31 Best Effective WhatsApp Marketing Messages to Promote your Business and Boost Sales

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April 18, 2023

WhatsApp has revolutionized interaction, boasting a near-perfect open rate. But what if you could harness this powerful platform to reach your clients and convert them into loyal customers, fueling your business growth and boosting sales? This blog post will unveil the hidden facts of creating 31 WhatsApp marketing messages, offering you a pathway to a brighter, more prosperous future for your business.

Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation. We will explore practical strategies for various scenarios, from introducing irresistible promotions to nurturing client relationships. These are not just theoretical ideas but actionable procedures that you can confidently implement, empowering you to take control of your WhatsApp presence and unlock a world of marketing possibilities.

What Are WhatsApp Marketing Messages?

WhatsApp marketing messages are not just tools; they are bridges that connect businesses directly with their clients via the popular messaging application. This method leverages the application’s widespread usage to provide customized promotions, updates, and client service. The true power of WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp auto reply lies in its ability to foster intimate and direct interactions with clients, delivering a platform for immediate feedback and encouraging a higher level of user engagement than traditional channels.

31 Best Effective WhatsApp Marketing Messages

WhatsApp has become a potent device for businesses to interact with customers and boost sales. You must create engaging and attractive marketing campaigns to differentiate yourself from WhatsApp marketing.

Here are the following 31 creative WhatsApp marketing messages that might assist you in marketing your business and increase sales:

1. Inform Regarding New Product Launch

Many high-quality launches fail due to a lack of reach and ineffective marketing techniques. WhatsApp, with its robust interaction capabilities, high open and click-through rates, and large and engaged audience, presents an ideal platform to advertise new products and significantly boost sales.


Hi [ The client name]
Amazing News!
We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new product, the [add your good name]! This brilliant product is made to help you.
Here’s a glance at what makes it unique:
[ Write key feature of your product]
Visit us and be among the first to experience the [ your product name].
Shop Now: [ Link to your website ]

2. Seasonal and Holidays Offer

Many people are looking for deals and discounts on gifts around holidays and seasonal changes.

Clients are more likely to use offers, discounts, and coupons, so your business should take advantage of this. Use them to attract customers by providing special offers.


Hey, [Client Name]
Spring is knocking on your door! It’s time to restock your home. This weekend only, get 20% off cleaning supplies! Stock up on essentials to make cleaning a breeze.
Shop Now [ store link].

3. Weekly deals

One of the best ways to increase sales is through weekly special offers and customized WhatsApp promotional messages tailored to your client’s tastes, which boost conversion rates.


Hi [Clients name]
Unique deal this week! Enjoy 30% off. Time to refresh on your favorite or discover something new!
Click here to purchase [Website link]

4. Monthly Sale

The end of the month is quickly approaching, and you want to eliminate your inventory. A monthly sale message can help you do this! Apply it to attract new clients and boost sales before the month ends.


Hi [customer name],
Time is ticking! Our monthly sale ended tonight. Don’t miss the chance to grab 40% off all items.
Hurry up! Shop now: [link to your store].
Happy shopping!
Warm regards,
[your company name]

5. Upcoming Sales Alert

You can inform your customers of new deals and promotions and provide them with a heads-up so they can prepare. Besides, you can create a unified marketing message to enhance brand awareness and consumer trust in the template with your company’s colors and emblem.


Hello [Clients Name],
It’s BOGO time! Buy one item and get another one FREE from our sale.
This is the perfect chance to restock your essentials or try something new.
The offer is valid only from [start date] to [end date], so don’t miss out!
Shop Now: [link to your store]
[business name]

6. Loyalty Programs

Client retention is essential for lowering marketing expenses and evolving a devoted following since the price of getting new clients is commonly five times higher than that of keeping an existing one.
Sharing promotional messages on WhatsApp is an excellent method to advertise a loyalty program and stimulate repeat purchases.


Hey [Clients Name],
Get rewarded for shopping with us!
We’re introducing a loyalty program soon. Earn points on every shopping and redeem them for discounts!
Reply “POINTS” to be the first to know when it starts!
See you soon,
[business name]

7. Retrieve of Abandon cart

Sharing WhatsApp promotional messages as a reminder to customers about the things left in their carts is a practical solution to the abandoned cart issue. It encourages clients to finish their transactions and can solve most abandoned cart problems, ultimately boosting sales.


Hi [customer name],
We noticed you left some excellent items in your cart!
Do not worry; they’re still waiting for you. Just a heads up, some of these products might be popular and sell out quickly! ‍
Click here to make your purchase and secure your favorites: [add cart link]
Do you need any help checking out? Feel free to respond to this message, and we’ll be happy to help!
Happy Shopping!
[business name]

8. Festive Deals

Festive greetings are a terrific way to communicate with your clients and boost sales during special occasions, whether Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Eid, or another holiday. Utilize WhatsApp to provide your clients with customized holiday greetings.


