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Top 14 HR Chatbots That Will Revolutionize Your Workplace

These days, chatbots are an ally for the duration of an employee’s employment, from hiring and onboarding to leaving the company. Your Human Resources staff may now decide to devote time to workers and people instead of data collecting and repetitive chores since they have access to real-time insights from throughout the entire organization. Corporate America is investing in HR chatbots that Generative AI powers due to the rise of the remote and hybrid workforce as well as the ongoing worldwide pandemic that is still affecting some regions of the world. That’s because, starting in 2020, a huge shift that no one could have predicted has occurred in our office environment, interactions with coworkers, working culture, and job methods. Additionally, the productivity and experience of employees have been directly impacted by all of these improvements. Given that most workers are dispersed, they will encounter various HR-related challenges for which they need quick support.

Happy and motivated workers are the most important foundational elements of any successful company. Employee performance and business results will suffer if they receive inconsistent or delayed help. For this reason, businesses are investing significantly in powerful HR-related tools or chatbots that automate a great deal of time-consuming and laborious HR activities and processes while offering individualized employee assistance and experiences.

What are HR chatbots?

An HR chatbot is a conversational agent that uses conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and automatically respond to user inquiries about employee benefits, leave regulations, onboarding procedures, performance reviews, and training and development opportunities. This allows the user to get immediate HR support.  An HR chatbot’s main objective is to automate laborious and repetitive human HR duties and procedures in order to improve employee satisfaction and lighten the workload of the HR support staff. These AI chatbots can also help with employee surveys, feedback collection, and self-service, freeing up HR staff members to work on more intricate and strategic tasks.

Why should you invest in HR chatbots?

HR workers may save time and automate repetitive tasks with the use of HR chatbots. They may support HR departments in communicating with distant workers.

  • Save time: Long-term HR procedures including hiring, onboarding, tracking and processing leaves, processing reimbursements, and answering internal and external questions can all be sped up by chatbots.
  • Boost efficiency: Chatbots enable professionals to free up crucial time to concentrate on intricate and strategic facets of their employment.
  • Boost quality: Chatbots are AI-driven or rule-based applications that can raise the standard of HR procedures.
  • Encourage remote workers: Chatbots are able to interact with each remote worker individually and identify any problems that require human intervention.
  • Gather and store information: Chatbots are capable of gathering and storing information that may be retrieved when needed.

How can HR chatbots benefit your business?

HR efficiency can be increased by using an HR chatbot, which is a useful and practical tool. By working in tandem with HR experts, these intelligent solutions facilitate their daily tasks and free them up to concentrate on taking strategic initiatives and developing deep connections with employees. For good reason, HR chatbots are becoming more and more common in companies of all sizes. These AI-powered solutions can gather important data for HR managers, automate a variety of jobs, and offer staff round-the-clock assistance.

  1. Improve Employee Engagement: Employee involvement with your firm is a critical determinant of their sense of loyalty. Chatbots can be used by your HR department in a variety of ways to improve employee satisfaction and increase engagement. HR chatbots can be used to poll employees and conduct surveys to get their input. No matter where they are located or what time zone they are in, chatbots can assist your staff, and they feel comfortable interacting with them. A chatbot that bases its inquiries on significant turning points in an employee’s career can get more candid answers. Using chatbots can also help close the gap between your leadership

and the workers by enabling services like private forums or anonymous chats.

