How to Create and Schedule WhatsApp Reminder Messages (30+ Templates)

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April 18, 2023

Ever miss a deadline or a crucial message because it slipped your mind? We all have. But what if there was a way to set reminders quickly within WhatsApp?

This blog post will show you how to craft WhatsApp reminder messages. Not only will you understand the steps, but we also offer over 30 message templates to cover almost any circumstance. So, get rid of the sticky notes and frantic last-minute scrambles, and get ready to stay on top of your game with the power of scheduled WhatsApp reminders!

What are WhatsApp Reminders?

WhatsApp reminders are notifications you can set to remind you of crucial tasks or events directly within the messaging application. They work similarly to other reminder applications but with the included convenience of being directly integrated into WhatsApp Messenger for the reminder bot feature. This implies that you do not need to download a separate application or program to use them, and they are accessible across all devices that support WhatsApp, like Android and iPhone.

These reminders are made to boost the effectiveness of your convenience by reminding you about crucial tasks, events, conversations, or information that you may have forgotten based on the type of service you offer and the event date, like a hotel reservation.

WhatsApp statistics show that the application is a trustworthy and widely used communication device for personal and professional relationships, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and activeness.

Benefits of Creating a WhatsApp Reminder

There are numerous benefits of making a WhatsApp reminder. With the ever-increasing usage of WhatsApp in personal and professional settings, it has become a trustworthy interaction device for individuals and companies. WhatsApp statistics say that there are over 2 billion WhatsApp users in 180 countries worldwide. As WhatsApp interaction increases, reminders benefit users in various ways.

Below are a few notable benefits of setting WhatsApp reminders.

  1. Lower “No shows” at an event: Setting a WhatsApp appointment reminder to contact guests and confirm their attendance helps minimize the chances of guests not showing up.
  2. Make follow-up for efficiency: Set a WhatsApp reminder to follow up on a task or interaction, ensure you did the task on time, and be more proactive in interaction.
  3. Prepare in advance for trip plans: When you get tickets for your train flight, setting a reminder some days before the trip will assist you in preparing before it’s too late.

How to Create and Schedule WhatsApp Reminder Messages

To create and schedule WhatsApp reminder messages, you are generally required to use a third-party service that provides WhatsApp API integration. Services like, Zapier, and Twilio let you set up automated messages based on triggers like calendar events or user actions.

How to Send Reminder Messages in WhatsApp

You can send reminder messages in WhatsApp by following a few easy steps. Let’s get started!

  1. First, you need to select a third-party device that supports WhatsApp messaging.
  2. Define what events will trigger the reminder. This could be a date transaction or a specific user action.
  3. After that, write the reminder message that will be forwarded. Confirm it is clear and precise.
  4. Employ the tool’s interface to schedule when the reminder should be shared.

How to Craft Effective WhatsApp Reminder Messages

To create effective WhatsApp reminder messages, you must remember some points to help you make engaging WhatsApp reminders. You can use these tips on how to send a formal message on WhatsApp.

  1. Keep it short and to crips: WhatsApp messages have a character limitation of 4096 characters, but it is best to keep your reminder message as brief as possible. It will assist in making sure that the receiver quickly understands the message and does not get confused.
  2. Be clear and specific: Confirm your reminder message is clear and to the point. Include the date, time, and event’s location or task you are reminding them about.
  3. Use customized templates: Customized templates can include a hint of creativity and personality to your reminder message, making it stand out and more engaging.
  4. Check for errors: Always proofread your message for mistakes before sharing it. Typos and grammatical mistakes can make your message look unprofessional and decrease its effectiveness.

30+ Best WhatsApp Reminder Message Templates & Examples

Here are over 30 WhatsApp reminder templates you can use to make effective WhatsApp reminders, categorized by purpose.

1. General Reminder:

  1. Appointment Reminder: “This is a friendly reminder about your booking with us on 27.9.2024 at 6 p.m. Please let us know if you need to reschedule!”
  2. Payment Due Reminder: “Hello, just a heads-up that your payment for our service is due on 20.1.2024. Please ensure your payment is made by then to eliminate any service interruptions. Thank you!”
  3. Event Reminder: “Don’t forget! Our event is happening on 23.6.2024 at 8.00 pm. We can’t wait to see you there!”
  4. Subscription Renewal Reminder: “Hi, your broadband subscription will renew on 8.9.2024. Please check your account details to confirm everything is up-to-date.”

2. Educational Reminders:

  1. Homework Deadline Reminder: “Reminder to all students: Your homework on a specific topic is due tomorrow by 3.00 pm. Make sure to submit it on time!”
  2. Exam Reminder: “Attention students: Your English exam is scheduled for 7.12.2024. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in class.
  3. Schedule Reminder: “Reminder: Your next methodology class is on 10.9.2024 at noon. Please be prepared with your materials.”