Hello [customer name],
Get ready to celebrate [Festive Name] with amazing deals you won’t want to miss!
Here’s a sneak peek:
Up to 50% off on your favorite product!
Gift with every purchase over 1000 rs!
Flash sales throughout the week – stay tuned for updates!
Don’t miss out!
Happy [Festival Name]
[Business Name]

9. Alert of Limited Stock

Notify customers who had placed an item on their want list before but could not buy it because it was out of stock. When a good is refiled, its great demand can be used as social proof to enhance sales.


Hey [customer name],
There is only a limited stock left of our famous product. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab one before it’s gone.
Here’s what you need to know:
[Product name] is selling fast!
There are only 10 units remaining.
Act fast and secure yours now: [link to your product page]
Happy Shopping,
[business name]

10. Feedback Message

The feedback loop is a beautiful method for sending broad promotional template messages on WhatsApp.
Share clickable feedback after a client gets the item.


Hi [customer name],
We hope you enjoyed your recent purchase with the business name!
Your feedback is very precious to us. Please tell us about your experience.
Here are a few ways you can share your thoughts:
Reply if you are happy with everything.
Reply if there’s room for improvement.
We’d love to hear more! Just reply with your feelings.
Thanks for your time
[business name]

11. Follow Up Message

This WhatsApp marketing message is a follow-up for past clients who have not purchased in a while and those who have expressed interest in your products or services.
You can share a WhatsApp Marketing campaign message with them that does not appear to be advertising anything.


Hey [customer name],
We noticed it’s been a while since your last visit!
Just wanted to check in and see if you’ve been eyeing anything lately.
As a valued customer, we’d like to offer you a special 50% discount on your next purchase!
Just use code WELCOMEBACK at checkout. ️
Browse our selection here: [link to your website/store]
Hope to see you back soon!
[business name]

12. Order Confirmation Message

Sharing your user’s order confirmation is another approach to offering them a discount voucher. Most individuals will start to reply and enquire about their orders, including delivery dates or other details.


Hello [customer name],
Your order (# [order number]) is confirmed!
Thanks for shopping with us [your company name]. Your [product category] will be on its way shortly.
We’ll send you a tracking link soon so you can follow its journey.
Happy shopping!
[your company name]

13. Order Tracking Message

Through WhatsApp, your business can share order tracking messages to inform clients. Provide your clients the option to receive notifications on WhatsApp regarding the same and watch their faces glow. Who would not want to be updated immediately?


Hi [customer name],
Great news! Your order # [order number] is on its way!
Track your package here: [tracking link]
You can expect delivery by delivery date].
Let us know if you have any questions.
[business name]

14. Shipping Update Message

Your company can share a shipping update message via WhatsApp to inform the clients. It is also simpler to keep track of shipments when the clients get updates on their preferred platform.


Hey [customer name],
Great news! Your order (# [order number]) has shipped!
Track it here: [link to tracking page]
We expect it to arrive by [delivery date] (subject to change by carrier).
Looking forward to getting it to you!
[business name]

15. Order Cancellation Confirmation Message

You can use WhatsApp to notify customers of their order status by sending messages confirming or canceling the request.


Hi [customer name],
Your order # [order ID] has been canceled. We understand plans change, so no worries—sit back!
[Optional: if applicable] A refund for 1500 rs will be processed within 3-4 business days.
[Optional: if you offer helpful resources] Need help with anything else? We’re happy to assist!
[business name]

16. Using WhatsApp Landing Page

In this WhatsApp Marketing strategy, WhatsApp will serve as the landing page. Your users can receive SMS or email campaigns with a call to action link that directs them to the company’s WhatsApp page.
Through this communication, the chatbot or anyone can give the user a discount, a coupon code, or other promotional message.


Hello [customer name],
Connect with us on WhatsApp for special offers, quick product support, and personalized recommendations.
Just click the link below to talk with us directly:
Click to chat button: [link to your WhatsApp Business account]
See you there!
[business name]

17. Cross-selling promotional message

Presenting customers account for 65% of the company. Re-engaging your recent customers is pivotal to restarting your company.
Cross-selling is the best marketing way to re-engage recent users and turn them into clients.


Hi [customer name],
Loving your new product? You might also enjoy a complementary product to complete the experience!
Get 20% off complementary product names when you use code COMBO at checkout.
[Link to website/product page] (Optional)
Happy Shopping!
[business name]

18. Out-of-Stock Alert

You can use WhatsApp promotional messages to create a sense of urgency in your customers by alerting them that stocks are running low or making time-limited offers.