  1. Streamline HR Processes: Organizations frequently engage in a range of procedures. The manual workflow approval management system poses a challenge to business process optimization. For distant HR departments, automating repetitive processes and workflows promotes consistent administrative management and real-time cooperation. Automated HR chatbots can assist your business when managing a complex network of HR management functions. Your HR team may assist remote and hybrid workers in obtaining approval from other departments and guarantee smooth operations by using the HR helpdesk chatbot.
  1. Time-saving: AI service desk chatbots are capable of handling time-consuming, repetitive daily HR activities like responding to frequently requested questions and offering immediate assistance. Organizations can save time and lessen the HR support team’s workload by automating these procedures. This raises worker productivity by allowing HR representatives to concentrate on more intricate and valuable projects.
  1. Reduce HR Costs: Using HR chatbots to expedite the hiring process can result in cheaper hiring expenses. By giving workers access to support and information around the clock, they can raise morale and increase employee satisfaction, which may lower employee turnover. By doing this, companies can reduce the expense of hiring and onboarding new staff members.  Additionally, it can assist in making sure that companies abide by all applicable rules and regulations, which can help them avoid paying fines and penalties.
  1. Enhance Employee Productivity: Many frequent employee inquiries, including those about benefits, payroll, and vacation time, can be addressed by HR chatbots. This can assist in cutting down on the amount of time that workers have to wait for answers to their inquiries and free up HR personnel to work on more strategic projects. For those who operate outside of regular business hours, it can be useful to give staff access to information around the clock. Additionally, they can give workers self-service alternatives so they can do some HR responsibilities on their own, such as changing their personal information or making vacation requests. This can increase overall productivity by allowing HR experts to concentrate on more complicated duties.
  1. Reduce the Risk of Human Errors: Human mistakes may be decreased, which is one of the main advantages of HR chatbots. Chatbots for help desks are engineered to provide accurate and consistent responses by utilizing pre-established knowledge bases or connecting to pertinent HR systems. Human error or inconsistent HR communication can be minimized by doing this. Chatbots for HR can gather and examine employee interaction data. Trends and patterns that could be causing human error can be found using this data.
  1. Tailored Employee Onboarding: One important HR responsibility that helps your business establish a good first impression is the onboarding process for new hires. If you provide new hires with a good onboarding experience, they will probably stick with your company for a very long time. HR support agents can supply all necessary information, including email login credentials, corporate policies, team member contact details, etc., through the conversational AI chatbot. It also describes each new hire’s duties and obligations.
  1. Automates Repetitive HR Tasks and Workflows: These days, with the rise of hybrid work, organizations frequently engage in a range of procedures.  Automation of tedious operations and procedures promotes consistent administrative administration and real-time cooperation for remote HR departments. Automated HR chatbots are a useful tool when your business is managing a complex network of HR processes. To maintain smooth operations and obtain permission from other departments, your HR team may assist remote and hybrid workers by using the HR helpdesk chatbot.
  1. Improve HR Compliance: HR chatbots can lower the risk of non-compliance by giving staff members round-the-clock access to HR policies and procedures. They can offer workers immediate advice on compliance-related matters, such as safety, harassment, and discrimination. It has the ability to automatically notify HR specialists of compliance infractions so they may respond appropriately. They can facilitate better collaboration and communication between HR and workers, which would speed up the process of locating and resolving compliance problems.  HR chatbots can assist in lowering the risk of legal liabilities for firms by assisting them in adhering to all applicable rules and regulations.
  1. Gather Employee Feedback: Good talent is drawn to organizations with positive work environments from all over the world. Candidates wishing to start over in their professions or find a new job may find that positive feedback from current staff members attracts their attention. Every time you engage with someone, or perhaps once a month, once every three months, you could ask for feedback. It assists you in determining your strong points and places for improvement. It also aids in developing a staff that is more motivated and effective.
  1. Promote HR Self-Service: Through the HR Self-Service site, staff members can view and control their own benefits and HR data. This can involve requesting time off, enrolling in benefits, verifying pay stubs, and updating personal information. It can help employees navigate the HR Self-Service site, answer questions they have about HR policies and procedures, and give them quick access to HR forms and information. Employees can use it to submit HR requests and receive individualized HR advice and information.

14 Best HR Chatbots for HR Department


India’s top platform for building no-code chatbots, Chatbot.team, aids companies in automating their sales and customer service procedures. It enables the ability to target and segment audiences precisely, redefining customer engagement and creating more individualized experiences. Our chatbot solutions boost your communication strategy by enabling you to create tailored messages that genuinely resonate with your audience. It delivers individualized offers, suggestions, and content that resonates to increase engagement, trust, and conversions for your company. With features like chatbots powered by AI, customization choices, integrations, NLP, analytics, multi-platform support, and 24/7 accessibility, it gives your business a boost.

Features Of Chatbot.team

The platform provided by Chatbot.team has a number of features that make it simple to construct chatbots, such as:

  • Platform without coding: Chatbot.team’s platform is made to be simple to use, even for companies without coding expertise.
  • Scalable and adaptable: Chatbot.team’s platform is made to be flexible, enabling companies to build chatbots that are tailored to their particular requirements.
  • A drag-and-drop interface, a library of pre-built chatbot components, and a visual editor for designing chatbot flows are just a few of the many features that make it simple to create chatbots on the Chatbot.team platform.
  • Reliable and secure: Businesses can have faith that their chatbots will be available when they’re needed thanks to Chatbot.team’s platform.
  • Services from Chatbot.team are reasonably priced, making them a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes.

