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22 Best Official Whatsapp Marketing Softwares and Tools (2024)

Incorporating WhatsApp marketing software into business strategies can yield significant benefits. With its extensive user base, WhatsApp provides a direct and instant communication channel with customers. The use of marketing software for WhatsApp enables businesses to streamline messaging efforts, reaching a broader audience efficiently. The impact of WhatsApp marketing is substantial, fostering personalized communication, enhancing customer engagement, and building brand loyalty. By leveraging these tools, businesses can send targeted messages, promotions, and updates, resulting in heightened brand visibility and improved customer retention.

Several official WhatsApp marketing software and tools cater to diverse business needs. Notable examples include WhatsApp Business API, Chatbot.team, AiSensy, Infobip, and more. These tools offer features like automated messaging, customer segmentation, and analytics, allowing businesses to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. The integration of WhatsApp marketing software can enhance customer satisfaction by enabling quick responses to inquiries and delivering relevant content. Ultimately, the use of these tools contributes to improved communication, stronger customer relationships, and overall business growth and success in the digital age.

22 Best Official WhatsApp Marketing Softwares and Tools 2024

What is WhatsApp marketing software?

WhatsApp marketing software refers to tools and applications designed to facilitate marketing and communication efforts on the WhatsApp messaging platform. These software solutions are equipped with features that enable businesses to engage with their audience, send targeted messages, and streamline communication processes. WhatsApp marketing software often includes functionalities such as automated messaging, customer segmentation, analytics, and the ability to send promotions or updates to a large audience. These tools are valuable for businesses looking to leverage the widespread use of WhatsApp to enhance customer engagement, foster brand loyalty, and drive marketing campaigns effectively in the digital age.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing software

WhatsApp marketing software offers direct and personalized communication, leveraging high open rates and interactive content formats for effective campaigns. With real-time interaction, businesses can engage customers instantly, while targeted campaigns enhance message relevance. Automated workflows streamline processes, saving time and effort. The integration of WhatsApp Commerce further enables seamless transactions and customer interactions, making it a versatile tool for businesses seeking efficient, customer-centric marketing strategies on the widely-used messaging platform.

Direct and personal communication

WhatsApp marketing software facilitates direct and personal communication between businesses and customers. This platform allows for one-on-one interactions, ensuring a more intimate and personalized connection. Through instant messaging, businesses can engage with their audience in real-time, providing a direct channel for inquiries, updates, and promotions. This direct and personal approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, making WhatsApp an effective tool for building strong relationships in the digital landscape.

High Open Rates

WhatsApp marketing software boasts high open rates due to the platform’s widespread usage and instant notification system. Messages sent through WhatsApp are more likely to be seen promptly, capturing the attention of users and yielding higher open rates compared to other communication channels. This increased visibility enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, ensuring that businesses can reach their target audience with immediacy, ultimately contributing to the success of their promotional efforts.

Interactive content formats

WhatsApp marketing software enhances engagement through interactive content formats, offering more than traditional messaging. Businesses can utilize features like images, videos, and documents, making interactions dynamic and captivating. Interactive polls, surveys, and quizzes enable real-time feedback, fostering a two-way communication channel with users. These content formats not only capture attention but also provide a more immersive and engaging experience, allowing businesses to convey information effectively and elicit responses from their audience on the WhatsApp platform.

Real-time interaction

WhatsApp marketing software enables real-time interaction, fostering immediate engagement between businesses and customers. The platform’s instant messaging capabilities facilitate swift communication, allowing companies to respond promptly to customer inquiries, feedback, or concerns. This real-time interaction not only enhances customer satisfaction but also builds a sense of responsiveness and trust. By leveraging the immediacy of WhatsApp, businesses can establish a dynamic and interactive communication channel, strengthening relationships and meeting customer needs in real-time.

Targeted campaigns

WhatsApp marketing software empowers businesses to run targeted campaigns, tailoring messages to specific audience segments. Through features like customer segmentation, companies can create personalized content that resonates with the unique preferences of each group. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts, ensuring that messages are relevant and impactful. By reaching the right audience with precision, businesses can maximize the impact of their campaigns, driving engagement and achieving better results on the widely-used WhatsApp platform.

Automated workflows

WhatsApp marketing software streamlines campaigns with automated workflows, allowing businesses to set up predefined sequences of actions. These automated processes help schedule messages, responses, and other interactions, saving time and ensuring timely communication. By automating routine tasks, businesses can maintain consistency in their messaging and enhance efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing large-scale campaigns, enabling businesses to engage with their audience seamlessly while focusing on strategic aspects of their marketing strategy on the WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp Commerce

WhatsApp Commerce revolutionizes business transactions by enabling sales directly through the WhatsApp platform. This feature allows businesses to showcase products, provide information, and facilitate purchases seamlessly within the messaging app. With WhatsApp Commerce, customers can inquire about products, place orders, and complete transactions, creating a convenient and efficient shopping experience. This integration of commerce within WhatsApp enhances customer engagement, simplifies the purchasing process, and positions the platform as a comprehensive tool for both communication and e-commerce.

Top 22 Official Whatsapp Marketing Softwares


Chatbot.Team stands as a robust WhatsApp marketing software, purposefully crafted to enhance customer engagement through intelligent chatbot integration. This solution empowers businesses to automate conversations, promptly respond to inquiries, and provide personalized interactions, thereby boosting overall communication efficiency on the WhatsApp platform.


  1. Efficient Automation: Noteworthy proficiency in automating repetitive tasks, enabling seamless handling of high inquiry volumes.
  2. Personalized Interactions: Advanced capabilities to understand user preferences, delivering personalized responses for a more engaging and tailored user experience.
  3. Analytics and Insights: Offers valuable real-time data on user interactions, empowering companies to refine chatbot strategies for continuous improvement.
  4. Scalability: Designed to scale with growing business needs, accommodating increased interactions and inquiries.
  5. Multi-Platform Integration: Provides flexibility by integrating with platforms beyond WhatsApp, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses with diverse communication channels.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve during initial setup, particularly when configuring complex chatbot workflows, requiring adequate training and resources.
  2. Limited Customization: While robust, customization options may be perceived as somewhat restrictive for users seeking highly tailored solutions, potentially impacting businesses with specific and unique chatbot requirements.
  3. Cost Structure: Depending on the chosen plan, the pricing structure may be a drawback for smaller businesses with budget constraints.
  4. Dependency on Connectivity: Performance relies on internet connectivity; interruptions may affect real-time chatbot responsiveness.
  5. Advanced Features Accessibility: Some advanced features may only be available in higher-tier plans, potentially limiting access for users on basic plans.

Free Trial:

Chatbot.Team offers a free trial period, allowing businesses to explore the platform firsthand, assess usability, and determine alignment with their specific requirements.


The initial cost for creating a chatbot on the Chatbot.team platform is minimal, with an entry-level plan that includes features like live chats, campaign scheduling, and outbound messages. Premium and Enterprise plans start at Rs.6,500, with costs varying based on desired chatbot personalization. The platform provides pricing flexibility, enabling businesses to align plans with their needs and budget while accessing advanced functionalities.


AiSensy represents a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing solution meticulously designed to enhance customer engagement through intelligent features and automation. This platform empowers businesses to simplify communication, automate workflows, and deliver personalized experiences on the WhatsApp platform.


