How To Send WhatsApp Reminder Messagess? (Examples and Templates)

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April 18, 2023

Picture yourself as a busy professional, navigating a demanding schedule filled with various tasks and meetings. Amidst the chaos, WhatsApp serves as your go-to platform for communication with colleagues, clients, and friends. To maintain order, you make use of WhatsApp’s reminder messages—a handy feature designed to dispatch prompts or alerts to yourself or others at designated times.

These reminder messages empower users to schedule notifications for crucial events, deadlines, or tasks directly within the messaging app. For instance, a simple message like ” /remind me to submit the report at 3 PM” triggers WhatsApp to automatically set a reminder for the specified time.

By 2022, WhatsApp has evolved into a global communication powerhouse boasting a user base exceeding 2 billion monthly active users. A substantial segment of this user community relies on the platform for both personal and professional interactions. Impressively, WhatsApp manages a colossal 100 billion messages daily, underscoring its widespread usage and immense popularity.

The reminder feature enriches the user experience by seamlessly integrating task management into the messaging platform, enabling individuals to stay organized amid the constant influx of messages.

Benefits of sending reminders on WhatsApp

Harnessing WhatsApp’s capabilities for sending reminders provides numerous advantages. Firstly, it amplifies engagement and response rates, given users’ proclivity to interact with messages on a frequently used platform. The option to personalize and tailor reminders injects a sense of familiarity, elevating the overall user experience. Moreover, opting for WhatsApp as a reminder platform proves cost-effective, obviating the necessity for separate communication channels. This, in turn, leads to enhanced attendance and diminished no-show instances, as timely reminders on this widely embraced platform contribute to superior event and task management. Ultimately, leveraging WhatsApp for reminders not only ensures efficiency but also translates into substantial time savings for both senders and recipients, streamlining communication processes and fostering heightened productivity.

Increased Engagement and Response Rate

Utilizing WhatsApp for reminders significantly boosts engagement and response rates. Users tend to be more responsive to messages on a platform they actively engage with, enhancing the likelihood of prompt interactions. The immediate accessibility and familiarity of WhatsApp contribute to a higher engagement rate, ensuring that reminders are not only received but also acknowledged in a timely manner. This heightened level of engagement makes WhatsApp an effective tool for ensuring that messages, including important reminders, capture the attention of the intended recipients.

Personalization and Customization

WhatsApp’s reminder feature stands out due to its personalization and customization options. Users can tailor messages to their preferences, adding a unique touch to each reminder. This customization not only enhances the user experience but also creates a sense of familiarity, making the reminders more impactful. Personalized reminders are more likely to resonate with individuals, increasing the chances of successful engagement and adherence to the specified tasks or events.


Opting for WhatsApp as a reminder platform proves highly cost-effective. By utilizing this widely-used messaging app, businesses and individuals can streamline communication without incurring additional expenses associated with separate channels. This cost efficiency is especially advantageous for organizations seeking budget-friendly yet effective communication solutions. WhatsApp’s ubiquity allows for seamless reminders, eliminating the need for investing in alternative platforms. The result is a practical and economical approach to maintaining efficient communication strategies, making it an appealing choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Improved Attendance and Reduced No-Shows

Utilizing WhatsApp for reminders directly contributes to improved attendance and reduced instances of no-shows. Timely reminders on this widely embraced platform increase the likelihood of individuals honoring commitments, whether for events or appointments. The accessibility and convenience of WhatsApp notifications ensure that recipients are promptly informed, minimizing the chances of forgetting or missing scheduled engagements. This leads to a more reliable attendance record, fostering better event or task management with diminished occurrences of no-shows.


Leveraging WhatsApp for reminders translates into significant time savings for both senders and recipients. The platform’s efficient delivery of reminders directly to users’ devices ensures prompt communication without the delays associated with traditional methods. Users benefit from streamlined interactions, swiftly receiving and acknowledging reminders, thereby optimizing their time management. The seamless integration of reminders into WhatsApp’s familiar interface eliminates the need for navigating separate channels, enhancing overall efficiency and contributing to time-saving practices in daily communication and task management.

