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April 18, 2023

With the help of Engati, businesses of all sizes may lower expenses, enhance customer satisfaction, generate more leads and sales, and improve sales and customer experience. Businesses of all sizes use it in a range of sectors, such as e-commerce, customer service, healthcare, and education. The Government of India, HDFC Bank, and Domino’s Pizza are a few of Engati’s clients. It assists companies in creating and implementing chatbots for use on many platforms, such as social media, messaging applications, mobile websites, and messaging apps. Because it’s a no-code platform, companies may develop chatbots without needing to know how to code.

What is Engati?

Engati is a free chatbot platform that allows businesses to engage with customers. Engati’s chatbots can be used on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Slack, Webchat, Skype, Kik, and Telegram.

Who is the founder of Engati?

Mr Deepak Nachnani is the Co-Founder and CEO of Engati and Nayan Jadeja is the Co-Founder and President of Engati.

Rating Of Engati

Engati has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Glassdoor.

Pricing Of Engati

The Engati chatbot has a customised pricing starting with $5 per day.  With customised features, it has three pricing plans standard, enterprise and partner. It’s free plan stays forever which includes the FAQ with NLP Engine, the broadcasting of messages, analytics, multiple channels and basic JSON API integration. We can use this up to 1000 interactions and have a maximum of 2 chatbots.

We can go for the Professional plan (with a 7-day free trial), which is good for up to 10,000 interactions and 5 chatbots.

How does Engati work?

Engati typically works in the following manner:

  1. Registration and Account Setup: Users typically need to sign up for an Enagti account on their website or platform. During registration, they may need to provide necessary information, such as their business details and contact information.
  2. WhatsApp Business Account: To use Engati, businesses usually need to have a WhatsApp Business Account, which they can set up through WhatsApp Business.
  3. Integration: Once registered, users can integrate Engati with their WhatsApp Business Account and other systems as needed. Integration may involve setting up the WhatsApp Business API and configuring settings.
  4. Message Templates: Users can create message templates within Engati, which are pre-approved message formats defined by WhatsApp. These templates can be used for sending notifications, customer support messages, and more.
  5. Contact Management: Users can manage their contact lists within Engati, including importing contacts, segmenting them for targeted messaging, and organising them for efficient communication.
  6. Automation: Engati often offers chatbot capabilities, allowing businesses to automate responses to common queries and interactions. Chatbots can be customised to handle specific tasks and engage with users.
  7. Chat Interactions: Businesses can use Engati to initiate and engage in conversations with customers via WhatsApp. They can send text messages, images, videos, documents, and other media types as needed.
  8. Analytics and Reporting: Engati may provide analytics and reporting tools to track message delivery, user engagement, and other key metrics. This data helps businesses assess the effectiveness of their WhatsApp communications.
  9. Customer Support: Engati can be used for providing customer support through WhatsApp, allowing businesses to respond to inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance to customers.
  10. Updates and Maintenance: Users may need to keep their Engati account and WhatsApp Business API updated to ensure compliance with WhatsApp’s policies and to take advantage of new features and improvements.

What Kind of chatbot elements does Engati have?