  1. Advanced Automation: AiSensy excels in automating tasks, providing businesses with a seamless solution for efficient inquiry handling, optimizing operational processes.
  2. Personalization Capabilities: The software’s advanced features facilitate tailored interactions, enhancing the overall user experience by delivering personalized content and responses, fostering stronger connections.
  3. Analytics and Reporting: AiSensy offers valuable insights into user interactions, enabling data-driven decision-making and allowing businesses to refine strategies for improved engagement and performance.
  4. Multi-Channel Support: Beyond WhatsApp, AiSensy accommodates multiple channels, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses with diverse communication needs. This ensures a cohesive and integrated approach to customer engagement across various platforms.
  5. Integration Options: The platform seamlessly integrates with other business tools and platforms, enhancing overall functionality. This integration capability ensures a smooth and cohesive experience for businesses utilizing various software solutions.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve during the initial setup, particularly when configuring complex workflows. Adequate training and resources may be needed to overcome this hurdle.
  2. Cost Structure: Depending on the chosen plan, the pricing structure may be a consideration for smaller businesses with budget constraints. Businesses should carefully evaluate the cost-benefit ratio to ensure it aligns with their financial capabilities.
  3. Customization Limitations: While robust, customization options may be perceived as somewhat restrictive for users with specific and unique requirements. This limitation could impact businesses seeking highly tailored solutions for their individual needs.

Free Trial:

AiSensy offers a free trial period, enabling businesses to explore the platform firsthand, assess usability, and determine its alignment with their specific requirements.


AiSensy provides three pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, priced at $999/month, $2399/month, and a customizable plan, respectively. Each plan includes 1000 free services, unlimited user access, and a 14-day free trial, allowing businesses to thoroughly evaluate the platform before committing to a subscription.


Infobip stands as a versatile communication platform, offering an extensive array of services, including solutions for WhatsApp marketing. It facilitates seamless and personalized communication between businesses and customers across various channels, significantly enhancing overall customer engagement.


  1. Multi-Channel Communication: Infobip provides support for diverse communication channels beyond WhatsApp, delivering a comprehensive solution for businesses with varied communication needs.
  2. Global Reach: Leveraging its extensive network, Infobip empowers businesses to connect with a global audience, facilitating expanded market presence and outreach.
  3. Robust Security Measures: Infobip prioritizes data security, establishing a secure environment for businesses to conduct communication and transactions with confidence.
  4. Advanced Analytics: The platform offers sophisticated analytics tools, furnishing valuable insights into user interactions for well-informed decision-making.
  5. Scalability: Infobip’s services are scalable, adeptly accommodating the evolving communication needs of businesses as they progress and grow.


  1. Learning Curve: Some users may encounter a learning curve when navigating the platform’s extensive features, particularly during the initial setup.
  2. Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Infobip’s performance relies on internet connectivity; disruptions may impact real-time communication.

Free Trial:

Infobip offers a free trial period, allowing businesses to explore its features firsthand, assess usability, and ascertain its alignment with their specific communication requirements.


Respond.io is a comprehensive messaging platform designed to simplify communication processes for businesses. With a unified interface, it efficiently manages customer interactions across various messaging channels, including WhatsApp. Respond.io empowers businesses to elevate customer engagement and support through streamlined and effective communication.


  1. Unified Messaging: Respond.io simplifies communication management by providing a unified interface for handling customer interactions across multiple messaging channels.
  2. Multi-Channel Support: Offering a solution for diverse communication needs, Respond.io supports various messaging channels, including WhatsApp.
  3. Automation Features: The platform integrates automation features, enabling businesses to automate responses and ensure timely engagement with customers.
  4. Collaboration Tools: Respond.io includes tools for team collaboration, enhancing internal communication and coordination.
  5. Integration Capabilities: With seamless integration options, Respond.io enhances functionality and connectivity by working cohesively with other business tools and platforms.


  1. Learning Curve: Some users may face a learning curve when initially navigating the platform’s extensive features.
  2. Pricing Structure: Depending on usage and features, the pricing may be a consideration for businesses with budget constraints.
  3. Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Real-time functionality in Respond.io relies on internet connectivity, and interruptions may affect instant communication.

Free Trial:

Respond.io provides a free trial period, allowing businesses to explore its features, assess usability, and evaluate its suitability for their specific communication requirements.


  • Team Plan: $79/month

Ideal for small companies, the Team plan equips businesses with professional tools for marketing, sales, and support across various channels. The plan features a 7-day free trial, no credit card requirement, and includes 10 users, 1,000 Monthly Active Contacts, 2,000 Respond AI Credits, and all essential functionalities.

  • Business Plan: $249/month (Best Value)

Tailored for mid-size companies, the Business plan stands out with multi-team workflows, advanced reporting, and flexible integrations. Offering a 7-day free trial with no credit card needed, it includes 25 users, 3,000 Monthly Active Contacts, 5,000 Respond AI Credits, advanced reporting, Google Sheets Step, HTTP Request Step, and Custom Channel.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

Crafted for mid to large companies, the Enterprise plan provides tailor-made solutions featuring unlimited users, workflows, and broadcast messages. It encompasses custom limits, data export, Single Sign-On (SSO), and an optional 30-Days Onboarding Program ADD-ON. For enhanced support, businesses can opt for a $500 one-off add-on, delivering personalized guidance, consultation, and up to 8 personalized sessions with a dedicated Customer Success Manager.


Zoko stands as a groundbreaking platform harnessing the power of AI to streamline WhatsApp commerce, specifically tailored for growing brands. This innovative solution converts your WhatsApp number into a premier revenue channel by seamlessly syncing your website’s catalog with WhatsApp. Leveraging market-leading AI tools, Zoko facilitates automatic product sales within the app. Engage, qualify, and convert customers in real-time through personalized conversations, capitalizing on WhatsApp’s remarkable 500% better open rates compared to emails.


  1. WhatsApp Catalog Integration: Zoko effortlessly integrates your website’s catalog with WhatsApp, streamlining product sales.
  2. High Open Rates: Utilize WhatsApp’s superior open rates for broadcasts, ensuring personalized engagement with your most active customers.
  3. FlowHippo Automation: Employ FlowHippo to automate repetitive tasks, offering advanced workflow automation for tasks ranging from order confirmations to complex multi-step processes.
  4. Real-time Customer Engagement: Engage customers on WhatsApp instantly, providing automated support to meet their expectations.
  5. Verified Green Tick Mark: Notable companies partnering with Zoko can attain the Verified Green Tick Mark, signifying official recognition and trustworthiness through WhatsApp API providers.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve while adapting to the advanced features of Zoko and FlowHippo.
  2. Dependency on WhatsApp: Zoko’s effectiveness relies on WhatsApp, and businesses should carefully consider this dependency in their communication strategy.

Free Trial:

Zoko offers a product demo, allowing businesses to experience its capabilities firsthand before making a commitment.


  • META offers a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse business needs. The MAX plan, priced at ₹33,333 per month, comes with ZERO markup on Meta rates for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It includes features such as 1000 free tier conversations, unlimited messages, broadcasts, WhatsApp catalog, chat widget, customer tags, CTWA ads, and more. 
  • For those seeking additional benefits, the ELITE plan at ₹9,199 per month provides the same features as MAX along with premium extras, including access to FlowHippo custom flows and all fair-use charges. 
  • The PLUS plan, priced at ₹4,999 per month, offers similar features as ELITE but with an additional markup on Meta rates. 
  • For a more budget-friendly option, the STARTER plan at ₹2,999 per month, along with an extra charge of ₹1.25 per conversation, provides unlimited agents, messages, and all features included, with no fair use limits. All plans come with support on WhatsApp and access to prebuilt flows, and users can opt for extras like the Shopify Plugin at $4.99 per month or FlowHippo custom flows.META ensures transparent charges, and applicable taxes are included in all plans.


