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April 18, 2023

The article provides a summary of the newest and best education chatbots available today, which provide both students and teachers with a range of features and advantages, including personalised learning, round-the-clock support, real-time feedback, interesting activities, and collaboration. It starts out by defining education chatbots and outlining their potential use in the classroom. The article lists 17 exceptional education chatbots and emphasises their distinctive qualities and talents. These chatbots offer innovative ways to speed up learning and provide specialised support in an educational environment that is continually changing. We need a chatbot that uses algorithms and is sufficiently clever so that students and professors will feel free from the need to bypass the system and approach it directly when looking for the ideal chatbot for the education department. The bots listed below have all been developed with university staff members and students in mind and aim to improve the overall student experience.

What is an Education chatbot?

A computer program or artificial intelligence-based application called an education chatbot is made to communicate with users in the context of education, often through text or voice-based interactions. These chatbots were created to assist and enhance various parts of the learning process, from informational support and question-answering to educational content delivery and engagement. A computer program that can mimic talks with real users is known as a chatbot for teaching. It is intended to support teachers in their instruction of students.

Why should you use Education Chatbots?

Use education chatbots in your classroom for a variety of reasons. Some of the most significant ones are listed below:

  1. Personalized learning: Learning that is personalized for each student based on their learning preferences, pace, and interests is possible with education chatbots. Students may learn more quickly and effectively as a result of this.
  2. 24×7 availability: Education chatbots are ready around the clock to assist with queries and deliver information. Students who require extra assistance or who are having difficulty understanding a particular idea may particularly benefit from this.
  3. Real-time feedback: Chatbots for education can give students quick feedback on their performance, assisting them in recognising and fixing their errors. This can assist pupils in learning from their errors and enhancing their performance over time.
  4. Engaging activities: By using games, quizzes, and other interactive activities, education chatbots can convey educational content in a fun and engaging way. Students’ motivation and interest in learning may be maintained in this way.

Education chatbots can help with collaboration between students, teachers, and even among the student body. This can encourage students to collaborate more and learn from one another.

Top 16 Education Chatbots for the Education Industry In 2023


India’s top platform for building no-code chatbots,, aids companies in automating their sales and customer service procedures. It enables the ability to target and segment audiences precisely, redefining customer engagement and creating more individualized experiences. Our chatbot solutions boost your communication strategy by enabling you to create tailored messages that genuinely resonate with your audience. It delivers individualized offers, suggestions, and content that resonates to increase engagement, trust, and conversions for your company. With features like chatbots powered by AI, customization choices, integrations, NLP, analytics, multi-platform support, and 24/7 accessibility, it gives your business a boost.

Features of

The platform provided by has a number of features that make it simple to construct chatbots, such as:

  • Platform without coding:’s platform is made to be simple to use, even for companies without coding expertise.
  • Scalable and adaptable:’s platform is made to be flexible, enabling companies to build chatbots that are tailored to their particular requirements.
  • A drag-and-drop interface, a library of pre-built chatbot components, and a visual editor for designing chatbot flows are just a few of the many features that make it simple to create chatbots on the platform.
  • Reliable and secure: Businesses can have faith that their chatbots will be available when they’re needed thanks to’s platform.
  • Services from are reasonably priced, making them a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes.

Limitations of

  • Limited features
  • No Free Plan
  • High learning curve
  • Not as customizable

Pricing Plans of

This chatbot offers three plans for its users, who can select the plan according to the needs of their business.

  • Free Plan: It works for a period of 14 days.
  • Premium Plan: Its price is ₹ 6500/ month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Its price varies with the features added. Contact the sales team for further details.

2. Engati

Enagati is a well-liked platform for building chatbots and virtual assistants. It acquires, engages, and retains more customers, faster with an enterprise-grade, Conversational AI platform powered by eSenseGPT. It drives superior customer experiences with Gen-AI powered Chatbot, Live chat, Campaigns & more. It generates leads, increases conversions, and improves customer experience across channels. It also Trains your bots in seconds with eSenseGPT.