Pricing of Chatbot.team

This chatbot offers three plans for its users, who can select the plan according to the needs of their business.

  • Free Plan: It works for a period of 14 days.
  • Premium Plan: Its price is ₹ 6500/ month.

  • Enterprise Plan: Its price varies with the features added. Contact the sales team for further details.


HiBob provides robust and flexible technology that encompasses all the intricacies of HR procedures into one innovative, intuitive solution that affects each and every person in the company. Bob provides the cutting-edge features that contemporary HR directors need to manage employees worldwide. It enables you to set up custom fields for usage in all HR activities, including data reporting, performance management procedures, and onboarding workflows, across the whole system. All HR operations can be managed from a single, central site. Nearly everything can be localized, including workflows, currencies, and languages, and users may select how they want to interact with and see this chatbot.


  • HR departments may easily modify workflows, set policies that take into account government requirements and local holidays, and make adjustments with a simple UX/UI. When necessary, you can choose to enable new features, and you can completely test them in a sandbox setting before rolling them out to your users.
  • It gathers all of this data into one location and provides a comprehensive picture of your employees’ data, which can improve the accuracy of your reports for all parties involved in the business.
  • With no additional effort from the user, Bob’s proactive insights engine leverages proprietary AI to provide intriguing observations on trends and averages.
  • It can review attention metrics with other leaders and provide reports with customized fields for stakeholders. It can gauge employment, headcount, growth, and retention, career development, and absenteeism.
  • It is capable of performing compensation management updated salary, tenure, and performance data for equitable and fair decisions and uses Bob’s comp worksheets to collaborate with all stakeholders and even benchmark your current salaries with external salary benchmarks.


HiBob offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


Workbot is a no-code bot platform from Workato that allows you to create ChatOps, deliver personalized, actionable notifications, and completely customize workflows.

Features of Workbot

  • A workbot HR chatbot can automate a number of HR tasks, including responding to inquiries from employees regarding benefits, payroll, and vacation time. Employees in HR may be able to concentrate on more strategic work as a result.
  • It can offer self-service HR support to staff members, enabling them to request time off, submit timesheets, and update their personal information. As a result, workers may be more empowered to handle their own HR requirements without waiting on support from HR personnel.
  •  It assists companies in cutting their HR expenses by automating HR procedures and offering self-service HR support.
  •  Businesses can use it to increase worker happiness by providing them with a fast, easy, and convenient way to get the HR information and support they need.

Pricing of Workbot

It has two variations: For business and products. The details of both plans are available with the sales team.


Eightfold is a contemporary talent management platform that focuses on helping global companies find and hire a broad pool of candidates, employees, and contractors. It gives you what you need when you need it and is driven by deep-learning artificial intelligence. Eightfold helps people realize their potential for a profession and helps organizations realize the potential of their employees.

Features of Eightfold.ai

  • Talent Acquisition: By using talent intelligence to emphasize candidates’ genuine potential, it expands the talent pool and speeds up hiring.
  • Talent Management: Using AI-powered talent intelligence, it establishes a single picture of talent throughout your company to promote from within, drive retention, and direct skill development.
  • Talent Flex: Using talent intelligence, it effectively sources and manages large-scale, high-quality contingent workforces.
  • Workforce exchange: Using self-service talent intelligence, enables people to establish rewarding jobs and gain an understanding of their skills.
  • Resource Management: Using an AI-powered method that matches abilities to tasks, simplifies the hiring of project staff.

Pricing of Eightfold.ai

It offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


Humanly is an AI-powered HR chatbot that is a simple and fast-to-implement platform that helps HR teams streamline tasks and processes like recruiting, screening, scheduling, engagement, and reference checks. Humanly employs equitable screening and interview analytics to counteract unconscious prejudice and advance a uniform, fair candidate experience. By doing this, the HR staff can provide new hires with a more individualized recruiting experience while also lightening their workload.