Interakt presents a comprehensive suite of WhatsApp Business API features, tailored to empower businesses. Specifically designed for WooCommerce stores, it seamlessly integrates with automated workflows, click-to-WhatsApp ads, shared team inboxes, bulk campaigns, and offers comprehensive analytics. With a primary focus on elevating customer engagement and optimizing communication processes, Interakt stands as a versatile solution for businesses seeking to harness the capabilities of WhatsApp Commerce.


  1. Automated Workflows: Streamline processes like appointment bookings and new registrations with Interakt’s event-based workflows on WhatsApp.
  2. Ads that Click to WhatsApp: Connect with your audience on Facebook and Instagram using ads that seamlessly direct them to WhatsApp, capitalizing on their active platforms.
  3. Shared Team Inbox: Facilitate real-time collaboration through Interakt’s Shared Team Inbox, enabling multiple users to operate from a single number.
  4. Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts: Efficiently set up and manage personalized, automated campaigns, providing alerts to customers on a one-time or recurring basis.
  5. Campaign Analytics: Gain valuable insights into campaign performance with Interakt’s analytics tools, allowing you to track and analyze what resonates with your audience.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve when implementing and fully maximizing the features of Interakt.

Free Trial:

Interakt is likely to offer a free trial, providing businesses with an opportunity to explore and experience its features firsthand. 


  • The Starter Plan, priced at $21 per month plus taxes, offers 1000 free service conversations monthly, unlimited team members, and features like free WhatsApp API approval and setup, chat automation, bulk WhatsApp notifications, and a WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox with quick replies and agent assignment. 
  • The Growth Plan, at $49 per month plus taxes, includes everything in Starter, along with additional benefits such as Click to WhatsApp Ads Analytics Dashboard, automated workflows, advanced campaign filters, conversation analytics, and expanded chat automation options. 
  • The Advanced Plan, at $63 per month plus taxes, builds upon the Growth Plan, offering auto chat assignment, unlimited external app integration, additional user segments, and enhanced developer API access. 
  • The Enterprise Plan, with custom monthly platform fees, encompasses everything in Advanced, with unlimited conversations, no additional charges or markup, faster message delivery speed, and integration capabilities with martech tools like Clevertap, Moengage, and Webengage. Customer success is a key focus across all plans.


Wati is a versatile platform designed to enhance business communication through WhatsApp. It provides features such as Broadcast campaigns, Chatbots for instant responses, and a Shared Team Inbox for collaborative customer support. With a focus on personalized engagement, Wati facilitates targeted communication and efficient post-sales interactions.


  1. Broadcast Campaigns: Wati enables businesses to push out campaigns with high-response WhatsApp messages, allowing for targeted and personalized communication.
  2. Chatbots: The platform offers a no-code chatbot creation tool, streamlining mass communication and boosting sales by providing instant responses to common requests.
  3. Shared Team Inbox: Wati’s Shared Team Inbox enhances customer support by allowing teams to collaborate, ensuring quick resolution of post-sales communications and support requests on WhatsApp.
  4. Multi-Channel Engagement: Wati excels in supporting multiple messaging platforms, extending businesses’ outreach to customers on their preferred messaging apps.
  5. WhatsApp Integration: Seamless integration with WhatsApp Business allows businesses to tap into the extensive user base of WhatsApp for effective marketing and communication.


  1. Cost: The pricing structure for Wati may vary based on usage and specific business requirements. 
  2. Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all features offered by Wati may require a learning curve, especially for users new to the platform.
  3. Limited Free Plan: While Wati may provide a free trial or basic free plan, such offerings may come with limitations on features and usage. Businesses with advanced messaging needs may need to consider investing in premium features for comprehensive functionality.

Free Trial:

Wati offers free trial for a period of 7 days.


  • Growth: Priced at ₹2,499 per month, the Growth plan is tailored for businesses aiming to effectively connect, update, and boost sales through WhatsApp campaigns. It includes features like Official WhatsApp API, Green Tick Verification, Message Broadcasts, Team Inbox, and 1000 Chatbot Sessions.
  • Pro: For continuous engagement and personalized experiences, the Pro plan at ₹5,999 per month builds on the Growth plan. It adds Advanced Chatbots, WhatsApp Ad Insights, Sequences, HubSpot Integration, and 2000 Chatbot Sessions.
  • Business: Priced at ₹16,999 per month, the Business plan is designed for managing multiple WhatsApp campaigns, handling high sales volumes, and ensuring consistent tracking of results. It includes features like Auto Deletion of Chats, SMS Fallback with Twilio, Free Custom Domain, 5000 Chatbot Sessions, and a Dedicated Customer Success Manager.


DelightChat is a comprehensive customer support platform with a core objective of streamlining and centralizing communication across diverse channels. By consolidating customer interactions from email, chat, and social media, DelightChat aims to offer businesses an integrated solution for managing support, emphasizing collaboration and efficiency.


  1. Multi-Channel Integration: DelightChat seamlessly integrates with popular messaging channels, creating a centralized hub for efficient customer support
  2. Team Collaboration: The platform fosters smooth collaboration among support teams, ensuring effective handling of customer queries and issues
  3. Automation Tools: DelightChat provides automation features that streamline repetitive tasks, allowing support teams to focus on more intricate customer interactions
  4. Unified Inbox: A unified inbox simplifies the management of customer messages from various channels, reducing the risk of overlooking crucial communications.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve during the initial adaptation to the platform’s features and functionalities.
  2. Feature Customization: While robust, the customization options may be perceived as somewhat limited for users with specific and unique requirements.

Free Trial:

DelightChat does not have a free plan. But it does come with a free 14-day trial without requiring a credit card.


  • DelightChat offers three plans to meet various business requirements. 
  • The Startup Plan at $49/month, plus WhatsApp charges, includes support for 1000 tickets and marketing features for 5000 contacts. It encompasses a wide range of channels, unlimited team members, and a Shopify store. 
  • The Scale Plan at $99/month builds on this, offering 2000 tickets, 10,000 contacts, and faster support response times. 
  • The Growth Plan at $299/month caters to extensive needs with 6000 tickets, 30,000 contacts, and faster support. All plans include WhatsApp Business API, Instagram and Facebook integration, live chat, and marketing tools.


Gallabox redefines customer interactions with its AI-powered conversational platform, offering personalized conversations that surpass traditional templates. The platform’s features include AI-assisted personalization, multilingual support, simplified communication of complex messages, Click-to-WhatsApp Ads, a shared team inbox, personalized broadcast campaigns, WhatsApp product catalog integration, and automated message sequences, all aimed at elevating customer engagement and fostering business growth.


  1. Advanced AI-Powered Personalization: Gallabox stands out with its ability to deliver highly advanced AI-assisted personalization, ensuring that customer interactions are tailored, meaningful, and impactful.
  2. Multilingual Support: The platform enables businesses to respond to customers in their native language, fostering inclusivity and providing a personalized communication approach that resonates with a diverse audience.
  3. Simplified Communication: Gallabox excels at simplifying complex technical jargon into clear and understandable messages, facilitating effective communication between businesses and their customers.
  4. Comprehensive Team Collaboration: The shared team inbox feature streamlines team collaboration by providing real-time context and a 360-degree view of all customer conversations. This enhances communication efficiency and ensures a cohesive approach to customer support.
  5. Powerful Marketing Tools: Gallabox offers a range of powerful marketing tools, including Click-to-WhatsApp Ads, personalized broadcast campaigns, WhatsApp product catalog integration, and automated message sequences. These tools collectively contribute to increased customer engagement, conversion rates, and revenue growth.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, particularly those new to AI-powered conversational platforms, may encounter a learning curve while adapting to Gallabox’s advanced features.
  2. Limited Information Transparency: The platform lacks detailed information on potential drawbacks, making it challenging for users to anticipate specific limitations or challenges during usage.