Features of Engati

  1. Every conversation is stitched into one view: By streamlining omnichannel interactions with the one-view inbox, it maintains track of customers who connect with it through various touchpoints.
  2. A better, faster, stronger way to connect with customers: It facilitates efficient contact with our complimentary AI chatbot, which offers round-the-clock lead generation, support optimization, and individualized chats.
  3. Create an omnichannel customer experience with your AI chatbot: It makes omnichannel customer engagement possible. It can deploy your bot on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and 10+ other channels to offer an omnichannel customer experience. It allows for seamless integration across multiple channels for both customer and enterprise needs. Regardless of what channels your customers prefer, Engati provides an all-in-one customer engagement platform that powers your omnichannel customer experience.
  4. Multiply your revenue with Chatbots and Live Chat: Human touch and automation should be in balance. With Live Chat, you can set up prompt responses, close sales, and work with clients in real time. The improved timing increases sales, thus generating more revenue.
  5. Create experiences that draw in customers: It provides the best experiences centered around fluidity. With customers always on the go, they’re constantly switching channels to get what they want. It reaches your customers across the multichannel customer journey.
  6. An easier way to build bots: It creates bots with Engati’s drag-and-drop conversational modeller using minimal coding. Once built, it deploys the chatbot in seconds.
  7. Simplified bot training: It simplifies your knowledge base with FAQs, Intents, Cognitive Search, and DocuSense—perfect to support your customers, whether it’s dusk or dawn.
  8. NLP Engine: State-of-the-art the NLP Engine delivers personalized experiences, fuelled by context and intents, across all touchpoints of your customers’ journey.

Limitations of Engati

  • The price might be a bit on the higher side when compared to others.
  • The bot could be more customizable using external technology and better compatible with other web apps.

Pricing of Engati

  • StarterPlan: This plan is free.
  • Contact the sales team for further enquiries.

3. Freshworks

Freshworks offers a suite of customer engagement tools, including customer support, marketing, sales, and more, all integrated into a single platform. This unified approach streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for multiple disjointed tools.

Features of Freshworks

  • It automates resolutions and saves time for customers and agents.
  • Digitizing IVRs collects all the required context and triages the conversations to the relevant agent groups.
  • It delivers scalable, intelligent support across all channels and makes agents more productive.
  • With real-time resolutions, intelligent automation, and contextual agent handovers, it reduces your Average Handle Time.
  • It saves money and reduces support staffing costs by front-lining the bots to take care of most of the customers’ repetitive questions.
  • By providing instant resolutions through intelligent self-service automation it creates a happy customer who advocates the brand.

Cons of Freshworks

  • In some cases slower response times from customer support, impact the resolution of urgent issues.
  • The team need to improve on Asset Management and Mobile Functionality same as the web version.

Pricing of Freshworks

The detailed prices are available with the sales team.

4. Meritto

For educational institutions wishing to increase enrollments and boost the efficiency of their Sales, Marketing, Admission, Finance, and Operation departments, Meritto is a fantastic option.  Enrollment Cloud, Education CRM, Application Platform, Education Chatbot, and Payment Cloud are some of the goods it offers. Everyone likes it, including higher education institutions, K12 schools, play and pre-schools, coaching and training centres, study abroad consultants, and EdTech companies.  It’s because we design specifically to keep students enrolled using knowledge gleaned from working with hundreds of educational institutions. Regardless of the problem, we probably already have a solution.

Features of Meritto

  • The AI-driven Education Chatbot engages with candidates, wherever they are and as soon as a prospect lands on the official website.
  • The chatbot responds to a conversation within the context of a candidate journey, armed with related attachments, making it easy to offer epic candidate experiences while reducing the pressure on your team and giving them more time to tackle complicated challenges.
  • The chatbot nudges candidates with the power of behavioural intelligence but also learns institution-specific questions, and delivers answers automatically.

Cons of Meritto

  • It’s a bit difficult to understand its features at the beginning.
  • For most of the configuration, you need to depend on the support team.

Pricing of Meritto

Detailed pricing is available with the sales team.

5. Kommunicate

Kommunicate is an AI-powered chatbot platform that helps businesses automate customer support, generate leads, and provide self-service.

