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April 18, 2023

What are Finance Chatbots?

Finance chatbots are bots used by the financial services industry. They communicate with clients providing 24/7 support 365 days a year. They can answer commonly asked questions, check the customer’s account balance, and offer financial advice amongst other functionalities. They simulate human-like conversations and provide financial-related information, assistance, and services to users. These chatbots are designed to engage with users in a conversational manner, enabling them to ask questions, seek advice, perform transactions, and receive relevant information related to various financial topics.

Why should you use Finance Chatbots?

A financial institution should use banking chatbots to automate routine tasks, such as processing transactions or transferring funds between accounts. By reducing the need for human intervention, we can also let the customer service representatives focus on more complex issues and building client relationships.

  1. Improved customer experience: By responding to queries, offering financial guidance, and assisting users in managing their finances, finance chatbots can offer a more individualised and interesting client experience.
  2. Automated tasks: Finance chatbots can automate many of the functions presently carried out by human financial advisors, including addressing frequently asked questions and offering fundamental financial guidance. This can free up financial advisors to concentrate on more difficult responsibilities, such as offering investing and financial planning advice.
  3. Data gathered: Financial chatbots are able to gather information about consumer interactions, including the goals, spending patterns, and investment preferences of the users. This information can be utilised to enhance the chatbot’s functionality and give consumers more individualised financial guidance.
  4. Enhanced productivity: Finance chatbots can increase productivity by streamlining procedures and minimising manual labour. Businesses may save time and money by doing this.
  5. Sales-driven: By cross-selling and upselling goods and services to clients, finance chatbots can increase sales. They can also be utilised to generate sales opportunities and qualify leads.

Top 8 Finance Chatbots for Finance Industry In 2023

India’s top platform for building no-code chatbots,, aids companies in automating their sales and customer service procedures. It enables the ability to target and segment audiences precisely, redefining customer engagement and creating more individualized experiences. Our chatbot solutions boost your communication strategy by enabling you to create tailored messages that genuinely resonate with your audience. It delivers individualized offers, suggestions, and content that resonates to increase engagement, trust, and conversions for your company. With features like chatbots powered by AI, customization choices, integrations, NLP, analytics, multi-platform support, and 24/7 accessibility, it gives your business a boost.

Features of

The platform provided by has a number of features that make it simple to construct chatbots, such as:

  1. Platform without coding:’s platform is made to be simple to use, even for companies without coding expertise.
  2. Scalable and adaptable:’s platform is made to be flexible, enabling companies to build chatbots that are tailored to their particular requirements. A drag-and-drop interface, a library of pre-built chatbot components, and a visual editor for designing chatbot flows are just a few of the many features that make it simple to create chatbots on the platform.
  3. Reliable and secure: Businesses can have faith that their chatbots will be available when they’re needed thanks to’s platform.Services from are reasonably priced, making them a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes.

Services provided by

Businesses can design and use chatbots with the help of a number of services offered by Among these services are:

  1. Chatbot development: provides a no-code platform that enables companies to develop chatbots without having any programming knowledge. They provide a visual editor for building chatbot flows, a library of pre-built chatbot components, and a drag-and-drop interface on their platform.
  2. Chatbot deployment: assists companies in putting their chatbots into use across a range of channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and messaging systems. Additionally, they provide a selection of deployment choices, such as on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid deployments.
  3. Chatbot upkeep and support: provides a range of services to assist companies with upkeep and support for their chatbots.
  4. Monitoring of chatbots: keeps tabs on chatbots to make sure they are functioning properly and promptly responding to requests.
  5. Troubleshooting chatbots: assists businesses in resolving chatbot problems, such as when chatbots fail to answer requests or give inaccurate or insufficient information.
  6. Chatbot training: assists firms in instructing their chatbots to respond to fresh inquiries and enhance their functionality.
  7. Analytics for chatbots: offers businesses analytics information on their chatbots, including the number of questions answered, the typical response time, and the satisfaction rate. The performance of the chatbot may be enhanced, and its effects on the company can be evaluated, using this data. Other services provided by include chatbot consultation, chatbot marketing, and chatbot integration.


  • Limited features
  • No Free Plan
  • High learning curve
  • Not as customizable

Pricing Plans of

This chatbot offers three plans for its users, who can select the plan according to the needs of their business.

  • Free Plan: It works for a period of 14 days.
  • Premium Plan: Its price is ₹ 6500/ month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Its price varies with the features added. Contact the sales team for more details.