Free Trial:

Gallabox provides a free trial for a period of 7-days.


  • Growth is tailored for small teams aiming to boost sales and streamline customer interactions on WhatsApp. Priced at ₹2,399 per month billed yearly, the plan offers essential conversation tools, simple segmentation, and a basic bot builder, accommodating up to 6 users. It includes 10 essential business app integrations, basic messaging API, and support with documentation, videos, FAQs, and email support. 
  • The Scale plan, priced at ₹4,799 per month billed yearly, targets fast-growing businesses, providing advanced features like critical conversation tools, advanced segmentation, and an assisted onboarding process. 
  • The Pro plan, priced at ₹7,999 per month billed yearly, is designed for comprehensive business scaling on WhatsApp, featuring advanced conversation tools, pro-level segmentation, assisted onboarding, and integration with 25 advanced business apps. 
  • For large enterprises seeking top-notch WhatsApp automation, the Custom plan offers personalized solutions, including conversational AI, dedicated hosting, single sign-on (SSO), high-speed messaging, and a security audit. Pricing for the Custom plan is available through direct consultation.

Picky Assist

Picky Assist functions as a versatile and user-friendly conversational AI platform designed to empower businesses with automated messaging solutions. The platform incorporates features like chatbot development, seamless integration with the WhatsApp Business API, and support for multi-channel messaging. These features collectively aim to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication processes for businesses.


  1. Multi-Channel Integration: Picky Assist allows seamless integration with popular messaging channels, facilitating businesses to connect with customers on their preferred platforms.
  2. WhatsApp Business API: The platform seamlessly integrates with the WhatsApp Business API, offering businesses access to the extensive user base of WhatsApp for marketing and customer interactions.
  3. Chatbot Development: Picky Assist supports the creation of advanced chatbots, enabling businesses to automate routine tasks and enhance efficiency in customer support.
  4. Customization: The platform provides a high degree of customization, empowering businesses to tailor automated messages and interactions to align with their unique brand voice and identity.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Picky Assist includes analytics and reporting tools, offering businesses valuable insights into customer interactions and facilitating improvements in messaging strategies.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve, especially when implementing advanced features and customization options.
  2. Pricing Structure: While Picky Assist offers a free trial, the pricing structure may vary based on usage and specific business requirements, potentially resulting in variability in costs for different businesses.

Free Trial:

Picky Assist likely extends a free trial period, enabling businesses to explore its features and assess its suitability for their messaging and automation needs.


  • Basic Plan: Picky Assist’s Basic plan is priced at $14 per month, with an annual option available at $149. It caters to small businesses with features such as messaging channels, Facebook Messenger integration, and WhatsApp Web Automation. The plan supports up to 2 users, stores 2000 contacts, and includes options for additional WhatsApp channels.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $29 per month ($299 annually), the Pro plan is suitable for growing businesses. It includes everything from the Basic plan with expanded capabilities. This plan supports 5 users, accommodates 10,000 stored contacts, and offers additional features like Google Business Messages, Google RCS, and Telegram (coming soon).
  • Ultimate Plan: Designed for businesses aiming to improve and scale on WhatsApp, the Ultimate plan is priced at $49 per month or $499 per year. With features beyond the Pro plan, it supports 10 users, 20,000 stored contacts, and introduces advanced functionalities like Modular CRM, no-code chatbot builder, and extended messaging limits.
  • API Only Plan: For those seeking API access exclusively, the API Only plan is available at $34 per month or $349 per year. It offers unlimited interactions, making it suitable for businesses with specific API integration needs.


Trengo serves as a comprehensive customer communication platform, seamlessly integrating diverse communication channels into a unified inbox. This facilitates efficient management of customer interactions by offering a centralized solution for emails, chats, WhatsApp, and other communication channels.


  1. Unified Inbox: Trengo excels with its unified inbox, consolidating messages from various channels and simplifying communication management.
  2. Multi-Channel Support: The platform provides flexibility by supporting diverse communication channels like email, chat, WhatsApp, allowing businesses to engage customers on their preferred platforms.
  3. Automation Tools: Trengo offers automation tools, including chatbots and workflow automation, enhancing efficiency in handling routine tasks and responses.
  4. Collaboration Features: With shared inboxes and team collaboration tools, Trengo facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among team members.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Trengo seamlessly integrates with popular tools like CRM systems, establishing a well-connected ecosystem for businesses to manage customer interactions.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, especially those new to unified communication platforms, may encounter a learning curve while adapting to Trengo’s extensive features and functionalities.
  2. Cost: The pricing structure might be relatively higher for small businesses or startups, potentially posing a challenge for budget-conscious users.

Free Trial:

Trengo extends a free trial to users, allowing them to explore the platform’s features and assess its suitability for their business needs. This trial period enables businesses to firsthand experience the capabilities of the platform before making a commitment.


  • Trengo presents three primary plans to suit diverse business requirements: Essentials, Boost, and Pro. The Essentials plan, starting at $113 monthly for 5 users, supports up to 10 users and 1,200 annual conversations, featuring an omnichannel inbox, web widget, and email support. 
  • The Boost plan, beginning at $170 monthly for 5 users, boosts efficiency with customizable user roles, basic integrations, white labeling, reporting, rules, and automations, accommodating unlimited users and 3,600 annual conversations. 
  • The Pro plan, kicking off at $284 monthly for 5 users, offers customization and automation, including all integrations, workload balancing, two-factor authentication, live chat, and phone support, with 12,000 conversations per year. 
  • Additionally, Trengo employs a pay-per-conversation model for outbound messages, with standard conversations priced at €15 per 100 additional conversations yearly or €18 monthly. WhatsApp, voice, and SMS conversations incur specific rates, with the first 1,000 WhatsApp inbound conversations monthly being free.


DoubleTick is a robust platform meticulously crafted to elevate customer engagement and streamline business operations on WhatsApp. Encompassing features like broadcasts, automation, team management, analytics, and integrations, DoubleTick empowers businesses to efficiently connect, automate processes, and analyze their interactions.


  1. Broadcasts: Reach a broad customer base instantly, make announcements, re-engage, and send personalized messages, all while enjoying the credibility of a green tick verification.
  2. Automation & Engagement: Streamline customer engagement effortlessly with features like lead bots, birthday wishes, and integration with third-party tools, ensuring smooth communication and heightened sales efficiency.
  3. Teams & Analytics: Seamlessly manage WhatsApp operations with a unified inbox, end-to-end order booking, roles & access controls, and detailed analytics for monitoring and optimizing performance.
  4. How-To Guides: DoubleTick provides user-friendly and structured onboarding processes, ensuring a seamless start for users, covering subscription, onboarding, training, and going live.
  5. Integrations: Connect effortlessly with a variety of third-party tools like Google Sheets, Shopify, Zoho, Zapier, Tally, WooCommerce, and more, enhancing workflow and automating tasks.


Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve, particularly when implementing advanced functionalities, especially for those new to WhatsApp business solutions.
Pricing Structure: The pricing structure might pose challenges for budget-conscious users, especially for small businesses or startups.

Free Trial:

DoubleTick offers a free trial, providing businesses with an opportunity to explore its features and assess its suitability for their distinctive messaging and automation needs.