Features of Kommunicate

  • AI Chatbots: Kommunicate’s AI chatbots can be used to automate frequent client requests, like those for product details, shipping costs, and price quotes. Additionally, they can be utilised to qualify leads and offer self-service assistance.
  • Live Chat: With Kommunicate’s live chat function, you can communicate with your clients in real-time and rapidly address their queries and problems.
  • Knowledge Base: You can write and save articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs) in Kommunicate’s knowledge base, which your customers can use to get answers to their inquiries.
  • Helpdesk: You may handle your customer support tickets and keep track of your client interactions using Kommunicate’s helpdesk.
  • Various third-party apps, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and e-commerce platforms, are all integrated with Kommunicate. This makes it possible for you to easily link your consumer data.

Pricing of Kommunicate

  • The lite plan starts at $100 /mo.
  • The advanced plan costs $200 /mo.
  • Enterprise plan – contact the sales team for further details.


The enterprise-grade conversational AI platform for happy customers and workers is called With the best of AI + Human Intelligence, the platform enables automation that is focused on solving problems.  Through its no-code/low-code bot builders, it is powered by dynamic AI agents that enable human-like interactions that raise staff engagement and customer happiness at scale.

Features of

  • It has the ability to make chatbots for websites and helps reduce costs for support roles that are critical in small businesses which are customer-like travel.
  • The flow of conversations is highly customizable with ease of use from the backend.
  • Built on multi-LLM architecture, DAP continuously trains on billions of conversations for scale, speed, and accuracy.

Cons of

  • The chatbots can be more learning-based for non-e-commerce businesses.
  • Some components require deep knowledge on the technical side i.e. integration with other CRM platforms making it difficult for users of non-technical backgrounds.

Pricing of

For the price details, the sales team can be contacted.


Features of

  • It improves the workflows and productivity with the help of agents who answer repetitive questions all day long and quickly without losing their motivation.
  • It provides support to customers around the clock with a smart chatbot that is ready and waiting to help customers any time you can’t pick up a call or accept a chat.
  • It resolves problems smarter & faster with the help of chatbots and shortens the wait time by answering user questions in a flash.

Pricing of

It has plans starting with $52 per month, details of which can be provided by the sales team.

8. Dashly

Dashly is a platform for conversational marketing. By making every client interaction into a one-on-one discussion, it aids over 700 SaaS and EdTech organisations in increasing conversions and revenue.  A chatbot, pop-up windows, and proactive messaging can help you generate and qualify more leads. In eCRM, the leads are gathered and segmented.

Features of Dashly

  • It captures leads using a chatbot made in an easy-to-use Chatbot Builder. It stores and manages them in eCRM.
  • It tracks the visitors’ actions makes the best offers using pop-up messages, and integrates with their favourite services.
  • It has all visitors’ messages in one admin panel and responds to the visitors in Live chat for perfect support.
  • It increases conversions with triggered emails and analyzes the performance-building funnels.

Cons of Dashly

  • As it provides an extensive range of possibilities, which requires a considerable amount of time to fully master.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is difficult to start working with.

Pricing of Dashly

Starting at $39 per month, it has three price variations. The details are available with the sales team.

9. Sydle

It offers different communication channels on a single platform which keeps an active and loyal customer base and ensures the sustainability of the business.

Features of Sydle

  • It improves the processes globally with an all-in-one omnichannel platform and integrates the communication channels with consistency.
  • It automates customer relationships through a truly low-code platform integrated with all the business’s processes and data.
  • It transforms the business and carries out visual management and decision-making through real-time analysis of precise, strategic data about your customer database and their purchase behaviour.

Cons of Sydle

It has a complex user interface.

Pricing of Sydle

The price details are available with the sales team.

10. Snatchbot

SnatchBot eliminates complexity and helps to build the best chatbot experience for the customers. It provides robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security to comply with regulatory mandates.

Features of Snatchbot

  • SnatchBot’s technologies, which include NLP, ML, and speech recognition, cover the complete lifespan of a bot with the help of our omnichannel platform, from development and testing through deploying, publishing, hosting, tracking, and monitoring. The platform offers strong administrative tools, scalable security, and adherence to all legal requirements.
  • Chatbots that can have intelligent, human-like discussions with your consumers and staff can enhance digital experiences. Utilise our in-house, cutting-edge Natural Language Processing technology to help chatbots comprehend, remember, and adapt to the knowledge gained from each contact.
  • Chatbots that can have intelligent, human-like discussions with your consumers and staff can enhance digital experiences. Utilise our in-house Natural Language Processing technology to help chatbots comprehend, remember, and adapt to the knowledge gained from each contact.