Features of Humanly

  • It saves hours of work per open position while reducing applicant drop-offs and no-shows. It also automatically screens and schedules your applicants, while answering their questions along the way with our automated AI co-pilot.
  • Its FAQ bot uses sophisticated AI technology to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve job seeker questions and reduce your team’s time spent answering the same questions. Its built-in safeguards ensure that the FAQ bot answers questions solely on your content without any misleading answers.
  • Its applicant portals are adaptable to fit your brand and use employee engagement tools like TINYpulse, Culture Amp, or OfficeVibe to analyze your existing engagement data to push top culture questions to the chat interface.
  • Humanly supports large employers with metrics like twice applicant interview show rates and saving time with immediate applicant engagement and next steps means you can get to the heart of the interview process quicker and more reliably.

Pricing of Humanly

It offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


Brazen is a virtual and in-person hiring event platform that helps employers find and hire top talent.  Employers are required by candidates to offer more than just the ‘Apply Now’ option in order to interact with them in this extremely competitive labour market. Typically, Brazen customers see a 40% increase in the candidate pipeline and a 60% reduction in the hiring time. Finding diverse talent, increasing internal mobility and retention, and improving the applicant experience are all made possible by the Brazen platform. Moreover, it enables companies to locate fresh applicants via our exclusive sourcing marketplace.

Features of Brazen

  • It supports different types of virtual events and events with multiple concurrent sessions and offers features for promoting events through email or social media. It allows event organizers to designate multiple speakers and hosts for an online event while providing analytics features to track event attendance, engagement, and feedback.
  • It offers a virtual lobby where users can view sessions, access content, and chat with attendees. This platform offers native capabilities for webcasting video content and integrations with webinar and/or video streaming tools. It allows attendees to access event content on multiple devices.
  • It enables attendees to register for multiple sessions and curate a personalized event agenda, that includes features for Q&A, live polls, and group chat, which improves the attendee experience with networking or matchmaking capabilities, It also provides value to event exhibitors or sponsors
  • It offers features for promoting events through email or social media and automates attendee registration by collecting candidate details, through functions such as resume uploading or pre-screening questions. It contains scheduling functionality allowing attendees to set up discussions with employers.

Pricing of Brazen

It offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


With text-enabled recruiting tools, evaluations, video interview software, and conversational AI chatbots, HireVue is your one-stop platform for the whole hiring process. It creates a hiring process that is quicker, more equitable, and more amiable, and enterprise-level software automates workflows to enable hiring to scale easily.

Features of HireVue

  • The professionals at HireVue put a practical plan into action with quantifiable success measures, covering everything from adoption to long-term success to implementation. Their services are specifically tailored to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • It is predicated on working in tandem with you to develop a personalized action plan that will guarantee you accomplish your objectives. The team collaborates with you to launch change management with targeted tactics and complete platform personalization based on your business goals, including continuous advice and data insights to establish a clear route to value, maintain your focus, draw attention to new product features, and assist you in changing direction when necessary.
  • To get the most return on your investment, HireVue’s Customer Success team assists in setting quantifiable objectives and encouraging long-term adoption. It regularly updates and provides insightful quarterly performance statistics that will help you and your stakeholders understand your accomplishments and future prospects.
  • By giving your team access to industry insights, cutting-edge solutions, and best practices, internal engagement enables them to fully engage and optimize the advantages of their collaboration at every organizational level. Additionally, you’ll be able to establish a favourable candidate experience and establish yourself as an Employer of Choice by utilizing Net Promoter Score (NPS) and additional candidate data. Creating a positive applicant experience broadens your pool of potential candidates, aids in attracting top talent, maintains the loyalty of your present clientele, and creates new ones as well.

Pricing of HireVue

This platform is economically feasible for a company of 2500-7500 employees. The plan details are available with the sales team.


Ideal is an AI chatbot that leverages the power of AI to quickly and accurately shortlist thousands of new applications. It makes it easier for HR departments to automate labor-intensive HR processes, engage personnel at scale, and effectively gather more data. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently and precisely shortlist thousands of fresh applications. It makes it easier for HR departments to automate labor-intensive HR processes, engage personnel at scale, and effectively gather more data. Ideal, an AI recruitment chatbot, shortens the duration of tedious phone interviews, boosts candidate engagement, and rapidly qualifies applicants. By automating 70% of your top-of-funnel interactions, you can prioritize and expedite candidate interviews. Similar to other AI chatbots, Ideal gives useful insights to expedite the hiring procedure.