  • The Starter plan, priced at ₹2000/month (billed yearly), offers users the ability to build simple bots, access a team inbox with 5 free agents, send bulk broadcasts, define customer segments, and utilize detailed broadcast analytics. It includes features like bulk import, sharing products and catalogues, and integration with Google Sheets, providing accessibility on both mobile and web. With unlimited tags and custom attributes, this plan is suitable for businesses seeking basic automation and communication tools, with an additional charge of Rs. 500 per extra agent/month.
  • The Pro plan, priced at ₹3000/month (billed yearly), encompasses all features of the Starter plan and goes further by allowing users to build complex bots. It provides a team inbox with 10 free agents, along with roles & permissions, number masking, an automated ordering bot, and integration with third-party tools. The Pro plan also includes developer API access, agent & organization analytics, and reports for in-depth insights. Similar to the Starter plan, there is an additional charge of Rs. 500 per extra agent/month.
  • The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and includes advanced features such as AI and ChatGPT bots, complex journeys, growth consultation, special customizations, and integrations. It encompasses all features available in the Pro plan and is tailored to meet the specific needs of larger businesses or those requiring specialized solutions. For the Enterprise plan, pricing is customized per agent, and businesses can negotiate special integrations and growth consultation services. Additionally, the WhatsApp Business API Conversational Cost Pricing is applicable, providing businesses with a flexible and scalable solution for their communication needs.


Yellow.ai is a cutting-edge conversational AI platform designed to transform customer interactions and automate business processes. With a focus on natural language understanding and machine learning, Yellow.ai empowers businesses to create robust chatbots and virtual assistants for enriched customer engagement across diverse communication channels.


  1. Intelligent Conversations: Yellow.ai excels in facilitating intelligent and context-aware interactions, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for users.
  2. Multi-Channel Integration: Seamlessly integrating with various communication channels, such as websites, messaging apps, and social media, Yellow.ai enables businesses to connect with customers on their preferred platforms.
  3. Automation and Efficiency: Yellow.ai empowers businesses to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance operational efficiency through advanced automation features.
  4. Natural Language Processing: Leveraging sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), Yellow.ai comprehends and responds to user queries with a high level of accuracy, elevating the quality of interactions.
  5. Analytics and Insights: The platform provides robust analytics and reporting tools, offering businesses valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and overall performance.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, particularly those new to conversational AI platforms, may encounter a learning curve while adapting to the advanced features and functionalities of Yellow.ai
  2. Customization Complexity: Advanced customization options may pose a challenge for some users, requiring a certain level of technical expertise to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Free Trial:

Yellow.ai extends a free trial period, allowing businesses to explore and test its features before committing. This trial period provides users with a firsthand experience of how Yellow.ai’s conversational AI can cater to their specific use cases and requirements.


The platform offers two distinct plans tailored to meet your business needs—Free and Enterprise.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for those starting, the Free plan provides essential features to kickstart your journey. With one bot, two channels, and a custom integration, you can explore our platform’s capabilities. Limited agent support and out-of-the-box integrations are available. The Monthly Transaction Units (MTU) cap at 100/month, accommodating up to 1000 records in User360. You can manage a single campaign and access code for up to 10 templates, along with the flexibility of trying it for free.
  • Enterprise Plan: Designed for scalability and unlimited potential, the Enterprise plan caters to established businesses. Enjoy unlimited bots, channels, custom integrations, and dashboards. With no restrictions on agents or out-of-box integrations, your business can flourish. The MTU operates on a usage-based pricing model, accommodating unlimited records in User360. Manage an unrestricted number of campaigns and templates, ensuring your business has the flexibility and resources it needs to thrive.


Verloop stands at the forefront of conversation automation platforms, leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize customer interactions and elevate operational efficiency. Armed with a robust feature set, Verloop specializes in AI-driven chat support automation, voice automation, and tools designed to empower agents for delivering exceptional customer service.


  1. Advanced Automation: Verloop showcases its proficiency in handling intricate conversational workflows by efficiently processing billions of queries.
  2. Diverse Reach: Achieving 60% automation in just 30 days and reaching over 200 million unique users, Verloop demonstrates a wide-ranging impact on user engagement.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Tailoring its offerings to diverse industries, including E-commerce, BFSI, Travel, Real Estate, Logistics, Insurance, Food Services, and Edtech, Verloop provides customized solutions for each sector.


  1. Integration Complexity: Implementing Verloop may pose challenges in terms of integration complexity with existing systems, especially for businesses with intricate IT architectures. Ensuring seamless integration may require additional technical expertise.
  2. Customization Learning Curve: While Verloop offers comprehensive solutions, the process of customizing the platform to specific business requirements may have a learning curve. Users seeking highly tailored configurations may find the customization process intricate and time-consuming.

Free Trial:

Verloop extends a free trial, enabling businesses to explore and experience the platform’s features before committing to a subscription. This trial period allows users to assess how Verloop’s capabilities align with their specific needs.


Verloop offers a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse business needs. 

  • The Starter plan, available at ₹0 per month, provides essential features such as unlimited contacts, 500 chats per month, support for departments, and integration with Facebook. Users can enjoy functionalities like bot-to-human transfer, quick responses, and visitor sentiment analysis. 
  • The Business plan, priced at ₹3528 per month, includes all Starter features along with additional perks like unlimited agents, Zapier integration, lead data enrichment, and design customization. 
  • For enterprises with more advanced requirements, the Enterprise plan, available at ₹50328 per month, offers specialized features such as customized reports, onboarding and training, advanced data export, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and optimization consultation. These plans allow businesses to choose the level of functionality and support that best aligns with their specific needs and scale of operations.


WappBlaster serves as a versatile tool aimed at streamlining lead generation and boosting business sales with a range of features, including the extraction of business mobile numbers from JD and a free Google Map data extractor. Users can leverage the software to send bulk messages, OTPs, and schedule auto follow-ups, emphasizing efficiency and time savings. The platform is easily accessible from web browsers, eliminating the requirement for downloads or installations. WappBlaster encourages influencer marketing and ensures data security, assuring users that their information is secure.


  1. Lead Generation: Accelerate lead generation through the extraction of business mobile numbers and Google Map data.
  2. Convenience: Direct accessibility from web browsers without the need for downloads or installations.
  3. Time-Saving: Requires only 10-20 minutes a day for substantial improvements in customer interactions.
  4. Scheduled Follow-ups: Easily schedule auto follow-ups for efficient communication.
  5. Bulk Messaging: Send bulk messages, OTPs, and order confirmations to target audiences.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve while adapting to the software’s features
  2. Limited Trial: Specifics of the free trial, including duration and available features, are not explicitly mentioned.

Free Trial:

WappBlaster provides a free trial without requiring a contract or credit card, enabling users to explore the service’s features before committing.


  • WappBlaster offers comprehensive yearly plans tailored to meet diverse communication needs. The ₹2000 per year plan includes access to one WhatsApp account, allowing users to send text, images, and videos. It also provides WhatsApp Business APIs for customized, transparent, and controlled messaging. The plan incorporates bulk SMS capabilities, coupled with a social media package for creating and uploading databases at the lowest rates in the market.
  • For ₹3000 per year, the Yearly Plan 1 WA Account expands the offering to three WhatsApp accounts, leveraging WhatsApp API to send buttons, images, text, and PDFs. Users benefit from unlimited messaging, the ability to send customized messages, and the convenience of uploading Excel files for number management.
  • Additionally, WappBlaster offers a Desktop Version at ₹3499 for a one-year plan, featuring multiple WhatsApp scan logins for up to 50 numbers, auto-rotation, welcome messages with profile names, and chatbot application on multiple accounts. The desktop version supports sending unlimited messages, including videos, PDFs, and images, with a super number filter and comprehensive campaign reporting. The software is compatible with all types of Windows, ensuring widespread accessibility and convenience.


WOZTELL is a versatile conversational platform designed for managing customer communications, offering solutions for marketing, sales, customer support, and conversational commerce. As a Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, WOZTELL provides extensive expertise in implementing conversational strategies across various industries.