Hello [customer name],
Looks like the product name flew off the shelves!
Don’t worry; we’ll be restocked soon. Reply “NOTIFY ME,” and we’ll let you know when it’s back in stock!
[business name]

19. Client Support Message

Use the technology of immediate messaging through WhatsApp to simplify offering clients service. Clients want to share with companies and have a general discussion. Resolving recent clients’ queries is possible by using a conversational AI system.


Hey [customer name],
Thanks for telling us [Your Company Name]!
We’re here to help! Briefly describe your question or concern, and we’ll get it to you ASAP.
For faster assistance, visit our FAQ section on [link to your FAQ page].
[business name]

20. Appoint Message

The pandemic has made clients hesitant to enter stores. In these conditions, you can use WhatsApp to allow clients to schedule a convenient time to visit the store. Clients can also get appointment reminders through WhatsApp.


Hey [add the name of your customer],
Your appointment for [service] is confirmed for [date] at [time]! See you then!
[business name]

21. Payment Reminder Message

Your company can share payment reminder messages with clients to inform them about their on-time payments. This will ensure that your clients are assured and not worried about fraudulent transactions.


Hello [customer name],
Friendly reminder! Your payment of 3000 rs for your recent purchase is due on [date].
Just a heads up to avoid any late fees.
Easy payment options: [link to your payment page]
Let us know if you have any questions!
[business name]

22. Welcome Message

Everyone loves to be greeted, so why not employ greetings as a medium to make your clients love your business and then share promotional messages?
Use WhatsApp welcome messages first to encourage and boost your business’s reputation, and later, utilize that reputation to promote and sell your goods.


Hey [customer name],
Thanks for connecting on WhatsApp! We’re excited to talk to you and update you on exclusive offers, new arrivals, and more!
Reply “INFO” for more details.
Happy shopping!
[business name]

23. Re-engagement Message

Reengagement alerts and WhatsApp retargeting campaigns are outstanding methods for boosting inactive clients’ search and purchase behavior. Depending on past purchases, these clients can be divided into groups.


Hii [add the name of your customer],
It’s been a while since we last chatted! We miss you and wanted to see if you’re still interested in [your product/service].
News Alert! We recently launched [name of your new feature/promotion], which you might love!
Reply “INFO” to learn more and get back in the loop.
Hope to hear from you soon!
[business name]

24. Even Promotion Message

WhatsApp business and event organizers can now seamlessly link and interact with their target audience.


Hey [Customer name],
Big news! We’re hosting [event name] on [date] at [time].
[Short description of the event’s highlight (learn from industry experts, free food & drinks!)].
Limited spots! RSVP by [date] at [link/contact Info].
Don’t miss out!
[business name]

25. Upselling Message

On WhatsApp, upselling is a sales method that businesses use to enhance earnings by persuading clients to update or buy more expensive goods or services.


Hello [customer name],
Loving your new product name? Did you know the upsell product is the perfect complement? It unlocks even more [benefit of upsell product].
Reply “MORE” to learn how they work together!
Happy [use of product],
[business name]

26. Technical Problem Update Message

Updating customers about technical issues is an effective way for businesses to show their dedication to providing a smooth experience for WhatsApp users. These messages reflect their commitment to remaining transparent, ensuring customer satisfaction, and resolving problems swiftly.


Hey [customer name],
We know of a technical issue affecting [briefly mention affected area—logins, purchases]. Our team is working actively to fix it as soon as possible.
We’ll keep you updated!
Thanks for your patience,
[business name]

27. DTH and Mobile Recharge

The newest recharge possibilities and deals are sometimes communicated to DTH and mobile service provider clients through WhatsApp update messages.


Hii [customer name],
Never run out of entertainment or stay disconnected!
Simply recharge your DTH & mobile with us through WhatsApp. Pay for both in one place!
Just send “RECHARGE” to get started.
See you soon,
[business name]

28. Back-in-stock Message

Sharing “back-in-stock” messages on WhatsApp is an excellent method to sell more. When you tell clients that something they want is available again, they are more likely to buy it.


Hey [customer name],
Great news! The product name you’ve been eyeing is finally back in stock!
Don’t miss your chance to grab one – they tend to fly off the shelves fast! Head to our store [link to product page] to secure yours now.
Happy Shopping!
[business name]

29. Rebranding

Refreshing your business can make it more appealing to more customers. You can stand out and get noticed in a busy market by updating your logo, messages, and who you’re trying to reach. This could help you find new customers who want a fresh and successful way to use WhatsApp for marketing.


Hey [customer name],
Exciting news! We’re evolving our look and feel to better show who we are and what we deliver.
You might see a new logo and fresh messages on our WhatsApp soon, but don’t worry; the fantastic service you love will remain the same!
Stay tuned for the reveal, and thanks for being a part of the journey.
[business name]

30. Fun Challenges and Games Messages

Marketing through WhatsApp can be made enjoyable by incorporating games and challenges. This interactive and engaging marketing strategy helps customers easily recall the brand, giving them a sense of belonging to the brand community. Participating in games can be rewarded by encouraging actions like sharing information; this gesture can stimulate purchases. Therefore, making your WhatsApp marketing strategy value-packed and enticing.