How to create and schedule WhatsApp reminders

To set up WhatsApp reminders using, here’s a simplified guide:

  1. Log in to Sign in to the platform through your web browser. Use your login credentials to access the chatbot management dashboard.
  2. Find the Reminder Feature: Once logged in, navigate the platform’s menu to discover the feature dedicated to reminders, often labeled “Reminders” or “Scheduled Messages.”
  3. Start Reminder Creation: Inside the reminders section, look for options like “New” or “Create” to begin setting up a new reminder. Click the relevant button to initiate the setup process.
  4. Enter Reminder Details: Input essential information for the reminder, including the message content, recipients, and the specific date and time for delivery.
  5. Select WhatsApp as Channel: Ensure that WhatsApp is chosen as the primary communication channel for sending the reminder. This may involve selecting the appropriate integration or channel option in the platform.
  6. Use Personalization Features: If available, take advantage of personalization features to customize the reminder message. Incorporate variables for recipient names or other dynamic content to enhance personalization.
  7. Set Recurrence (if needed): If you want the reminder to repeat, check for recurrence options. Specify intervals, such as daily or weekly, based on your preferences.
  8. Review and Confirm: Before confirming the scheduling, carefully review all reminder details. Some platforms offer a preview option to visualize the appearance of the reminder. Once satisfied, confirm the scheduling, and the platform will provide a confirmation message for the successful setup of the reminder.

9 Examples of WhatsApp Reminder Message Templates

In today’s fast-paced digital communication landscape, WhatsApp has become a versatile tool for sending reminders across various domains. Explore the efficiency of these nine WhatsApp reminder message templates, catering to diverse needs. From product launches to party invitations, webinars, and crucial meetings, these templates cover a spectrum of events. Ensure punctuality with appointment and billing reminders, simplify travel plans, and keep audiences engaged with concert or workshop event notifications. Unlock the potential of WhatsApp for streamlined communication, making these templates essential for anyone seeking effective and personalized reminders in different aspects of life and business.

Product Launch Reminder

A Product Launch Reminder on WhatsApp serves as a concise and impactful way to generate anticipation and awareness. Crafted with brevity and precision, these messages typically include essential details like the launch date, time, and a brief teaser or description of the product. This template not only acts as a countdown but also serves as a strategic tool for engaging your audience, prompting them to mark their calendars and ensuring a strong initial presence for your new product. Whether it’s a tech gadget, fashion line, or any other offering, the Product Launch Reminder maximizes visibility and contributes to a successful unveiling on the designated date.

Party Reminder

A Party Reminder on WhatsApp is a lively and personalized way to ensure guests don’t miss out on a celebration. This template is crafted to convey essential details such as the party date, time, venue, and any special instructions. With a touch of enthusiasm and perhaps a hint about what to expect, the message aims to build excitement and anticipation among invitees. Utilizing WhatsApp for party reminders ensures direct and instantaneous communication, making it convenient for guests to access event details and RSVP promptly. This approach adds a personalized and dynamic touch to event planning, fostering a sense of connection and engagement among attendees.

Webinar Reminder

A Webinar Reminder on WhatsApp is a valuable tool for ensuring optimal attendance and engagement in virtual events. Crafted to be concise yet informative, the template typically includes essential details such as the webinar date, time, platform link, and any relevant instructions or prerequisites. Leveraging the immediacy of WhatsApp, this reminder effectively prompts recipients to mark their calendars and prepare for the online session. The convenience of accessing the reminder on a widely-used platform enhances the likelihood of participants joining the webinar, contributing to a successful and well-attended virtual event. WhatsApp’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent channel for disseminating webinar details efficiently and fostering participant interaction.

Meeting Reminder

A Meeting Reminder on WhatsApp is a concise and effective way to ensure participants are well-prepared and punctual for scheduled meetings. Typically including key details such as the meeting date, time, venue, or online link, this reminder serves as a prompt without overwhelming the recipient. Leveraging the immediacy of WhatsApp, it provides a direct channel for communicating time-sensitive information, minimizing the risk of oversight. The informal yet professional nature of WhatsApp enhances engagement and encourages timely responses, contributing to efficient meeting coordination. Overall, a Meeting Reminder on WhatsApp streamlines communication, promoting better attendance, and ensuring productive and organized business interactions.