Features of Ideal

  • It is simple to find individuals and match them to particular roles with Ideal. Every chatbot that is used to screen candidates can be programmed to ask automatic knockout questions in order to eliminate applicants who don’t match certain requirements, such as being available during certain hours of the day or coming from a particular nation.
  • Examining applicants who are the greatest fit for the position initially is made simple with Ideal. Based on their answers to our chatbot’s inquiries and how well they match the job description, each candidate is automatically assigned a grade (A through D). Hiring managers and recruiters can save hours of time by using this wonderful method of establishing an instant connection with candidates and streamlining the evaluation process.

Pricing of Ideal

It offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


With the aid of intelligent AI tools and technology, Rezolve.ai is an OpenAI-integrated HR helpdesk chatbot that operates inside Microsoft Teams to provide employees with automated and customized HR support, enabling them to be productive and accomplish their objectives. It allows staff members to interact with the bot in case they run into any issues. The intelligent helpdesk chatbot will provide a personalized solution to promptly address the questions and concerns of the staff.  As a cutting-edge Generative AI HR chatbot, it can expedite all critical and labor-intensive HR procedures, including hiring, firing, training, and career development. It can also reset passwords, install new software, create conversational tickets, resolve questions about work policies, and set up employee feedback surveys. HR support representatives will benefit from time savings and a smooth, frictionless.

Features of Rezolve.ai

  • Quick and simple access to HR helps boost employee engagement and productivity, and self-service and automation increase the effectiveness of the HR team.
  • Within Microsoft Teams, there is an intelligent AI-powered virtual assistant that automates the creation of HR cases, workflows, and responses to frequently asked FAQs.
  • It makes onboarding new personnel easier and faster so they can start contributing right away.
  • With Microsoft Teams’ employee surveys, it monitor the organization’s health and boosts engagement through integrated notifications.
  • Use a variety of tools, such as tests, surveys, and quizzes, to keep your staff members interested.
  • Assign training, automate user provisioning, and provide new hires access to an AI knowledge buddy who can assist with any inquiries.

Pricing of Rezolve.ai

Rezolve.ai has 3 pricing editions, core, automate, and automate plus, each having a trial period. The price is available on request which is provided by the sales team.


An AI-enabled HR chatbot called Leena.ai seeks to lighten the HR team’s job by automating all potential HR processes and activities and expediting employee requests. It enables businesses to tailor staff workflows to meet organizational needs. Leena.ai, an HR chatbot, has natural language comprehension capabilities and can automatically answer to questions from your staff. It also enables ticketing whenever an employee needs assistance and streamlines HR procedures.

Features of Leena.ai

  • Numerous features are available, including bespoke workflows, predictive analytics, real-time collaboration, interactive dashboards, and reports.
  • Managers can use bulk notifications to inform staff members about impending events and can use analytics to learn more about employee satisfaction ratings, survey responses, areas for improvement, and other information.
  • Integration with a wide range of third-party programmes is supported by Leena AI, including Workday, ADP, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Twilio, Google Sheets, Oracle, and more.

Pricing of Leena.ai

The price starts at $1 per month with a trial period also available.


The Smartbots platform is an effective tool for building conversational chatbots with intelligence that is customized to your company’s specific requirements. Because it is capable of doing HR-related duties and procedures whenever needed, employees may take care of their issues on their own schedule and without relying on a human HR representative. HR procedures for the whole employee lifecycle can be made more efficient and customized with the help of this bot. In addition to integrating with social media sites and offering live agent handovers, Smartbots also seek to simplify the process of automating HR.

Features of Smartbots.ai

  • CUSTOM INTEGRATIONS – Integrates with various HRMS, enterprise systems, CRM, or any custom data repositories
  • SMART LEARNING ABILITIES – Learns from every conversation and keeps augmenting its knowledge base.
  • CONTEXT HANDLER – Responds based on the semantic match and the conversational context.
  • OMNI CHANNEL INTERFACE – Accessible anytime, anywhere – internal portal, website, social media messaging channels.

Pricing of Smartbots.ai

It has custom pricing which offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform that allows organizations to create a chatbot that suits their needs without coding knowledge. With Botsify, you can build website chatbots, Facebook chatbots, SMS chatbots, and WhatsApp chatbots with features like conversational forms, broadcast messages, media blocks, and a chatbot menu.