Hello [customer],
Ready for a challenge? Find the hidden emojis in our latest product photos and be the first to reply with all the emojis to win a [prize]!
Hint: There are [number] emojis to find!
Happy hunting!
[business name]

31. Early-Bird Discount:

An early bird discount is a marketing strategy that incentivizes customers to purchase a product or service by offering a discount for a limited time. It rewards those who take action quickly and creates a sense of urgency to increase sales.


Hey [Customer Name],
Get a head start on savings with our unique early-bird discount! Enjoy 50% off [product/service name] until [date].
Don’t miss out on this chance to snag the best deal. Shop now: [link to product/service]
Happy Shopping!
[Business Name]

Benefits of Sending Promotional Messages on WhatsApp

Here are some of the critical benefits of sending promotional messages on WhatsApp

1. High Open Rates

An exquisite feature of WhatsApp is its ability to garner a whopping open rate, which commonly surpasses the 90% mark, dwarfing the minimal rates found through email or social media messages. This suggests that any promotional messages directed toward your desired crowd are noticeably more likely to be noticed on WhatsApp’s platform.

2. Direct Engagement

With WhatsApp, getting in touch with customers becomes easy and personalized, unlike other modes of marketing. This app facilitates a smooth flow of communication, where you can exchange ideas freely, address customer queries, and individualize your purchasing experience.

3. Increased Sales & Conversions

Crafting compelling marketing messages is a potent way to boost sales and encourage customer engagement. By employing tactics like expiring timeframes, novel product features, or callbacks to incomplete purchases, shoppers are motivated to act swiftly, spurring conversions and driving brand success.

4. Rich Media Capabilities

Incorporating rich media content such as images, videos, and GIFs into your promotional messages through WhatsApp is a viable option. Doing so transforms your content into a more vibrant and captivating version, which helps increase your click-through rates.

How to Write a WhatsApp Marketing Message

Effective WhatsApp marketing messages require a strategic approach that balances grabbing attention with providing value. Here’s a breakdown to guide you:

1. Know Your Audience

Communicating with your intended audience helps to group them according to specific characteristics, such as demographics, interests, or purchasing behaviors. By organizing and defining your audience segments, you’ll be able to craft messages that are more directly relatable and pertinent to their unique interests.

2. Craft a Compelling Introduction

Begin every interaction with customers on a personalized note, addressing them by name. You can immediately make a positive impression by opening with an engaging hook, like a question, unexpected fact, or encouraging update.

3. Highlight the Value Proposition

Briefly describe the benefits for the client. Does your offering include a markdown, an unexpected release of a new product, or rare elements?

4. Keep it Concise and Scannable

In this fast-paced world, individuals have a lot on their plates. Therefore, convey information concisely and straightforwardly. You can boost the readability of your text by adding bullet lists or smileys.

5. Proofread and Send

Be sure to review your message for any inaccuracies or mistakes in spelling or grammar before sending it.

Best Practice of WhatsApp Promotional Message

Here are some best practices for crafting effective WhatsApp promotional messages:

Things You Should Do:

  • Make audience segments so you can provide customized messages depending on the receiver’s interest and past purchases.
  • Track your message data to determine whether your strategy, audience, or messaging needs improvement.
  • Using a shared inbox, you can arrange clients’ feedback and distribute incoming chats among your team members.
  • While sharing WhatsApp promotional messages, always use approved template messages.
  • Keep your interaction short and direct.
  • Maintain WhatsApp’s commercial guidelines.

Things You Should Not Do:

  • Do not bombard users who are not as engaged with interaction.
  • Share customized messages rather than generic ones by using the available data.
  • Avoid using WhatsApp as a messaging platform for promotional interactions.
  • Forwarding excessive amounts of mail can result in spam.

How to Share Promotional Messages on WhatsApp Using Chatbot.team

Chatbot.team enables businesses to automate and streamline their WhatsApp marketing efforts. Here’s how to use Chatbot.team to send promotional messages:

  1. Set Up Your Account: Sign up and create your business account on Chatbot.team.
  2. Connect With Us: After signing up, our salesperson will contact you after some time to discuss your business requirements.
  3. Onboard Your Brand: Now, it is time to onboard your brand number as a WhatsApp API
    Integration With
  4. Chatbot.team: Lastly, integrate your chatbot flow with your WhatsApp number easily.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp marketing messages are a dynamic and effective method of enhancing engagement, building client loyalty, and boosting sales. With the right strategy and device, like Chatbot.team, you can leverage WhatsApp to significantly improve your marketing efforts and achieve your business requirements.

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