  1. More than 50 languages: Engati chatbot helps us to engage and support our customers in over 50 languages allowing to be globally local.
  2. ‍Omnichannel: Engati allows us to chat with our customers across 15 chat channels including email making our customers feel comfortable. It helps us to reach them on any channel they use making customers’ lives easier.
  3. OneView inbox: Engati’s OneView inbox gathers all our customer conversations across channels, with multiple agents and our bot in one inbox. This does not require us to constantly hop across channels to find messages from our customers.
  4. Proprietary NLP engine: It has eSenseGPT, a Generative AI engine that uses semantics and advanced intent and entity recognition which enables our chatbot to understand our customers’ queries and deliver the most appropriate and helpful answers. It automatically takes care of several aspects of text preprocessing like stopwords reduction, parts of speech handling, context handling, spelling mistakes handling, and stemming.
  5. Integrations galore: With Engati, we can integrate our chatbot with our ticketing and CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk allowing us to integrate with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and the whole suite of Zapier integrations.
  6. Easy bot training: Engati makes it easy for us to train our chatbot continuously enabling our bot to evolve as our business grows and our customers’ needs change. We can automate the training process by using DocuSense technology allowing us to upload a document to the bot, and the bot will parse our document and reply to answers to our customers’ questions. ‍
  7. Intelligent conversation routing: Engati Live Chat handles our customer conversations, based on context from their messages to the agent who is most equipped to handle the conversation and wouldn’t need to transfer or escalate the conversation.
  8. Analytics dashboards: Engati allows us to get extensive insights from our customer conversations, representing the data in great detail via its analytics dashboards and also integrates Engati with Google Analytics for deeper knowledge of customers’ minds and improves your customer experience even further.

What are the benefits of Engati?

Important benefits of ENgati

  1. Customer service: Customer service is our forte and our solutions have helped our clients scale up their customer service. It allows them to engage more customers. ‍
  2. Sales: The AI-powered chatbot drives sales and collects payments in a more convenient for our customers by integrating our chatbot with Stripe or any other payment gateway.
  3. Marketing: The Engati chatbot shares relevant information and content with our customers. It’s a powerful tool that generates leads by collecting customer information and storing it in Google Sheets or our CRM and integrates our bot with Google Calendar for booking appointments, demo calls, etc.
  4. HR: ‍An Engati chatbot is useful for our HR team as it simplifies employee experience, and streamlines the onboarding process while learning about the company’s policies and getting other necessary information. It can also be used to engage with prospective candidates before they interview and share necessary information as well as answer all their doubts after they get done with their interviews and are considering the offer. The employees could even use it to apply for leave, ask HR queries, and even request payslips and other necessary documents.

How easy is the user interface of Engati?

Engati provides user-friendly interfaces, enabling businesses to develop and launch chatbots with minimal coding expertise. These services typically furnish templates, pre-designed elements, and customization features to align the chatbot’s functionality precisely with the requirements of the business. Prioritising data security and adhering to data privacy regulations is of paramount importance. It does so in the following ways:

  1. Intuitive Design: A user-friendly experience is greatly enhanced by an easily comprehensible and intuitive design. Engati boasts clear navigation, well-structured menus, and a straightforward layout, simplifying tasks for users.
  2. User Onboarding: Within Engati’s UI, you’ll often find user onboarding features thoughtfully designed to orientate new users. These features assist newcomers in getting started and gaining familiarity with essential features.
  3. Customization: Engati offers extensive UI customization capabilities, allowing users and businesses to tailor the interface to their precise needs. Options encompass layout selection, colour schemes, and display preferences.
  4. Accessibility: Engati prioritises accessibility, incorporating features such as text resizing, keyboard navigation, and compatibility with screen readers.
  5. Documentation and Support: To facilitate effective platform utilisation, Engati provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and robust customer support resources.
  6. Feedback Mechanisms: Engati places a strong emphasis on user feedback, a cornerstone of user-centric design. Regular updates and bug fixes, guided by user input, continuously enhance usability.

Pros Of Engati

Engati chatbot has the following pros

  1. Engati enables seamless communication with the entire customer service team. Each agent can handle calls and respond individually, all using a single WhatsApp number. This unique capability positions Engati as a versatile tool for integrating both internal and external communication within the same platform.
  2. Engati offers the advantage of an integrated CRM system, allowing us to maintain a comprehensive database of all customer interactions empowering us to respond efficiently, in bulk as well as individually, to customer inquiries.
  3. Engati provides a user-friendly app that is compatible with all devices, ensuring effortless accessibility across various platforms.