Appointment Reminder

Using WhatsApp for appointment reminders is a pragmatic and direct approach to help individuals recall and attend their scheduled appointments. The brief message typically contains essential details like the appointment date, time, location, and any specific instructions. Employing WhatsApp for reminders introduces a personal touch, and its instant nature reduces the chances of missed appointments. This serves as a convenient and accessible communication channel, fostering enhanced time management, increased attendance rates, and an overall more efficient appointment scheduling process. Such practices prove advantageous for professionals and clients across diverse professional sectors, facilitating smoother coordination and communication.

Billing Reminders

Billing reminders on WhatsApp offer a convenient and efficient way to notify individuals about upcoming payment obligations. These messages typically include essential details such as the due date, amount, and payment methods, providing recipients with a clear overview of their financial responsibilities. Leveraging the immediacy of WhatsApp ensures that users promptly receive and review the reminder, minimizing the risk of late payments. The personalized and direct nature of these reminders enhances financial communication, contributing to improved payment compliance. Whether for utility bills, subscriptions, or other financial commitments, using WhatsApp for billing reminders streamlines the notification process, promoting timely payments and financial responsibility.

Travel Reminders

Travel Reminders on WhatsApp provide a convenient and immediate way to keep individuals informed and prepared for upcoming journeys. These reminders typically include essential details such as the travel date, time, departure location, and any pertinent instructions or documentation requirements. Leveraging the swift nature of WhatsApp messaging ensures that recipients receive travel details promptly, contributing to a smoother travel experience. Whether for business trips or leisure vacations, these reminders offer a personalized touch, reducing the likelihood of oversights and enhancing overall travel organization. The accessibility and real-time nature of WhatsApp make it an effective tool for disseminating travel-related information, benefiting both travelers and travel organizers.

Concert Reminder

A Concert Reminder on WhatsApp is a vibrant and direct method of ensuring attendees are excited and well-prepared for an upcoming musical event. Typically, these reminders include crucial details such as the concert date, time, venue, and any additional information like ticket details or special instructions. Delivered through WhatsApp’s immediate messaging, these reminders create anticipation and engagement among the audience. The platform’s real-time nature ensures that recipients can easily access the information and respond, contributing to better event planning and attendance. Leveraging the interactive features of WhatsApp enhances the overall concert-going experience and serves as a dynamic communication tool for event organizers.

Workshop Event Reminder

A Workshop Event Reminder sent through WhatsApp is an effective means of ensuring participants are well-prepared for an upcoming educational or professional session. Typically concise and informative, this reminder includes crucial details such as the workshop date, time, location, and any specific requirements. Leveraging WhatsApp for workshop reminders ensures immediate access to this information, contributing to better attendance rates and participant engagement. The platform’s direct communication style adds a personal touch, creating a sense of anticipation and fostering a more organized and successful workshop experience. WhatsApp proves to be a convenient and efficient tool for disseminating timely workshop-related details to participants in various educational and professional settings.

How to make effective whatsapp message templates?

Crafting an impactful message template requires careful consideration of content, tone, and audience relevance. Here’s a guide to creating such a template:

  1. Define Purpose and Audience: Clarify your message’s purpose and pinpoint the specific audience. Customize the content to address their needs and interests.
  2. Concise and Clear Messaging: Keep the message succinct, ensuring clarity while omitting unnecessary details. Utilize short paragraphs and bullet points for improved readability.
  3. Emphasize Key Information: Highlight crucial details like dates, times, and locations prominently. Facilitate quick comprehension of essential information for recipients.
  4. Personalization Elements: Integrate personalization elements, such as addressing recipients by name or referencing specific details. This enhances the message’s relevance and engagement.
  5. Call to Action (CTA): Clearly articulate the desired action for the recipient. Whether attending an event or responding to a request, provide a straightforward call to action.
  6. Maintain a Professional Tone: Sustain a professional and respectful tone, irrespective of the context. This fosters trust and credibility with the audience.
  7. Readability Testing: Ensure the message is easily readable and understandable. Steer clear of complexity and conduct tests on various devices for optimal readability.
  8. Design for Adaptability: Create a template that can adapt to different situations. This flexibility allows for reuse and modification, ensuring consistency across diverse communication contexts.

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