3. Work-Related Reminder:

  1. Meeting Reminder: “This is a reminder for our meeting on 3.8.2024 at 10 a.m. The conference will be held at the office. Please be punctual.
  2. Project Deadline Reminder: “Friendly reminder: The social science deadline is approaching on 12.4.2024. Let’s confirm that all tasks are completed by then.
  3. Shift Reminder: “Hi, your next shift starts 9.8.2024 at 11. am. Please confirm your availability.”

4. Healthcare Reminders

  1. Medication Reminder: “Hi, take your medication for paracetamol at 10.00 am.
  2. “Dental Checkup Reminder: “You have a dental checkup scheduled for 30.2.2024 at 3.00 p.m. Please remember to verify your attendance.
  3. “Health Checkup Reminder: “Hi, this is a reminder for your health checkup on 27.9.2024. Looking forward to seeing you!”

5. Personal Relationships

  1. Anniversary Reminder: “Just a sweet reminder about our anniversary on 7.8.2024. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  2. Birthday Reminder: “Mark your calendar! John’s birthday party is on 12.3.2024 at 9.00 pm. Let’s make it memorable!
  3. Date Night Reminder: “Don’t forget about our date night this 14.2.2024! Looking forward to a lovely evening.”

6. Service and Maintainaces Reminder:

  1. Car Service Reminder: “Hi, your car is due for service on 13.8.24. Please verify your appointment with us.
  2. Home Maintenance Reminder: “Reminder: Your quarterly pest control service is scheduled for 12.3.24. Please confirm access to your home.”

7. Holidays and Seasonal Reminders

  1. Holiday Sale Reminder: Grab your chance! Our holiday sale starts on 23.12.24. Be sure to check out the great deals!
  2. “Seasonal Opening Reminder: Great news! Our summer terrace opens on 12.4.24. Join us for the opening day!”

8. Friendly Reminders

  1. Book Club Reminder: “Hi, bookaholic people! Our next meeting is on 11.8.24 to discuss Its End With us. Don’t forget your copy!
  2. “Volunteer Event Reminder: “Just a reminder that our volunteer day at AIIMS starts 15.8.24 at 10.00 pm. Your participation means a lot!”

9. Professional Networking

  1. Conference Reminder: “Just a reminder to register for the Global Warming conference by 24.9.24. Don’t miss this excellent networking opportunity!
  2. Professional Meetup Reminder: “Hi, we look forward to seeing you at the Red Carnival on June 5th, 2024, at Select City Mall.”

10. Personalized Reminder

  1. Pet Grooming Appointment: “Hi, this is just a reminder that Zoe has a grooming appointment on 1st Oct 24 at 2:00 p.m. See you then!”
  2. Library Book Return: “Hi, your book It Starts with Us is due on 5.9.24. Please return it by then to avoid late fees.”

11. Utility Reminder

  1. Electricity Bill Payment Reminder: “Hi, just a reminder that your electricity bill is due on 14 Jan 2024. Please make the payment to eliminate service disruption.”
  2. Water Bill Reminder: “Your water bill payment is due by 5 Jan. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.”

12. Seasonal Tasks

  1. End of Season Sale Reminder: “Reminder! Our end-of-season sale began on 1st September. Don’t miss out on the best purchases of the season!”
  2. Winter Preparation Reminder: “Check your heating system by 20th Nov 2024 as winter approaches. Stay warm and safe!”

13. Fun and Leisure

  1. Movie Night Reminder: “Movie night alert! Became a member of this memorable at 10. am for a fun-filled evening. Don’t forget the popcorn!”
  2. Game Day Reminder: “Game Day! Catch the big match with us on 19 Jan 2024 at the stadium. Go, team!”

Bonus Templates

  1. Membership Renewal Alert: “Hi, your membership will expire in 20 days. Renew now to continue enjoying all the advantages!”
  2. Final Notice for Document Submission: “This is your last reminder to submit the required documents by 12.9.2024. Failure to do so may result in delays.”
  3. Special Offer Reminder: “This is a Special offer just for you! Don’t miss out. The offer expires on 9 Jan 2024. Grab it before it’s gone!”
  4. Safety Compliance Reminder: “Reminder to all staff: Please complete your annual safety training by 12.3.2024. It’s necessary to maintain our safety standards.”
  5. Season Greeting Reminder: “Happy holidays from all of us! This is a reminder that our workplace will be closed from 23.12.24 to 3.12.24.”

Who Can Benefit From WhatsApp Reminder Messages

WhatsApp reminder messages can benefit everyone, especially business owners, event organizers, educators, and coaches.

  1. Entrepreneurs: They can use reminders to keep track of appointments, deadlines, meetings, and follow-up tasks, all within their familiar WhatsApp environment.
  2. Students: Are you juggling classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities? Reminders can help you stay on top of study schedules, project deadlines, and upcoming exams.
  3. Friends and Family: Never forget another birthday, anniversary, or crucial gathering again! Use WhatsApp reminders to stay connected and ensure everyone’s on the same page for social events.