Features of Botsify

  • Chatbots: Botsify offers unlimited chatbots, custom chatbot development, and multilingual chatbots that can respond to nearly any known language
  • Chat widget: Botsify’s chat widget allows you to converse via text or voice
  • Live chat tool: Botsify’s live chat tool allows you to switch conversations to a human agent via push alerts or email
  • Analytics: Botsify provides analytics in a dashboard, such as user input, sent messages, and click rate
  • Channels: Botsify’s channels include website, Slack, and Facebook

Pricing of Botsify

It has three price plans starting with $49 per month, with each plan having a trial period. The details can be obtained from the sales team.


Happyfox is a multi-tasking HR chatbot that can answer all of your repetitious and time-consuming questions on payroll, taxes, benefits for employees, work policies, etc. Happyfox is a contemporary HR chatbot that replaced your paper employee handbook with a conversational chatbot that can provide individualized, real-time answers directly within Microsoft Teams or Slack. This will increase the productivity of the HR team by enabling HR agents to concentrate more on critical responsibilities.

Features of Happyfox

  • The HR Chatbot HappyFox can automate certain HR tasks, including responding to employee inquiries regarding benefits, payroll, and vacation time. Employees in HR may be able to concentrate on more strategic work.
  • Through the ability to submit timesheets, request time off, and update personal information, this can offer employees self-service HR support. As a result, workers may be more empowered to handle their own HR requirements without waiting on support from HR personnel.
  • HappyFox HR Chatbot can assist companies in cutting their HR expenses by automating HR procedures and offering self-service HR support.
  • HappyFox HR Chatbot offers employees a quick, simple, and easy way to access the HR information and support they require, which can help firms increase employee satisfaction.

Pricing of Happyfox

It has four varied pricing plans starter, growth, scale, and scale plus which the company can select according to their needs and customize. All of them have trial period details which are available with the sales team.


Boost employee engagement, improves staff collaboration and communications, and increases HR productivity with the help of Botcore.ai, a real-time digital assistant. Organizations may create customized chatbots that converse with employees in a human-like manner and provide prompt, effective answers to their questions using Botcore’s chatbot creation platform.

Features of Botcore.ai

  • Large workforce organizations frequently struggle to maintain optimal levels of employee engagement, performance, and HR efficiency while also cutting costs per interaction. With the use of BotCore’s bot-building platform, you can develop Bots that converse with your staff at a human level and respond to their inquiries promptly and effectively.
  • Your employees may now save time and effort and increase overall employee satisfaction by using their mobile device to contact with an HR Bot via your intranet or an app and get all of their questions answered.
  • A minor modification to the policies for employees might keep HR quite busy. BOTs make this easier for HR staff by answering inquiries with simplicity.
  • With the help of BotCore, you can build and implement scalable HR Bots that can handle inquiries about learning and development as well as other HR-related tasks.
  • With the use of BotCore, you can analyze employee engagement with the bot, find out what queries are being asked, and develop better employee engagement initiatives.

Pricing of Botcore.ai

It has custom pricing which offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.


AskHR is a sophisticated virtual assistant that handles routine HR requests, links workers to pertinent papers, walks them through procedures, and responds to questions from employees. The AskHR system may be integrated with a company’s email and intranet, as well as with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even Amazon’s Alexa for collaboration. AskHR, with its well-curated library of questions and answers or your integrated employee handbook, will offer the appropriate answers or take the appropriate action whenever an employee encounters any problem that requires individualized attention from the HR agent. The bot will pass the issue to a human HR representative if it is unable to provide the appropriate answer.

Features of AskHR

  • Its clever system will automatically respond to frequently asked questions by employees including contact details, health care, and benefits.
  • The helpdesk’s efficiency has increased, and HR team members can now be strategically redeployed to better serve your employees.
  • It’s got A collection of guidelines, directives, and agreements
  • Records are generated using fielded data, including date fields.
  • It offers prompt responses to minimize inquiries from staff members to HR and supports internal staff transfers and global new hire onboarding.

Pricing of AskHR

It has custom pricing which offers a free trial and paid subscription plans. The details are available with the sales team.

Which is the best chatbot platform to build an HR chatbot?