The chatbot platform Tidio was created especially for the finance sector. It offers a wide range of functions, such as the capacity to connect with CRM platforms, build individualised interactions, and automate processes. With the help of a robust chatbot builder, it automates sales. It can quickly find new leads and increase revenue for your company.

Features of Tidio

  1. Automatic replies: It automatically answers questions about product availability, order status, shipping, and return policies.
  2. Upselling system: It uses chatbots to recommend products and offer discounts to convince customers to make a purchase.
  3. Efficient teamwork: It assigns recurring questions to chatbots and makes the team focus on issues requiring a human touch. Thus, it reduces cost of human intervention.
  4. Order placement: It allows customers to make a purchase directly in the widget on the website and increases the order value.
  5. Intuitive chatbot builder: It helps in making your own chatbot within minutes using a drag-and-drop builder. No coding is required to make a chatbot.
  6. Ready-to-use templates: The user can pick from the various pre-designed templates and quickly add the desired chatbot to the website.
  7. Satisfaction surveys: It prepares short goodbye surveys and collects insights from customers to improve products and services.
  8. Cart-saving tool: It engages customers while they’re browsing the website to stop them from leaving and buying elsewhere.


  • AI-Powered customer service platform combines AI and human support for excellent customer service and solves up to 70% of customer problems with conversational AI by providing hands-on support with live chat and helpdesk.
  • It answers questions in seconds with Lyro AI. It replies to customer messages with a conversational AI that sounds human. Lyro answers up to 70% of customer questions with natural conversations, freeing your agents to solve complex tickets.
  • It engages website visitors with Live Chat. It tracks users across your website and sees what pages they’re browsing in real time.  It engages your visitors through the live chat widget and offers personalized discounts based on their activity to turn them into loyal customers.
  • It generates more leads with 35+ pre-defined chatbot templates to generate leads and reduce cart abandonment.   It sets up custom greetings for new and returning visitors automatically recommends related products and offers discounts to increase your conversions.
  • It connects your account to Tidio multichannel and sees all your WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat messages in one panel.


  • Due to the drag-and-drop feature, the entire chatbot can start to form a jumbled mess if you’re not careful.
  • The tutorials are missing in some languages. So it makes it difficult for users to understand.


  • Apart from free plan, it has varied plans for which the user can contact the sales team.

Ultimate AI automates 60% of customer requests across digital support channels, including chat, email, and messaging, and provides instant, 24/7 support in 109 languages. It delivers instant, measurable ROI and cost savings. It is an AI-powered chat automation and ticket automation software solution. It is used to provide fast and consistent resolutions to customers across all digital support channels, streamline processes, and reduce support costs.


  • Human-like AI: It gives natural, on-brand conversations with customers because of  LLMs and conversational and generative AI.
  • No coding required: Its easy-to-use platform created for customer support teams, including a no-code dialogue builder is easy to use.
  • Speak any language effortlessly: It can communicate with customers in up to 109 languages and manage them all in one place.
  • Safety & security certifications: It keeps the data safe with GDPR and SOC 2 type 2 compliance.


  • It increases customer support with its generative AI feature.
  • It provides seamless integration with various CRMs.
  • It provides automated support across chat, messaging, email, and social in no time.
  • It instantly and accurately resolves requests with less agent effort using generative AI and LLMs.


This platform enables enterprises to build conversational AI systems that allow users to converse with applications and electronic devices in free form, natural language, using speech or text.


  • It caters to all your business and customer needs from one single platform optimized at every stage of your Conversational AI journey to drive exponential value in minimum time.
  • It identifies top use cases from CRM tickets and chat transcripts.
  • It has drag and drop editor to design use cases and workflows.
  • It has a Live support agent which provides seamless support in human hands off
  • It’s proprietary NLU leads the industry with the most human-like conversational experience for your customers. Its tailormade industry-specific NLP, Machine and deep Learning models ensure maximum accuracy as compared to other NLU engines and reduce bot fails.
  • Its AI-driven Analytics uncovers business insights by tapping into real-time conversation data with Smart Funnels, AI recommendations,  CSAT & NPS.
  • It drives personalized & consistent conversations across channels that the customers use every day. The use of powerful out-of-the-box integrations to unify all your customer experience tools together & provide elevated customer experience end-to-end.


  • It enhances the Conversational AI strategy with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who understands the business goals & objectives and aligns the bot to meet such needs.
  • It enables Enterprise-grade architecture with 200k CCU and 99.9% uptime. Its compliance with GDPR and ISO: 27001 ensures the highest security practices in place for the brand.