  1. Marketing and Sales: Boost sales by implementing conversational strategies on WhatsApp, leveraging features like chatbots for lead generation, CRM integration, and bulk promotional messaging.
  2. Customer Support: Delight customers with a 5-star support service that can be automated, saving up to 80% of costs. WOZTELL facilitates multi-agent live chat, integrates with AI like ChatGPT, and collaborates with the entire team on the same WhatsApp platform.
  3. Conversational Commerce: Enhance e-commerce sales by integrating WhatsApp into your strategy. WOZTELL enables order placement and payment processing through WhatsApp, making it a powerful channel for online sales.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve when implementing advanced features, especially if new to conversational platforms.
  2. Customization Complexity: Advanced customization options may require a certain level of technical expertise.

Free Trial

The Free plan offers a foundational entry point at no cost, providing support for 100 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and one channel type.


  • The pricing plans for WozTell offer flexibility to cater to various business needs. The Free plan allows users to start with no cost, providing access for up to 100 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and one channel type. 
  • The Starter plan, starting at $49 per month, extends the features to 400 MAU and includes one channel type. 
  • The Growth plan, beginning at $99 per month, accommodates 1,000 MAU with the added advantage of unlimited channels and custom setup, along with personalized onboarding. 
  • The Agency plan, starting at $399 per month and available for a demo, offers unlimited MAU, unlimited channels, custom setup, and dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) assignment for comprehensive support and service customization. These plans allow businesses to choose according to their specific requirements and scale as needed.


QuickReply stands out as an integrated WhatsApp business solution specially crafted for eCommerce brands, providing efficient tools for marketing, customer relationship management, and smart automation. The platform’s primary goal is to transform casual visitors into loyal, repeat buyers through the implementation of personalized campaigns, effective lead generation, and adaptive customer engagement.


  1. Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): QuickReply takes pride in a 30% reduction in CAC, offering a cost-effective fixed-cost marketing strategy on WhatsApp that remains resilient against rising ad costs.
  2. High Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Users can anticipate an impressive 8x ROAS, resulting in doubled conversions and a twofold increase in customer lifetime value.
  3. Trusted by Numerous Merchants: QuickReply has gained the trust of a substantial clientele, boasting over 500 online merchants, including renowned brands like Bellavita and Power Gummies, attesting to its effectiveness.


  1. Learning Curve: New users may encounter a learning curve, especially when navigating through the advanced features of the platform.
  2. Customization Complexity: Advanced customization options might necessitate a certain level of technical expertise, posing a challenge for some users.

Free Trial:

QuickReply extends a free trial to users, providing an opportunity to explore and experience its features before making any commitment.


  • The Starter plan, priced at ₹2,500 per month (excluding taxes and WhatsApp messaging charges), is an ideal entry-level option tailored for small businesses. This package includes basic features, limited flows, and essential integrations, along with WhatsApp website widget, welcome/exit popups, abandoned cart recovery, order alerts, green tick application, and email support. 
  • The Standard plan, the most popular choice at ₹6,000 per month, builds upon the Starter package, offering advanced segmentation features, feedback collection, cross-sell/upsell capabilities, WhatsApp bots, keyword-based responses, and chat support.
  • For larger enterprises, the Plus plan, priced at ₹14,000 per month, provides access to all Standard features, along with white-glove services, custom chatbot setups, NLP-based training, custom integrations with 3rd party systems, and phone/WhatsApp support. 
  • Lastly, a Custom Plan is available for businesses seeking a tailor-made solution with personalized features and dedicated support, and the pricing can be discussed further through a demo.


Chatarmin is a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing software designed to elevate businesses by facilitating direct communication with customers, boosting satisfaction, and increasing sales. With features like personalized campaigns, instant checkout links, and automated chatbot interactions, Chatarmin aims to turn one-time visitors into repeat customers seamlessly.


  1. Versatility: Chatarmin integrates effortlessly with any API, offering flexibility in adapting to diverse business needs.
  2. Marketing Solutions: The platform supports sending WhatsApp newsletters, building chatbot automations, and conducting interactive drip campaigns for effective marketing strategies.
  3. Sales Support: Chatarmin enables real-time customer support, instant checkout options, and direct calls-to-action, contributing to higher conversions and customer engagement.
  4. Product Validation: Users can collect valuable feedback from their audience before launching new products, ensuring a successful and well-received market entry.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, especially those new to advanced marketing tools, may experience a learning curve while familiarizing themselves with Chatarmin’s features.

Free Trial:

Chatarmin offers a free trial, allowing businesses to explore and experience its capabilities before committing to a subscription.


  • Starter: ₹2,500/month (excluding taxes and WhatsApp messaging charges) – WhatsApp website widget, welcome/exit popups, abandoned cart recovery, order alerts, green tick application, and email support.
  • Standard (Most Popular): ₹6,000/month (excluding taxes and WhatsApp messaging charges) – Includes all Starter features plus feedback collection, cross-sell/upsell, WhatsApp bots, keyword-based responses, and chat support.
  • Plus: ₹14,000/month (excluding taxes and WhatsApp messaging charges) – Encompasses all Standard features with additional white-glove services, custom chatbot setups, NLP-based training, custom integrations with 3rd-party systems, and phone/WhatsApp support.
  • Custom Plan: Tailor-made solutions with personalized features and dedicated support, available upon consultation.


RapBooster is your dedicated digital marketing partner, focusing on driving customers to your business while you concentrate on your core operations. Leveraging smart digital marketing strategies, RapBooster aims to enhance sales and business growth through a variety of cutting-edge tools and services.


  1. Comprehensive Marketing Tools: RapBooster provides a range of digital marketing tools, including Business WhatsApp Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and CRM Software, catering to diverse marketing needs.
  2. Next-Generation Technology: The platform offers next-generation digital marketing solutions, utilizing advanced technology to optimize marketing efforts and contribute to overall business modernization.
  3. Global Business Expansion: RapBooster facilitates business expansion from local to global markets, offering outstanding digital marketing products that are personalized, enthusiastic, and customized for each client.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, especially those new to digital marketing tools, may experience a learning curve while navigating and maximizing the features offered by RapBooster. This could potentially slow down initial implementation and usage.
  2. Feature Overwhelm: The abundance of features within RapBooster might be overwhelming for users who are not accustomed to comprehensive digital marketing solutions. It may take time for users to fully grasp and effectively utilize all available functionalities.
  3. Limited Customization: While RapBooster provides a range of tools, the level of customization may be limited for users with highly specific or unique marketing requirements. This could be a drawback for businesses seeking highly tailored solutions.
  4. Dependency on Online Connectivity: RapBooster’s effectiveness relies on a stable internet connection. Users in regions with inconsistent or limited internet access may face challenges in accessing and utilizing the platform consistently.

Free Trial:

RapBooster encourages users to get started by offering a free trial, allowing businesses to explore the platform’s capabilities and assess its suitability before making a commitment.


  • RapBooster offers versatile messaging solutions with three distinct plans to cater to varying needs. The Basic plan enables users to send bulk messages directly from their PC, import contacts seamlessly, and track message transmission logs. It supports file attachments, customized sender IDs, and features like group contact grabber and number filtering. 
  • The Advance plan builds on this, providing unlimited bulk messages, the creation of unlimited WhatsApp groups, scheduled campaigns, and advanced auto-reply chatbot functionality. Users can save and reuse contact lists, message templates, and campaigns for efficient marketing. 
  • The Cloud-Based Panel takes it a step further, offering unlimited bulk messaging, Excel sheet imports for contact lists, and a cloud-based solution accessible across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. With features like inbuilt API options and bulk group creation, RapBooster ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly messaging experience.


