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April 18, 2023

In recent times, people have found it challenging to prevent scam calls and protect their privacy due to the rise of phoney phone numbers that are clogging the WhatsApp circle.  WhatsApp is deactivating any accounts that were activated using phoney phone numbers and is being extremely cautious when creating new accounts. However, due to fraud and privacy concerns, the majority of people are still reluctant to use their regular phone numbers from their local phone carriers for WhatsApp. Virtual phone numbers can be useful in this situation.  Like your regular phone numbers, you can use a virtual phone number for WhatsApp accounts. Since its inception, WhatsApp has accepted phone numbers from the best and most reliable virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp suppliers. Consequently, you’ll be able to protect the confidentiality of both your personal and professional phone numbers and will be able to reach a large audience with their marketing messages using virtual numbers without worrying about inserting physical SIM Cards.

What is WhatsApp’s Virtual phone number?

A WhatsApp virtual number is a phone number that allows you to communicate with users on WhatsApp without requiring a physical SIM card. This number is not linked to specific network operators (like Jio, Airtel or any other service provider). It allows the user to redirect and route calls from one number to another number, IP address, or device.

How to get a virtual phone number for WhatsApp?

The process of getting a virtual WhatsApp number is given below.

  1. Choose a Service Provider: There are many platforms available in the market that provide a WhatsApp virtual number. We can choose the one that fulfils most of our personal and business requirements. We must make sure it is within our budget and best suits our needs and requirements.
  2. Sign Up: We need to sign up by entering our personal details like email address and identification details.
  3. Select Country Code: We need to enter the code of the country we are residing in. For India, the country code is +91.
  4. Select a phone number type: There are different types of phone numbers (local, mobile, toll-free, and national). We need to choose the right type for us. Usually, people need a mobile or landline phone number to activate their Whatsapp accounts.
  5. Verify Your Identity: We need to verify our identity in which a verification code will be sent to our device. After entering the code, the identity will be verified.
  6. Purchase the Number: After the verification, a list of numbers will be shown to us and we can select the number of our own choice.

Best 8 Virtual Phone number providers for Whatsapp

Virtual phone numbers have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including their ability to provide privacy, convenience, and cost savings. For WhatsApp users, virtual phone numbers can be particularly useful for creating secondary accounts or protecting their personal information. We have listed best 8 virtual phone number providers for Whatsapp:

1. CallHippo

The virtual phone number service offered by CallHippo, an industry leader, may be set up and operational in only three minutes. It provides a wide range of features, like call recording, call routing, and others, that can aid in delivering excellent customer service.

Features of CallHippo

  • Power dialer
  • Smart Switch
  • Smart call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Call conference

Pricing of CallHippo

CallHippo has 3 pricing editions, from $16 to $40. A free trial of CallHippo is also available.

  • Bronze: $16 per user per month
  • Silver: $24 per user per month
  • Platinum: $40 per user per month

2. eVoice

It provides entrepreneurs with a versatile, dependable, and economical virtual phone system. With its powerful capabilities, eVoice can help users professionally answer and direct incoming business calls, giving any company the appearance of a big, well-established one.

Features of evoice

  • It provides flexibility in handling business calls and the ability to manage and access voice messages online from any device.
  • Its call forwarding allows easy routing of business calls to any number at any time. It can create time-based routing rules to send calls to a colleague when you are unavailable or forward calls from your typical work phone to your mobile or home phone.
  • It allows us to choose the phone number that best represents our business.

Pricing of evoice

Its elite monthly plan starts at $14 per month.

3. GoToConnect

GoTo Connect provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. It supports, manages, and connects customers and teams across every device.

Features of GoToConnect

  • It enables users to place phone calls over the Internet.
  • It enables users to send instant messages over the internet and allows users to share screens over the internet.
  • It offers users the option to play music for contacts who are on hold and an option to set up an automated attendant to field calls and information when employees are unavailable.

Pricing of GoToConnect

Apart from the trial period, it has two pricing plans starting from $27 per month.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is an easy-to-manage and scalable cloud-based phone solution that is part of Google Workspace. It leverages powerful AI to offer an intuitive calling experience that helps people stay connected and save time.

Features of Google Voice

  • It enables a voice number to work on smartphones and the web allowing us to place and receive calls from anywhere.
  • It activates smart voice calling on all devices.
  • It allows us to forward calls to any device and blocks spam calls.

Pricing of Google Voice

It has price variants starting from $10 per month.

5. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a simple and easy-to-use virtual phone system (calls, texts, custom greetings, extensions, inbound fax, and more) that provides you with a second phone number for your personal phone, so you can keep business and personal calls separate.

Features of Grasshopper

  • It enables a voice number to work on smartphones and the web allowing us to place and receive calls from anywhere.
  • It activates smart voice calling on all devices.
  • It allows us to forward calls to any device and blocks spam calls.
  • It allows users to download the tool as an add-on to subscriptions to specific services such as Outlook 365.

Pricing of Grasshopper

Its plan starts at $16 per month.

6. MightyCall

It is a flexible and scalable cloud-based call centre solution designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

Features of MightyCall

  • It uses artificial intelligence to monitor call quality and make necessary adjustments to maintain the highest possible standard of your connection, lowering the price compared to other solutions.
  • Its real-time feedback tools, dedicated supervisor workspaces, and detailed agent performance reports offer efficient management and in-depth performance analysis.
  • It has efficient call management features and multi-level IVR systems to ensure smooth, prompt responses to customer inquiries.
  • The committed support team stands ready to assist with live onboarding or any other issues, emphasizing our dedication to your satisfaction.

Pricing of MightyCall

It has a starter plan which starts at $15 per month.

7. Nextiva

A cloud communications provider called Nextiva assists companies in forging closer ties with their clients. Voice, video, collaboration, SMS, chat, and surveys are just a few of the communication channels that Nextiva integrates to assist companies of all sizes in getting the information they require when they need it in order to wow their clients and produce profitable results.

Features of Nextiva

  • It allows administrators to customize to accommodate their unique processes has the ability to create custom objects, fields, rules, calculations, and views
  • It automates a process that requires a series of steps that typically require intervention by several different users. Administrators can also write rules to determine who and when a user needs to complete a step.
  • It enables users to view and transact business with the same content in multiple languages and currencies.
  • It allows the distribution of incoming calls to agents.

Pricing of Nextiva

Its essential plan starts at $18.95 per month.

8. Vonage

It is a unified communications platform that seamlessly connects via voice, messaging and video, virtually all around the globe.

Features of Vonage

  • It reaches and engages customers across messaging, voice, and video, with the help of its communication API.
  • It unifies global business communications channels to work better together.
  • It provides agents with tools and insights to boost customer satisfaction.
  • It turns conversations into sales by engaging customers on their favourite channel.

Pricing of Vonage

The sales can be contacted for detailed pricing.

Which one is the best virtual phone number provider for whatsapp?

Google Voice is a good free option, but if you need more features, then CallHippo is the best virtual phone number provider for WhatsApp. It offers a wide range of features, including call forwarding, voice recording, and voicemail transcription, at a competitive price. It also has a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.

Ultimately, the best virtual phone number provider for WhatsApp depends on your individual needs and budget. If you are looking for a free option with basic features, then Google Voice is a good choice. If you need more features, then CallHippo is the best option.

What are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp?

Here are the major benefits of using a virtual number for WhatsApp.

  • Enhanced Internal Communication: It is the most reliable means of internal communication which will improve the efficiency level for both internal communication and communication for external stakeholders.
  • Personalized Experience: WhatsApp virtual phone number is one of the main pillars for having a personalized experience in customer communication because it demonstrates a wider reach and most of the clients prefer dropping a message on WhatsApp instead of a customer support number or raising a ticket.
  • Number Masking: Number masking is one of the best ways to safeguard the customers’ identity for the business as it prevents the misuse of sensitive information
  • Increased Marketing ROI: The virtual phone number for WhatsApp is an efficient tool for marketing and promotional work    as it can easily send text, short video clips, and images for promotional activities. It is cost-effective, and there is no loss of information.

How to create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number?

Following are the steps to create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number

  • Step 1: Download the WhatsApp application from the Play Store or AppStore on your device
  • Step 2: We need to register on the app with our virtual number. Choose your country from the drop-down list. Your country code will appear automatically in the box on the left.
  • Step 3: Tap the button to receive a verification code or OTP. If prompted, tap on Call Me to receive the code by calling. Input the 6-digit verification code you received via SMS or phone call.
  • Step 4: Set Up Your Whatsapp Profile by adding your name and business details.

Now our WhatsApp with virtual number is ready to use.


It is easy and quick to obtain a virtual phone number for WhatsApp. You have a wide variety of virtual phone number providers to pick from, so you can discover one that suits your requirements and price range. Once you’ve paid for a virtual phone number, you can sign up for WhatsApp with it and begin contacting and texting your loved ones.

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