  • The complexity level of entities is a little difficult for people who are from non-coding backgrounds.
  • Integration of Whatsapp Products with business processes is a little difficult.
  • Pricing is on the higher side for small businesses.


  • Starter plan
  • It has 8000 conversations monthly.

Growth Plan

  •  It has 16000 conversations monthly.
  •  For price details, contact sales team.

The chatbot qualifies and converts your visitors into customers by engaging them in a conversation rather than filling out boring forms. It powers up support by unifying cross-channel customer conversations, enabling marketing to engage in personalized interactions, and igniting sales for higher conversions.


  • It has an easy-to-build chatbot which requires no coding knowledge.
  • It has high-quality templates to choose from while asking relevant questions from the visitors.
  • It visualizes the data collected from to solve important aspects and make decisions on the business.
  • It can easily fix meetings with customers to increase sales while generating leads. It integrates all the calendars of your meeting according to the time zone the customer is in.
  • It provides a richer user experience to all your visitors that will yield better engagement and progressive growth for your business.
  • By capturing visitor intent in an instant, it helps you to identify and engage your valuable leads faster. Data from the chatbot ensures that your valuable time is spent on leads that have higher chances of conversion.

It reduces your sales cycle duration by half. Closing a deal is not going to feel the same anymore.


  • It replaces forms with chatbots as Customers are more likely to share their information with an interactive chatbot rather than fill out a passive web form.
  • Its mobile-friendly chatbots can gather insights into customer satisfaction by asking their opinions & measuring their experience.
  • It shares your chatbot via social media & in campaigns to increase your reach and qualify more customers for your business.
  • automates your workflow by allowing you to connect with any tool you use, such as Salesforce, Google Sheets and more.


  • Lite Plan  $24 per month.
  • Standard Plan $49 per month.
  • Plus Plan $99 per month

Advanced no-code interaction automation tool optimizes and automates the customer experience across a variety of digital and speech channels. Designing, developing, testing, and managing virtual assistants, digital apps, and process assistants that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is easier for enterprises. For a wide range of speech and digital channels, delivers highly customizable, ready-to-deploy, and domain-trained solutions. By addressing complicated use cases, they help businesses make sure their customers have a fantastic time using their goods. The program streamlines and automates recurring operations in the areas of finance, human resources, marketing, and sales to improve management experiences. offers a range of features and capabilities for building healthcare chatbots tailored to the needs of healthcare providers and patients.

Features of Kore

  • It implements an enterprise-ready conversational AI program.
  • It provides end-to-end support to ensure execution excellence.
  • The expert team brings chatbot to the implementation phase in the shortest time.
  • It ensures that the system being developed continually aligns with the business objective.
  • It helps in managing the project scope by identifying risks and costs associated with implementing the chatbot during each phase. It makes the complex case easy.
  • The team of AI and NLP experts designs complex chatbots, ensures successful implementation, and ensures the project is delivered in the shortest span of time.

Service provided by Kore

  1. Services in Consulting and Advisory: We support and advise our enterprise clients on how to include chatbots as part of a comprehensive digital strategy as part of our consulting and advisory services, for instance. When automating customer experience projects, use cases should be identified and prioritized. To define business use cases, our business analysts lead Agile Story Workshops. Our ML and NLP Analysts test and train the BOT for Conversational Excellence in multiple applications across a range of channels as part of the Design process.
  2. Services for Development and Implementation: We work with you to create the conversational application architecture as part of the development and implementation services. Additionally, our team assists you in the design and creation of chatbots using the Bots Platform, as well as their rollout and deployment. Based on the needs of the customer, we adapt the Bot Kit and the Web SDKs. We will assist you in integrating the Bots Platform with apps, platforms, and frameworks from other sources.
  3. Managed Services: Our managed services for managing the chatbot infrastructure include continual upkeep and improvements, QA, analytics, and dashboard-based reporting. We also oversee end-to-end migrations of the bots platform and related solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud.
  4. Education Services: Our training services are intended to help you use and maximize the advantages of the bot platform. Our chatbot training curriculum includes in-person, online, and self-paced courses. This covers business training on chatbot development, conversational design, and use case identification, utilization, technical training, bot lifecycle management, and many other aspects of chatbot creation. An essential part of our training activities is teaching customers how to construct chatbots using the Platform.
  5. Assistance Services: We use our highly qualified support personnel to promptly, effectively, and affordably fix customer issues as part of our support services. Our customer service representatives will quickly locate the source of your issue and propose a fix. As agreed upon in the SLAs with the client, we offer help around the clock.