Chatbot.team is the best platform for building an HR chatbot., aids companies in automating their sales and customer service procedures. It is India’s top platform for building no-code chatbots which enables the ability to target and segment audiences precisely, redefining customer engagement and creating more individualized experiences. Our HR chatbot solutions boost your communication with an employees-centric strategy by enabling you to create tailored messages that genuinely resonate with your workforce. It delivers individualized offers, suggestions, and content that resonates to increase engagement, trust, and conversions for your company. With features like chatbots powered by AI, customization choices, integrations, NLP, analytics, multi-platform support, and 24/7 accessibility, it gives your HR work a boost.

Use Cases Of HR Chatbots

Now that you are aware of the many advantages of utilizing HR chatbots, it is time to discuss how to really attain these advantages. Some use cases where you can utilize chatbots and reap their benefits are listed in the following section.

Employee onboarding

Engaging with team members and acclimating to the work environment can be a daunting process for individuals throughout the onboarding phase. HR chatbots can be used by the HR department to automate the entire onboarding process. Chatbots can be used to distribute all of the paperwork and training materials to newly hired staff members. They can be used to interact with staff members and address any problems they may be having as they become accustomed to the company.

Employee benefits administration

Employers provide a plethora of advantages to their staff, which they are free to utilize whenever necessary. The HR department might delegate the task of informing the staff about perks to the HR chatbots. Even during unusual hours, employees can raise questions concerning the benefits and get satisfactory answers. By enabling them to utilize the advantages at the appropriate times, this can assist the organization in satisfying its workforce.

Payroll inquiries

Questions about payroll can be answered by an HR chatbot at any time by employees. The chatbot can retrieve payroll data and give workers current, accurate information. This can increase employee satisfaction and free up HR specialists to work on other projects. It can answer questions regarding direct deposit details, the employee’s net pay, the rationale behind any paycheck deductions, and when the employee will receive their next paycheck.

HR policy administration

HR policy administration may be greatly improved and streamlined with the use of HR chatbots. These AI-powered solutions can help employees examine and approve policies, give them fast access to policy material, and guide them through the policy question and response process.  HR chatbots can guarantee that staff members are always informed of the most recent policies by automating policy updates.

Employee engagement and communication

A key component of any organization’s success is effective employee engagement and communication. In addition to being more inventive, dedicated, and productive at work, engaged workers also foster openness, cooperation, and a feeling of community through excellent communication. HR chatbots have the potential to significantly improve communication and employee engagement.

How to create an HR chatbot in 2024?

Creating an HR chatbot with chatbot.team is a great way to streamline employee-HR communication and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. Here are five simple steps to get started:

  • Define Your Chatbot’s Goals

With chatbot.team, first define the goals and objectives of your HR chatbot. Think about the tasks that you want it to be able to handle and how you want it to interact with employees. This will help guide the design process and ensure your chatbot meets its intended purpose.

  • Design Your Conversational Flow

Once you have chosen chatbot.team, it’s time to design the conversation flow of your HR helpdesk chatbot. This includes setting up dialogues with users, developing workflow automation systems, selecting appropriate language and phrases for responses, and more.

  • Train Your Bot

After you have designed your conversational flow with chatbot.team, it’s time to train your bot to handle employee queries. Provide the AI chatbot with a catalog of potential questions and responses. Then, let it learn how to respond in different scenarios.

  • Implement Your Bot

The final step is to implement your chatbot into your HR system. This step includes integrating it into existing systems, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) or customer relationship management (CRM) platform. You’ll want to set up user access controls and launch it on company websites or other channels. Once implemented, you can start testing your chatbot and ensure it works correctly before rolling it out to employees.


It’s not necessary for the once-difficult world of recruitment to be a labyrinth of inefficiencies, lost chances, and speculation. You may make your hiring process more efficient and candidate-friendly while maintaining a personable, global reach by implementing an HR chatbot. Your life and the lives of your candidates can be greatly simplified by using an HR chatbot to sort through applicants, set up interviews, and keep everyone informed. Not to mention the other features, like multilingual support, integration possibilities, and extensive analytics, that make bots the perfect ally for your hiring process. The leading HR chatbots that are revolutionizing employee service and the employee experience are the ones listed above. Without question, HR chatbots are essential for delivering seamless employee support in this ever-evolving workplace.

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