your WhatsApp.

3. Enter Your WhatsApp Number

Input your WhatsApp number in the designated field. Ensure the number is correct to avoid any errors in the link.

4. Add a Predefined Message 

Add a predefined message that will appear when users click the link. This can guide the conversation and save time.

5. Customize the Link Text

If desired, customize the text of your short link. This helps make the link more recognizable and professional.

6. Generate the Link

Click the “Generate Link” button. will create a short, shareable WhatsApp link for you.

7. Copy and Share the Link

To enhance communication, copy and share the generated link across your marketing channels, social media profiles, or email signatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

A WhatsApp short link is a URL that, when pressed, accesses a chat with a specific WhatsApp number. This allows users to start a conversation without saving the contact number first.

When a user clicks on a WhatsApp short link, the WhatsApp application (or web interface) opens, and the chat with the specified number is initiated. If a predefined message is included, it will appear in the message field and be ready to be sent.

Businesses benefit from WhatsApp short links as they streamline customer interactions, enhance engagement, and provide a professional and convenient way for customers to reach out. These can be sent across various platforms, making it streamlined for potential clients to contact the business directly.

You can create a short link to WhatsApp using various tools. For example, you can use WhatsApp's native feature by going to Settings > Business Tools > Short Links in the WhatsApp Business app. Alternatively, third-party tools like, Create.Wa.Link and others offer enhanced functionalities and easier processes for generating short links​.

Yes, many third-party tools allow customization of WhatsApp short links. You can include predefined messages, customize the link text, and even create branded links with premium services​.

Absolutely. WhatsApp short links are highly effective in marketing campaigns as they provide a direct and easy method for potential customers to contact your business. They can be embedded in digital ads, email newsletters, social media posts, and printed materials​.

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