SendApp is an integrated marketing platform that streamlines the process of crafting marketing campaigns through messaging apps, aiming to save time and enhance user experience. Users can effortlessly send personalized advertising and informational messages to chat contacts. The platform boasts innovative marketing features, enabling automation of message sending and capturing immediate interest from customers. With user-friendly functionalities, SendApp allows customization of messages with text, images, emojis, videos, and links without requiring technical expertise.


  1. Innovative Marketing: Employ modern communication methods for hassle-free creation of successful advertising campaigns.
  2. Immediate Interest: Capture immediate attention by delivering personalized and targeted messages to the audience.
  3. Automation: Streamline message sending through automated processes, ensuring time efficiency and communication consistency.
  4. Great Results: Attain excellent results in marketing campaigns executed through chat applications.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, particularly when exploring advanced features, may encounter a learning curve.
  2. Limited Free Plan: The free plan comes with restrictions on the number of contacts and available features.

Free Trial:

SendApp offers a 7-day free trial, providing users with the opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities. The trial includes features such as sending messages to 20 contacts, importing contacts, generating reports, auto-reply, and more.


SendApp follows a transparent pricing model based on features and the number of automatic mailings. The pricing plans encompass:

  • Free Plan (€0): 7-day trial, limited features, and 20 contacts per message.
  • Pro Plan (€90 Forever): Lifetime access, expanded features, and the ability to send messages to 200 contacts per message.
  • Business Plan (€199 Forever): Lifetime access, unlimited contacts per message, and advanced features.
  • Connect Plan (€299 Forever): Lifetime access, unlimited contacts per message, and premium features for extensive marketing campaigns.


MessageBird is a comprehensive communication platform that facilitates seamless connections between businesses and their customers through a variety of channels. The platform offers robust messaging solutions, including SMS, Voice, and Chat, enabling businesses to engage with their audience effectively.


  1. Multi-Channel Communication: MessageBird supports SMS, Voice, and Chat, providing businesses with a versatile platform for customer engagement.
  2. Global Reach: With extensive coverage and a vast network, MessageBird enables businesses to reach customers globally, ensuring effective communication regardless of location.
  3. Automation Capabilities: The platform offers automation features for personalized and timely communication, enhancing efficiency in customer interactions.
  4. Reliable Delivery: MessageBird ensures reliable and timely message delivery, contributing to a positive user experience for both businesses and customers.


  1. Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve, especially when exploring advanced features and integrations.
  2. Cost Considerations: Depending on usage and features, costs may vary, and businesses should carefully assess their needs against pricing plans.

Free Trial:

MessageBird provides a free trial period, allowing businesses to experience the platform’s capabilities before making a commitment. The trial typically includes access to essential features and a limited usage quota.


  • Inbox: Inbox by MessageBird is a customer engagement platform that enables businesses to interact seamlessly with customers across diverse channels, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication experience.
  • Seats: Tailored to the needs of businesses, Inbox pricing is seat-based. It offers free access for up to 2 seats, with a cost of $30 per seat for 3 to 10 users. Larger teams benefit from reduced rates, priced at $27 per seat for 11 to 25 users, while teams exceeding 25 members can explore custom pricing options.
  • PowerMTA: PowerMTA, an enterprise-grade, self-hosted Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), provides businesses with control over their email infrastructure. Custom pricing is available, offering a robust solution for managing email delivery.
  • Inbox Tracker: Inbox Tracker allows businesses to analyze inbox placement, ensuring effective email delivery. Custom pricing ensures that businesses can tailor the service to their specific needs, with detailed information available upon contacting the sales team.
  • Competitive Tracker: For in-depth analysis of competitors’ email campaigns, Competitive Tracker offers custom pricing. This service empowers businesses with insights into industry trends and competitor strategies, contributing to informed decision-making.
  • Email Recipient Validation: Protecting sender reputation is crucial, and Email Recipient Validation, priced at $0.003 per email, ensures that emails are delivered to valid and engaged recipients. This service contributes to maintaining a positive sender reputation, and businesses can delve into the details for a comprehensive understanding.


Brevo presents an integrated CRM Suite, aiming to facilitate business growth by delivering a comprehensive array of marketing and sales tools in a user-friendly platform. Emphasizing value, Brevo incorporates email, SMS, chat, and more, providing an all-in-one solution for marketing and customer relationship management.


  1. All-in-One CRM Tools: Brevo streamlines business operations by consolidating marketing, sales, and customer support tools in a unified platform.
  2. Targeted Campaigns: Drive customer engagement through focused campaigns spanning multiple channels such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy operational efficiency with a straightforward drag-and-drop design, advanced segmentation, and robust automation features.
  4. Free Unlimited Contact Storage: Businesses of varying sizes benefit from free and unlimited contact storage on all plans.
  5. Universal Inbox: Seamlessly manage customer interactions with a universal inbox that centralizes messages and emails from diverse channels.


  1. Learning Curve: Users, particularly those new to integrated CRM suites, may encounter a learning curve when navigating the platform’s diverse features.
  2. Feature Complexity: Advanced functionalities may necessitate a certain level of expertise, potentially challenging users seeking simpler options.

Free Trial:

Brevo extends a no-obligation free trial, providing users with an opportunity to explore the CRM suite’s capabilities across various tools and functionalities without requiring a credit card.


  • Brevo’s marketing platform offers a range of subscription plans to suit various business needs. The Free plan, priced at ₹0 per month, provides unlimited contacts and includes features like 300 emails/day, customizable email templates, a drag & drop editor, and support for transactional emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. 
  • The Starter plan, starting from ₹1575/month, is tailored for growing businesses, offering additional benefits such as no daily sending limit, basic reporting & analytics, and email support. 
  • The MOST POPULAR plan, Business, starts at ₹4075/month and is designed for marketing managers and ecommerce professionals. It includes everything in the Starter plan, along with marketing automation, A/B testing, advanced statistics, multi-user access, send time optimization, and phone support. 
  • For large organizations with specific needs, the BrevoPlus plan comes with custom pricing and includes all features from the Business plan, plus enterprise-grade security, advanced integrations, sub-account management, tailored onboarding, personalized support, and flexible contract options.

How to choose the best Software for WhatsApp Marketing?

Choosing the best software for WhatsApp Marketing involves defining goals, assessing user-friendliness, evaluating features, considering budget constraints, prioritizing customer support, and examining onboarding processes. Ensure the software aligns with marketing objectives, offers a seamless user experience, and fits your financial plan. Prioritize platforms with responsive customer support and a smooth onboarding process. Explore integration options to enhance functionality and efficiency. Booking a demo provides firsthand insights into the software’s capabilities, helping make an informed decision. By methodically considering these factors, businesses can select a WhatsApp Marketing software that optimally aligns with their needs and objectives.

Define Your WhatsApp Marketing Goals

Clearly define your WhatsApp Marketing goals before selecting software. Identify if the focus is on customer engagement, sales conversion, or brand awareness. Having specific objectives will guide you in choosing a platform tailored to meet these goals, ensuring a more targeted and effective WhatsApp Marketing strategy. Whether it’s personalized campaigns, improved customer communication, or increased sales, having clear goals enhances the chances of selecting a software solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Is it user-friendly or not?

Assess the user-friendliness of a WhatsApp Marketing software to ensure a seamless experience. Look for intuitive interfaces, straightforward navigation, and easily accessible features. A user-friendly platform reduces the learning curve, enabling efficient utilization by your team. Prioritize software that prioritizes simplicity in design and functionality, enhancing user adoption and overall productivity in implementing your WhatsApp marketing strategies.