It has a custom price plan that varies as per the functionalities. It provides omnichannel and multilingual support, knowledge of AI, auto dialogue generation, dialogue management, context management, sentiment analysis, integration with various platforms, security, scalability, deployment, analytics, configuration, and extensibility.


A conversational AI platform called AlphaChat enables companies to automate customer care, boost revenue, and enhance productivity. It is a cloud-based platform that enables the development of chatbots that can communicate with clients via platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. It is a Conversational AI Platform For Customer Service Automation.


  • It has built-in Natural Language knowledge for teaching virtual assistants.
  • It has live chat and seamless agent switching
  • It is powered by AI and provides authentication.
  • It also provides support for many languages in polyglot mode.
  • It maintains Industry standards.


  • It helps in improving customer service.
  • It increases sales and revenue.
  • It automates tasks and resolves queries faster.

Pricing Plans.

  • It has two plans, for which one can contact te sales team for more information.


A chatbot creation platform called BotsCrew assists companies in developing and deploying chatbots. Without any prior coding knowledge, chatbots may be easily created with our no-code platform. BotsCrew, the most flexible chatbot platform for enterprises, allows the creation of the most diverse and powerful chatbots. Run on the website or any other platform, pick multiple languages, integrate any software, and scale.


  • It is powered by GPT-3.5, complex AI and NLP engines to create truly smart chatbots.
  • It provides integrations with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • It supports enterprise chatbots and customses development.
  • It offers Multilingual Support to the customers.
  • It has built-in Chat / Messaging feature.


  • Botscrew provides
  • custom integrations;
  • platform with simple UI;
  • full customization, branding, etc;
  • chatbots for any messaging channels and apps;
  • WhatsApp integration with full support along the journey;
  • multilingual chatbots.


  • The discovery phase can cost around $5,000 – $20,000.
  • POC (Proof of Concept) add from $10,000 to $30,000 to your chatbot pricing.
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  prices vary from $15,000 – $100,000



  • It has blockchain saking which finds sales and get investors on board with PoS.
  • It automates loan application. In this, AI can predict non-paying clients and find ones with bad credit scores.
  • With this, Bank application is made easy.
  • With its sentiment analysis feature, Automatic customer on-boarding made easy.
  • It supports AI voice/image recognition.
  • It uses Automatic KYC/AML solution using AI OCR and Facial/Voice Recognition.
  • It automates financial data analytics.
  • It uses AI to recommend products and estimate prices based on data.


  • For a Financial firm, it raises funds through IDO and help write white paper, pitch decks and create tokens. It alsobuilds Proof of Concepts and enable staking or node features for your buyers.
  • For a Gaming firm, it monetizes games with NFT and build features that would allow NFT and Metaverse compatibility.
  • For a Trader, it automates trading with arbitrage bots, discord bots and sniping bots.



  • Message Center It has all interactions in one central place, regardless of the channels your customers use, it answers all messages from one central place for professional support and sales. Userlike enables your team to deliver its best and takes your customer communication to the next level.
  • Its Customer service chatbots and AI solutions, automates your lead generation, customer support recruiting and digital sales. The powerful automation and chatbot features for your business are  linked by a centralized, AI-powered knowledge base.
  • We can use video call as communication mode for your support and sales. It adds another dimension to your communication and meet your visitors just the way they want.
  • Userlike allows large-scale organizations to offer personal, one-on-one customer support – the type you’d only expect from your local grocery store. Our Flex plan combined with tailored guidance makes us the number one choice among industry leaders.


  • It  works closely to understand the setup, challenges, and wishes.
  • Userlike stays lean to provide guidance, even if the user reaches out to us for every little change. It will help in  getting new customer relationships fast.
  • With its Flex plan, one can easily adjust the amount of your organizations, groups, Widgets.
  • It reflects the organizational structure with organizations feature. This allows you to set up multiple, independently operating teams under one umbrella.
  • It helps in assigning different roles to individual team members and further specify the permission rights of each of these roles.
  • It offers various options, such as skill-based routing, behavior-based routing, and custom routing events, to ensure a setup that fits your preferred logic and processes.


  • The free plan offers a simple chat setup for your website. It has 1 WIDGET 1 SEAT and  All the core features like Unlimited conversations, Unlimited contacts, and Website Messenger.
  • Team Plan costs $90 per month.
  • The corporate plan costs $290 per month.

How to choose a Finance chatbot?