Cons of Snatchbot

It is complicated for the first-time users.

Pricing of Snatchbot

The price details are available with the sales team.

11. Botsify

Live chat software called Botsify is available around the clock. Businesses can engage with customers in real time, send personalised messages, and easily provide bot support to increase sales and please customers. Botsify connects to Facebook Messenger and Skype in addition to the standard email communication channels like Messenger, Website, Whatsapp, Instagram, and email to give you a comprehensive, holistic view of your customer communication while still delivering prompt customer support when they need it most.

Features of Botsify

  • It uses AI/Machine Learning for its work.
  • It generates Automated Responses for user queries.
  • It has a built-in Chatbot.
  • It is equipped with Natural Language Processing.

Cons of Botsify

  • The learning curve is steep, and navigating through the features is more challenging which, contributes to a frustrating and inefficient experience.
  • The bot’s performance is inconsistent and unreliable. It often misinterprets user queries, which leads to irrelevant responses and an overall subpar user experience.

Pricing of Botsify

For pricing details, the sales team can be contacted.

12. Botpenguin

It is a mobile AI chatbot that is available at all times. With the help of BotPenguin’s chatbot creator, it keeps the customers satisfied and engaged by having an omnichannel presence on all platforms.

Features of Botpenguin

  • It has an easy-to-navigate web UI to create a chatbot for websites, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
  • The platform offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to create a chatbot, use templates and explore other add-ons.
  • The very cheap chatbot by Botpenguin has many uses. The easy-to-operate WhatsApp integration, and the Omni Channel Message Interface help build a CRM-like quality in this platform
  • It’s been able to handle all customer inquiries with ease and has made the customer service process smoother.

Pricing of Botpenguin

It has a customized price plan and the details are available to the sales team.

13. Reve

Live sales and assistance are available through the omnichannel consumer interaction platform REVE Chat, which is AI-powered. With the help of the automated live chat platform, you can engage consumers around the clock, qualify leads from various channels, and boost conversions. Every interaction between customers and businesses is streamlined by this platform for customer communication.

Features of Reve

  • Live sales and assistance are available through the omnichannel consumer interaction platform REVE Chat, which is AI-powered. With the help of the automated live chat platform, you can engage consumers around the clock, qualify leads from various channels, and boost conversions. Every interaction between customers and businesses is streamlined by this platform for customer communication.
  • It engages the customers across their preferred channels with REVE Chat to provide an omnichannel messaging experience. REVE Chat also includes Advanced Routing, Queuing, Auto Triggers, and Visitor Analytics.

Cons of Reve

The UI of the widget needs more improvement.

Pricing of Reve

The sales team can be contacted for detailed pricing.

14. WotNot

It is a chatbot builder that combines simplicity, effectiveness, and a delightful user experience. It’s intuitive no-code interface and drag & drop functionality, puts coding out of the equation, making bot building effortless and accessible for all.

Features of Wotnot

  • It provides a personalized customer experience to the current or future customers which is available 24/7, responds instantly, is totally reliable, and speaks the customer language.
  • Its no-code Bot Builder can build bots fairly easily with an intuitive visual builder.
  • It can manage multiple bots for different activities based on the triggers and conditions defined by the user. WotNot offers a service wherein the team of experienced conversation design experts understand the needs and carefully create a conversation flow that matches the needs of the business and keeps optimizing the flow by reviewing the results.

Pricing of Wotnot

Starting from $49 per month, it has 4 price variations. The details are available with the sales team.

15. Landbot

Businesses may build and deploy chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, Telegram, and WhatsApp using Landbotl, a no-code chatbot development platform. Because it is convenient to use and reasonably priced, it is a preferred option for companies of all sizes. With Landbot, you can build any chatbot you can think of and use it anywhere. It’s a fun, user-friendly platform.

Features of Landbot

  • A drag-and-drop chatbot builder
  • A library of pre-trained chatbot models
  • A built-in analytics dashboard
  • Integrations with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and HubSpot

Drawbacks of Landbot

  • Landbot does not offer as many features as some of the other chatbot development platforms.
  • There is no mobile app for Landbot.