Evaluate the Features of software

Thoroughly evaluate the features of your chosen WhatsApp Marketing software to align with your business needs. Assess capabilities like personalized campaigns, automation tools, and integration options. Prioritize features that enhance customer engagement, streamline marketing processes, and meet your specific goals. A comprehensive feature set ensures the software’s versatility and effectiveness in executing diverse marketing strategies, contributing to the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Consider your Budget

When choosing a WhatsApp Marketing software, it’s crucial to meticulously evaluate your budget. Look for a solution with a pricing model that fits your financial capabilities. Assess whether the software offers scalable plans to meet your evolving requirements. Consider potential extra costs, such as messaging charges or premium features. Finding a harmonious balance between affordability and desired functionalities ensures a cost-effective and sustainable solution for executing successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns within your budget constraints.

Look For Customer Support

Prioritize WhatsApp Marketing software with robust customer support to ensure a smooth experience. Look for platforms offering responsive and knowledgeable support teams. Check for accessible support channels, including live chat, email, or phone assistance. A reliable customer support system ensures timely assistance in case of issues, enhances user satisfaction, and contributes to the effective implementation of your marketing strategies through the chosen software.

Onboarding and Implementation Process

Examine the onboarding and implementation process of your chosen WhatsApp Marketing software. Opt for a solution with a streamlined and user-friendly onboarding experience. Ensure that the software provides comprehensive guidance and resources to facilitate smooth implementation. A well-structured onboarding process minimizes the learning curve, accelerates user adoption, and ensures efficient utilization of the software’s features, contributing to the success of your WhatsApp marketing endeavors.

Available Integration options

When choosing a WhatsApp Marketing software, prioritize available integration options. Select a solution that smoothly integrates with your current tools and platforms, optimizing workflows and boosting efficiency. Seek versatile APIs and integration capabilities that enable seamless connections with widely-used business applications. Opting for a software with extensive integration options ensures compatibility with your tech stack, unlocking the full potential of the software for your unique business needs.

Book a demo to know more

To gain deeper insights into a WhatsApp Marketing software, schedule a demo session. Booking a demo allows you to explore the software’s features, interface, and functionalities firsthand. It provides an opportunity to interact with the platform in a guided manner, ask questions, and assess its compatibility with your business needs. A demo helps in making an informed decision, ensuring that the chosen software aligns with your goals and requirements for effective WhatsApp marketing.

Best Practices for Using WhatsApp Marketing Software

Best Practices for Using WhatsApp Marketing Software involve crafting compelling messages that resonate with customers, offering genuine value to enhance engagement. It’s crucial to avoid spamming and focus on responsiveness to customer inquiries promptly. Integrating with CRM tools ensures seamless customer relationship management. Leveraging analytics and data helps track performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making for campaign optimization. Adhering to these practices fosters effective communication, customer satisfaction, and successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Craft Compelling Messages

Craft compelling messages in your WhatsApp marketing strategy to captivate and engage your audience. Ensure your content is concise, relevant, and aligned with your brand voice. Incorporate compelling visuals, personalized elements, and clear calls-to-action. Tailor your messages to address customer needs and preferences, fostering a connection that encourages interaction and response. A well-crafted message not only conveys information but also resonates emotionally, making it more likely to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Provide Value to the Customer

Deliver value to your customers through WhatsApp marketing by focusing on content that addresses their needs and interests. Share valuable information, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations. Ensure that your messages provide solutions, entertainment, or relevant updates, enhancing the customer experience. By consistently delivering value, you build trust and loyalty, making customers more receptive to your communications and strengthening the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts on the WhatsApp platform.

Avoid Spamming

Avoid spamming in WhatsApp marketing to maintain customer trust and compliance with regulations. Strive for relevance and moderation in your messages, ensuring they align with user preferences. Overuse of messages, irrelevant content, or excessive frequency may lead to customer dissatisfaction and opt-outs. Prioritize quality over quantity, and obtain proper consent for communication. By respecting user preferences and following best practices, you establish a positive reputation and enhance the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Be Responsive

Be responsive in your WhatsApp marketing efforts to foster customer engagement. Timely responses to queries, feedback, or customer interactions demonstrate attentiveness and reliability. Promptly address customer concerns, provide assistance, and engage in meaningful conversations. Responsiveness builds trust, enhances customer satisfaction, and contributes to positive brand perceptions. Consistent and timely communication on WhatsApp helps in cultivating a responsive and customer-centric image, strengthening your relationship with your audience.

Integrate with CRM tools

Integrating WhatsApp marketing software with CRM tools enhances customer relationship management. Synchronize customer data, interactions, and insights seamlessly to gain a comprehensive view. This integration streamlines workflows, enabling personalized and targeted messaging based on customer behavior and preferences. By linking WhatsApp communication with CRM data, businesses can create more effective marketing strategies, deliver tailored content, and provide a cohesive and personalized experience throughout the customer journey.

Use Analytics and Data

Leverage analytics and data insights in your WhatsApp marketing strategy to enhance performance. Utilize analytics tools integrated with your WhatsApp marketing software to track key metrics, such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and customer behavior. Analyzing data provides valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions for refining messaging, targeting, and overall strategy. By harnessing analytics and data, businesses can continually optimize their WhatsApp marketing efforts to align with customer preferences and achieve higher success rates.


What are the best Whatsapp marketing software options?

There are various notable WhatsApp marketing software options catering to diverse business needs. Sendinblue stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, offering various plans, including a free option. Chatarmin specializes in real-time customer engagement through WhatsApp, offering marketing, sales, and validation features. RapBooster serves as a versatile messaging solution with automation capabilities. SendApp provides an all-in-one marketing platform emphasizing innovation and immediate interest. Brevo seamlessly integrates CRM tools, providing a comprehensive solution for marketing and sales. MessageBird offers enterprise-grade solutions like Inbox, PowerMTA, Inbox Tracker, and Competitive Tracker, catering to multichannel engagement. Chatbot.Team is recognized for its chatbot solutions, automating customer interactions effectively.

What features should I look for in a Whatsapp marketing software?

When evaluating WhatsApp marketing software, prioritize a user-friendly interface for ease of use. Look for multichannel support, automation tools, and personalization features to enhance campaign effectiveness. Ensure the software integrates well with existing tools and platforms, providing analytics and reporting for campaign insights. Compatibility with CRM tools, adherence to compliance and security standards, and responsive customer support are essential. Opt for cost-effective plans that align with your business requirements.

How much does Whatsapp marketing software cost?

The cost of WhatsApp marketing software varies based on features and usage. Many platforms offer tiered pricing plans to accommodate different business sizes. Some software may provide free plans with limited features, while premium plans or enterprise solutions typically involve monthly subscriptions or custom pricing. Costs may also include additional charges for messaging and advanced features.

Can I use free Whatsapp marketing software?

Yes, some WhatsApp marketing software options offer free plans with basic features, allowing users to explore and utilize the platform without initial costs. These free plans often come with limitations on the number of contacts, messages, or advanced features. While they provide a cost-effective entry point for small businesses, users may consider upgrading to premium plans as their marketing needs grow, unlocking additional functionalities and scaling their campaigns effectively.

Is it safe to use third-party Whatsapp marketing software?

Using third-party WhatsApp marketing software involves some considerations regarding privacy, security, and compliance. While reputable providers implement measures to ensure data security and compliance with regulations, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy and reputable solution. Verify that the software adheres to WhatsApp’s policies to avoid potential issues with account suspension or legal consequences. Additionally, ensure that the provider prioritizes data encryption and has a transparent privacy policy. Regularly review user feedback and conduct due diligence to make an informed decision about the safety and reliability of the chosen third-party WhatsApp marketing software.

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