Cons of Engati

  1. A prominent drawback of this solution is its pricing structure. It doesn’t offer a free plan, and all the available options, such as Growth, Pro, and Business, are associated with relatively high costs.
  2. Another notable limitation is its exclusive concentration on WhatsApp. If your business relies on various sales and communication channels, such as Instagram or Facebook, we need to handle them separately, which can be cumbersome.
  3. It has an extra variable expense on top of the licensing fee, contingent upon the quantity of messages sent and received, as well as the templates transmitted through WhatsApp.

How is the Customer support of Engati?

Engati ensures strong and positive customer support via WhatsApp building stronger relationships.

  • Improved customer satisfaction score and gathering feedback for proper quality management.
  • Provides positive support outcomes that quickly enhance the brand reputation.
  • Increases the chances of new and repeated purchases by the customers by providing a high level of satisfaction.
  • Reduced customer churn, improved retention and increased lifetime value of the customers to the business.
  • Unified and better-organised responses to customer pre-sales and support enquiries.
  • Answering common support queries with automated chatbots and escalating more complex questions to the support team.

Available Integration Options in Engati

  1. Engati API: This gateway offers access to features like automated messages, delivery and read receipts, and message tracking, empowering businesses to effectively manage customer interactions on WhatsApp.
  2. Google Sheets: Engati facilitates two-way communication between a business’s WhatsApp account and Google Sheets. This integration automates and streamlines customer interactions, allowing businesses to track customer data and communication history for enhanced customer service and support.
  3. Zoho: Seamlessly integrate your WhatsApp account with Zoho CRM using Engati. This integration streamlines customer interaction management, automates communication processes, and elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service and support.
  4. Shopify: Engati’s integration with Shopify enables businesses to establish a direct messaging channel for customer support. It facilitates automatic order confirmations, shipping updates, and delivery notifications via WhatsApp, fostering transparency and trust.
  5. WooCommerce: Engati empowers businesses to integrate their WhatsApp account with WooCommerce, facilitating customer support and sales management directly on the platform. This integration streamlines e-commerce operations, enabling efficient handling of customer queries, order tracking, and inventory management through WhatsApp.
  6. HubSpot: Integrate your WhatsApp account with HubSpot via Engati to effortlessly manage and track customer interactions, sales, and support within a unified platform. This integration automates customer communication processes, streamlines data management, and enhances the efficiency of customer service and support.
  7. Calendly: Engati’s integration with Calendly simplifies appointment scheduling and confirmation with customers via WhatsApp. It streamlines the scheduling process, reduces no-shows, and elevates the customer experience by offering a convenient method for scheduling appointments.
  8. Make.com (formerly Integromat): Through integration with Make.com, formerly known as Integromat, Engati automates workflows and connects with various other apps. This enables businesses to transfer and update customer data, automate customer support, and send personalised messages, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service and support.
  9. LeadSquared: Integration with LeadSquared empowers businesses to manage and track leads, customer interactions, and sales activities within a unified platform. This integration automated lead generation, qualification, and nurturing processes, enhancing customer service and support effectiveness while boosting sales opportunities.
  10. Dialogflow: Engati’s integration with Dialogflow facilitates the creation of conversational AI bots for WhatsApp interactions. This automation streamlines customer support and sales processes, driving efficiency and providing round-the-clock customer service.

Is it safe to use Engati?

Engati appeared to be a reputable WhatsApp API solution provider. However, the safety and security of using any software or service, including Engati, depend on various factors, including how it is configured and used. Here are some considerations:

  1. Adherence to WhatsApp Policies: WhatsApp enforces rigorous policies governing the utilisation of its API for business purposes. It is imperative to confirm that your utilisation of Engati aligns seamlessly with these policies to mitigate potential issues.
  2. Data Protection: It is essential to ascertain that Engati has implemented robust security measures to safeguard your data and communications. This encompasses encryption for data both during transit and while at rest.
  3. Access Management: Ensure that only authorised personnel within your organisation possess access to the Engati account and the associated WhatsApp business account.
  4. Employee Training: Thoroughly train your team on the secure use of Engati. This includes refraining from sharing sensitive information via WhatsApp and exercising caution when dealing with links or files from unfamiliar sources.
  5. Regular Software Updates: Maintain the software and integrations linked with Engati in an up-to-date state to proactively address potential security vulnerabilities.
  6. Third-Party Integration Scrutiny: If you employ third-party integrations alongside Engati, scrutinise the security practices of these integrations to guarantee their reliability.
  7. Customer Support Evaluation: Evaluate the quality of customer support offered by Engati. Ensuring the availability of assistance for addressing issues or security concerns is paramount.
  8. User Feedback and Recommendations: Investigate user reviews and recommendations regarding Engati to glean insights from the experiences of other businesses. Favourable reviews and recommendations often signify a trustworthy and secure service.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: Confirm that your utilisation of Engati aligns seamlessly with data privacy regulations and any pertinent legal mandates applicable in your region.
  10. Security Audits: Consider the option of conducting security audits or assessments concerning your usage of Engati, with the aim of identifying and rectifying potential vulnerabilities.

Is Engati free or paid?

Engati basically consists of three pricing plans available for its users, Standard, Enterprise and Partner. All of them are priced differently without any free plan available at this platform.

In addition to the subscription fee, extra charges apply based on the conversation category for conversation usage. Each account includes an allocation of 1,000 free service conversations, also known as user-initiated conversations.

How to get started with Engati?

To embark on your Engati journey, follow these systematic steps:

  1. Registration: Kickstart the process by visiting the Engati website and locating the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button. A simple click will initiate your registration.
  2. Account Creation: Furnish essential information to create your Engati account. Typically, this involves providing your name, email address, company name, and contact details.
  3. Plan Selection: Choose the pricing plan that aligns best with your business needs. Engati offers various plans with diverse features and pricing structures.
  4. Payment: If your selected plan requires payment, complete the payment procedure using your preferred method. Be meticulous in reviewing the pricing details.
  5. Account Verification: Activate your account, which may entail verifying your email address or phone number. Follow the provided instructions for verification.
  6. Dashboard Access: Once verified and set up, access the Engati dashboard. This central hub allows you to manage your WhatsApp communications and configure settings.
  7. WhatsApp Business Account Linking: To enable WhatsApp messaging via Engati, establish a connection between your WhatsApp Business Account and Engati. Follow on-screen instructions, which may include WhatsApp’s verification process.
  8. Integration Configuration: If you intend to integrate Engati with other tools or services, configure these integrations within the dashboard. This may encompass CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, or third-party apps.
  9. Message Template Creation: Craft message templates tailored for typical customer interactions. These templates ensure your messages align with WhatsApp’s business messaging guidelines.
  10. Initiate Conversations: Kickstart communication with your customers through Engati. You can begin conversations, respond to messages, and automate interactions using chatbots.
  11. Monitor and Analyze: Utilise the analytics and reporting features within the Engati dashboard to monitor message and campaign performance. This data serves as a foundation for refining your messaging strategy.
  12. Customer Support: Should you encounter queries or issues, do not hesitate to reach out to Engati’s customer support for prompt assistance.
  13. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of any updates or innovative features introduced by Engati. Regularly check for software updates and explore fresh capabilities to maximise the benefits of the platform.

Alternative Of Engati

Chatbot.team can be regarded as one of the best options as an alternative to Engati. Chatbot.team offers features, including robust integration options, extensive personalization capabilities, multilingual support, and much more.

Why use chatbot.team?