Choosing a finance chatbot involves careful consideration of your business goals, customer needs, technical capabilities, and available resources. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right finance chatbot for your organization:

  1. Define Your Objectives: We must understand why we need a finance chatbot. We must know what we want to achieve with the chatbot. Clear goals will guide our selection in increasing customer service, increasing engagement, providing financial advice, or streamlining transactions, clear objectives will guide your selection. We must analyze your customers’ preferences and problem points and  what are the most common queries they have. We also need to identify areas where a chatbot can provide value and enhance their experience.
  2. Choose the Chatbot Platform: Depending on our requirements and budget, choose the appropriate type. There are rule-based chatbots and AI-powered chatbots. Rule-based chatbots follow predefined rules, while AI-powered chatbots use machine learning to understand and respond to user queries more dynamically.
  3. Choose the chatbot type: The decision between rule-based and AI-powered chatbots is influenced by your specific business requirements, money, technological competence, and the level of complexity you demand in your chatbot’s interactions.  Rule-based chatbots operate based on predefined rules and triggers, suitable for handling simple tasks, quickly addressing FAQs, and providing basic information. They follow programmed dialogues and lack contextual understanding. These chatbots are easy to set up and maintain, making them effective for straightforward interactions and predictable user requests.  AI-powered chatbots offer enhanced user experiences by delivering personalized and human-like interactions. While rule-based chatbots have a lower initial setup cost, AI-powered chatbots offer a higher long-term return on investment due to their advanced capabilities. AI-powered chatbots are better equipped for scalability as business needs evolve, but their development and training demand more time and resources. Finally, if our company requires simple interactions and has a minimal budget, a rule-based chatbot may be appropriate. An AI-powered chatbot, on the other hand, is a preferable solution if you want to provide sophisticated, personalised, and dynamic interactions that can adapt to user preferences over time. When making your decision, keep your specific use cases and future scalability requirements in mind.
  4. Discuss the Design and Development Process: A chatbot’s design and development process includes numerous stages, from conceptualization through deployment. Developing a successful chatbot involves several key phases: defining objectives and tasks, selecting the appropriate chatbot type and platform, designing a user-friendly experience, training AI capabilities, gathering and refining data, creating on-brand content, rigorous testing, deployment, monitoring performance, continuous improvement based on user feedback, ongoing maintenance, security compliance, and user education. Each step contributes to a well-rounded and effective chatbot implementation.
  5. See Available Integration Options: Chatbot integration means you are connecting the chatbot with various platforms. It’s an entire process to deploy the chatbot on various social platforms and applications. Depending on your healthcare goals and target audience, you can choose the most appropriate integration options. Here are some common chatbot integration options:
    1. Website Integration: Embed the chatbot directly on your healthcare website using a chat window or widget. It offers real-time assistance to users browsing your site, answering their questions, and providing support.
    2. Messaging Platforms: Integrating your chatbot with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp and engaging with users on platforms they are already familiar with, thereby expanding your reach.
    3. Social Media: Connect your chatbot to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and engage with users who interact with your healthcare brand on social media and provide instant responses.
  6. Test and Launch Your Chatbot: Testing verifies the functionality, usability, and performance of the chatbot. Usability, functionality, performance, and security are assessed, with user feedback and incorporated. These processes ensure the chatbot operates smoothly, provides accurate responses, and offers a positive user experience. Once successfully integrated and tested, the chatbot is ready for deployment.

What are the Future Trends in Finance Chatbots?

Some of the future trends in finance chatbots are

  1. Increased use of AI: Finance chatbot development reflects the progress of artificial intelligence (AI), which is growing more complex. AI-powered chatbots will be better able to comprehend and address client inquiries, as well as learn and adapt over time.
  2. Personalization: Because finance chatbots will be able to learn about specific customers’ financial goals and preferences, they will become more customised. As a result, chatbots will be able to give clients more pertinent information and guidance.
  3. Integration: Chatbots for finance will be coupled with other platforms, including CRM tools and accounting software. Chatbots will be able to access and process more data as a result, and they will also be able to automate more activities.
  4. Natural language processing (NLP): This is a term that refers to the capacity of computers to comprehend and process human language. Finance chatbots that can comprehend and reply to customer inquiries in natural language are being created using this technology. As more and more individuals access financial services on their smartphones and tablets, finance chatbots will be increasingly implemented on mobile devices.


Chatbots are one of the newest technologies being utilised to increase customer service and efficiency, automate jobs, and collect data in the continuously changing banking sector. There are several different finance chatbots accessible, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Your unique demands and requirements will determine which chatbot is perfect for you.

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