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How to Change the Language in WhatsApp(Android and iPhone): A Step by Step Guide

WhatsApp, the world-famous messaging application, lets users communicate across different languages by offering options to change the application’s language settings. This feature is helpful in multilingual regions or for individuals more comfortable in their native language. Therefore, knowing how to change the language in WhatsApp is essential for every WhatsApp user.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of changing WhatsApp’s language on Android and iPhone devices. The process involves modifying your device’s language settings, which will automatically change WhatsApp’s language. We will offer step-by-step instructions for both Android and iPhone users.

How to Change the Language in WhatsApp ?

Switching WhatsApp’s language lets you use it comfortably in your preferred tongue. This not only improves navigation and understanding of menus and messages but also enhances your overall user experience. It allows you to stay connected with people who speak the same language and create about for WhatsApp, making communication easier and more enjoyable. Let’s check out how to change the language in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone users.

How to Change the Language in WhatsApp on Android?

Changing the language in WhatsApp on Android devices is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, open the Setting app on your Android device. It is commonly found on your home screen. 
  2. Now, slide down and find the “System” option, which usually adds a setting related to language, and enter.
  3. Next, hit the “Language and Input” option. You will see your recent default language. Press “Add a Language” to choose your desired language. 
  4. After that, open WhatsApp to check the change shows after you have changed the device language.

How to Change the Language in WhatsApp on iPhone?

For iPhone users, changing the app language involves modifying the device’s language settings since WhatsApp on iPhone does not offer a separate language setting within the app. Here’s what you need to do:
  1. First, locate and open the “Setting” application on your iPhone
  2. Now, slide down and choose “General,” which is the more particular setting for your device.
  3. After that, find and click on “Language and Region.”
  4. Next, press the “iPhone Language” option and choose the language you want WhatsApp to show. Ensure your selection and wait for the gadgets to apply the new language settings. 
  5. Lastly, open WhatsApp and the language should now be changed to the one you set for your iPhone.

End Note!

Changing WhatsApp’s language enriches your messaging experience, making it more personalized and accessible. Whether you are operating an Android or iPhone device, the process involves changing your device’s primary language setting, which WhatsApp will automatically adapt to. This feature not only makes WhatsApp user-friendly for non-English speakers but also caters to the diverse linguistic needs of its global user base. Therefore, understanding how to change the language in WhatsApp is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

To change the language on your WhatsApp to English, launch the app and navigate to the Settings menu. From there, look for the option titled “App Language” within the Chats section and choose English from the assortment of languages listed. If this option isn’t immediately visible, don’t worry—this indicates that your WhatsApp is following default settings dictated by your phone’s language settings. These can be altered independently by visiting and changing your phone’s language settings. This is because WhatsApp adapts to your phone’s language settings by default, but you can override this to use a different language in the app.

Enabling a keyboard on your device that can recognize and utilize multiple languages allows you to use WhatsApp in various languages. You can input text in different languages by swapping or adjusting the language settings on the keyboard. Toggle your gadget’s keyboard through your preferred languages, which you previously put in the keyboard options. Translations matter less than before; speak freely in any language using a compatible keyboard when chatting on WhatsApp. This means that you can switch between languages on your device’s keyboard and WhatsApp will recognize and display the text in the selected language.

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