Chatbot.team is a great choice for making chatbots for your business, and here’s why:

  1. Easy to Use: You don’t need to be a tech expert to create and use chatbots with chatbot.team. It’s designed to be user-friendly.
  2. Customizable: You can make chatbots that fit your business perfectly, whether it’s for answering customer questions, getting more leads, or offering support.
  3. Works Everywhere: The chatbots you create with chatbot.team can chat with people on websites, messaging apps, and more, so you can reach your audience wherever they are.
  4. Gets Smarter: These chatbots can learn and get better over time, thanks to clever technology. This means they can have better conversations with your customers.
  5. Affordable: You can pick a pricing plan that matches your budget. It’s flexible and suits businesses of all sizes.
  6. Many Uses: You can use chatbot.team to make chatbots for lots of different things, like helping customers, generating leads, or providing support.
  7. Fast Responses: Your chatbots can chat with people in real-time, giving quick answers and help, which makes customers happy.
  8. Grow with You: As your business grows, chatbot.team can grow with you. You can make more chatbots or add new features to the ones you have.
  9. Fits In Easily: It can work smoothly with other tools and systems you use, making your work easier.
  10. Help When You Need It: If you have questions or run into problems, chatbot.team might offer customer support to assist you.

Engati vs chatbot.team

Engati and chatbot.team are both platforms designed for creating and deploying chatbots, yet they possess differences that render them suitable for diverse business needs. Let’s examine these distinctions across key areas:

  • Ease of Use: Engati prides itself on its user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for users with limited technical proficiency, while chatbot.team shares this emphasis on user-friendliness, enabling those without coding skills to craft chatbots effortlessly.
  • Customization: Engati grants extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor chatbots precisely to their unique requirements whereas chatbot.team empowers users to finely tune chatbots to align perfectly with their distinct business needs.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Engati predominantly caters to WhatsApp, making it a fitting choice for businesses engaging customers on this platform while the chatbot.team offers versatility by allowing chatbots to operate across various channels, encompassing websites and messaging apps.
  • AI Capabilities: Engati integrates AI features for refining chatbot interactions over time and chatbot.team similarly incorporates AI capabilities to enhance chatbot performance through continuous learning.
  • Pricing: Engati’s pricing plans vary, and it may not provide a free plan, with costs contingent on specific business needs and usage of the chatbot.team offers adaptable pricing plans, catering to various budget constraints, including options suited to businesses of varying sizes.
  • Versatility: Engati is adaptable for diverse purposes, such as customer support and marketing. But  chatbot.team exhibits versatility, accommodating an array of applications, from customer inquiries to lead generation and support.
  • Real-Time Engagement: Engati enables real-time engagement with customers exclusively on WhatsApp and chatbot.team facilitates real-time interactions, extending across multiple platforms based on chosen integrations.
  • Scalability: Engati offers limited scalability, allowing users to create additional chatbots or expand existing ones to some extent while chatbot.team is explicitly designed for scalability, catering to businesses with evolving requirements.
  • Integration: Engati integrates with specific third-party tools and platforms, chatbot.team may provide seamless integration with a diverse range of tools and systems, streamlining workflow processes.
  • Customer Support: The quality of Engati’s customer support may fluctuate based on subscription levels.


Engati chatbot is a powerful and versatile platform that can be used to create chatbots for a variety of purposes. Engati is easy to use, even for businesses with no coding knowledge, and it offers a wide range of features and benefits. Engati is a no-code chatbot development platform that allows businesses of all sizes to create and deploy chatbots across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms. Engati chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes, including customer service, marketing, and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engati is a free chatbot platform that allows businesses to engage with customers. Engati's chatbots can be used on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Slack, Webchat, Skype, Kik, and Telegram.

This platform is used for real-time conversation on platforms like WhatsApp Messenger etc.

Mr Deepak Nachnani is the Co-Founder and CEO of Engati and Nayan Jadeja is the Co-Founder and President of Engati.

EdTech companies, E-commerce and retail sector companies, Travel and Hospitality companies, Insurance and banking sector, and Government and real estate sector companies use Engati.

This section is explained in detail in the above document under the section “How does Engati work”.

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