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged With WhatsApp Reminder Messages

Keeping your audience engaged with WhatsApp reminders can be difficult but not impossible. If you use WhatsApp reminders strategically, then it will be easy to engage audiences through WhatsApp reminders:

  1. Variety is vital: Avoid sharing the same generic reminder every time. Use different templates and phrasing to keep your messages fresh and exciting.
  2. Customize power: Whenever possible, customize your reminder. Use the receiver’s name, reference inside jokes, and personalize the message to their needs.
  3. Emojis as Engagement Boosters: Emojis can add a touch of personality and make your reminders more visually appealing. Apply them strategically to highlight key points or add a lighthearted touch.

Wrapping Up!

WhatsApp reminder messages are a robust tool for managing interaction and boosting engagement. Whether you are a business owner, educator, or employee, using WhatsApp to share timely, effective reminders can help simplify your operation and keep your audience engaged. Employ the template offered to start making your reminder message today!

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp itself doesn’t have built-in reminders. Here are two quick options under 100 words:Manual Reminder: In the chat, please notify the other (s) to attend the meeting at the specified date and time, such as “Please be aware that the meeting we scheduled is still happening at 2 PM tomorrow. Don’t forget to show up!” Calendar Integration: Compose a reminder on WhatsApp and synchronize it with your calendar app for that moment. This will connect the reminder to your chat.

While WhatsApp lacks built-in reminders, there are workarounds for annual events:Yearly Notes: Save a yearly note in a chat with yourself. Update it each year with the event details. Calendar Integration: Set a recurring annual reminder in your calendar app. Link it to the relevant WhatsApp chat for easy access.

While WhatsApp doesn’t offer a native reminder feature, scheduling notifications for recurring occasions is still possible. You may apply two straightforward approaches as described below.Third-party Integration: Integrating Any. with WhatsApp to set up reminders while texting is possible. However, the cost of a costly deluxe subscription tempers the benefit of the reminder capabilities.Calendar App + WhatsApp Link: This is an accessible and versatile approach. Step 1: Open your calendar app and set a recurring annual reminder for your event. Step 2: Go to the relevant WhatsApp chat where you want to be reminded. Step 3: Briefly link the event to your calendar reminder. For example, type something like “Don’t forget Red Carnival on 12.3.24 (check the calendar for details).”In this manner, each time the message pops up in the chat window, it will prompt you to review the pertinent particulars in your schedule.

Currently, there aren’t any costless and uncompromised WhatsApp reminder bots accessible. Certain services not officially licensed by WhatsApp provide reminders, but they could ask for payment or present constraints in their free option. Alternatively, you can explore workarounds like:Manual reminders within chats. Calendar app integration with a linked message in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp groups lack built-in reminders, but here are two quick methods:Manual Reminder: Compose a message in the group chat reminding everyone about the task or event. Specify the date and time for clarity. Calendar Integration: Write a reminder message within the group chat. Then, open your calendar app and set a reminder for that specific date and time. This way, the group will see the reminder message linked to the calendar event.

Unfortunately, deleting WhatsApp conversations isn’t the best way to manage reminders. Here’s why:Reminders Disappear: Deleting the chat removes the reminder message. Not a Reminder System: WhatsApp isn’t designed for reminders. Deleted conversations won’t trigger alerts.

The character limit for regular text messages on WhatsApp in 2024 is still 4,096. This limit applies to messages sent or received individually or in groups.

You can easily share a birthday reminder on WhatsApp by employing our service Here is how you can do it.First, sign up for on our official website. Now, you make your Events reminder notification templates After that, you received an approval from Meta. Then, navigate to the Campaign section. Next, upload your customer’s name, number, and birth date. Lastly, you can schedule your event notification according to your date and time.

WhatsApp itself doesn’t have a built-in task list or to-do list feature. However, there are some workarounds with integrations:Third-party Apps: Some apps, like Any., integrate with WhatsApp, letting you create tasks within chats. These usually require a premium subscription. Calendar Integration: This free, versatile option allows you to set tasks in your calendar app and link them to relevant WhatsApp chats for easy access.

Creating event reminders can be easy if you choose the correct and reliable websites like If you want to create event reminders on WhatsApp through, then here you can do it:First, start with signing up for the through our official website. Now, craft your Event reminder notification template. After that, you get approval from Meta. Next, click on the Campaign option. Finally, schedule your event notification according to your date and time.

WhatsApp Business doesn’t have built-in reminders, but here are two options.Broadcast Lists (Limited): Schedule messages in advance using broadcast lists. This reminds everyone but lacks personalization. External Reminders: Utilize calendar apps or third-party reminder services. Set reminders and link them to relevant WhatsApp chats for context.

Here’s an example reminder message for a dentist appointment:“Hey, this is a friendly reminder for your dentist appointment tomorrow at 2 PM! Don’t forget your toothbrush.This keeps it concise, mentions the recipient’s name, specifies the date and time, and adds a touch of personality.

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