Pricing of Landbot

After the free trial period which includes 100 chats per month, paid plans start at €30/mo. For further inquiries, the sales team can be contacted.

16. Chatcompose

ChatCompose helps you build your own sales and support chatbot, design sales and conversation scripts, and deploy chatbots across your communication channels to generate qualified leads and automate customer support.

Features of Chatcompose

  • Chatbots can provide personal assistance to students to facilitate personal productivity. Tasks include calendar or email management and reminders of tasks and deliveries or collection of evaluations.
  • A bot can answer frequently asked questions of students, related to administration or learning concepts and content.
  • Chatbot technology can accompany students in their learning process.
  • They can help students regulate their own metacognitive processes (reflection on the process of their own learning), function as an expert partner and collaborate with a livelihood that facilitates learning.

Pricing of Chatcompose

The price details are available with the sales team.

How to choose an Education chatbot?

Choosing an education chatbot involves careful consideration of your education goals, student needs, technical capabilities, and available resources. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right chatbot for your education:

Define Your Objectives:

We must understand why we need a chatbot. We must know what we want to achieve with the chatbot. Clear goals will guide our selection in increasing student service, increasing engagement, providing education-related advice, or streamlining related operations, clear objectives will guide our selection. We must analyze our student’s preferences and problem points and what are the most common queries they have. We also need to identify areas where a chatbot can provide value and enhance their experience.

Choose the Platform:

Depending on our requirements and budget, we must choose the appropriate type. There are rule-based chatbots and AI-powered chatbots. Rule-based chatbots follow predefined rules, while AI-powered chatbots use machine learning to understand and respond to user queries more dynamically.

Choose the chatbot type:

The decision between rule-based and AI-powered chatbots is influenced by your specific business requirements, money, technological competence, and the level of complexity you demand in your chatbot’s interactions.  Rule-based chatbots operate based on predefined rules and triggers, suitable for handling simple tasks, quickly addressing FAQs, and providing basic information. They follow programmed dialogues and lack contextual understanding. These chatbots are easy to set up and maintain, making them effective for straightforward interactions and predictable user requests.  AI-powered chatbots offer enhanced user experiences by delivering personalized and human-like interactions. While rule-based chatbots have a lower initial setup cost, AI-powered chatbots offer a higher long-term return on investment due to their advanced capabilities. AI-powered chatbots are better equipped for scalability as business needs evolve, but their development and training demand more time and resources.

Finally, if our company requires simple interactions and has a minimal budget, a rule-based chatbot may be appropriate. An AI-powered chatbot, on the other hand, is a preferable solution if you want to provide sophisticated, personalised, and dynamic interactions that can adapt to user preferences over time. When making your decision, keep your specific use cases and future scalability requirements in mind.

Discuss the Design and Development Process:

A chatbot’s design and development process includes numerous stages, from conceptualization through deployment. Developing a successful chatbot involves several key phases: defining objectives and tasks, selecting the appropriate chatbot type and platform, designing a user-friendly experience, training AI capabilities, gathering and refining data, creating on-brand content, rigorous testing, deployment, monitoring performance, continuous improvement based on user feedback, ongoing maintenance, security compliance, and user education. Each step contributes to a well-rounded and effective chatbot implementation.

See Available Integration Options:

Chatbot integration means you are connecting the chatbot with various platforms. It’s an entire process to deploy the chatbot on various social platforms and applications. Depending on your education goals and target audience, you can choose the most appropriate integration options. Here are some common chatbot integration options:

  • Website Integration: Embed the chatbot directly on your organisation’s website using a chat window or widget. It offers real-time assistance to users browsing your site, answering their questions, and providing support.
  • Messaging Platforms: Integrating your chatbot with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp and engaging with users on platforms they are already familiar with, thereby expanding your reach.
  • Social Media: Connect your chatbot to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and engage with users who interact with your business brand on social media and provide instant responses.

Test and Launch Your Chatbot:

Testing verifies the functionality, usability, and performance of the chatbot. Usability, functionality, performance, and security are assessed, with user feedback and incorporated. These processes ensure the chatbot operates smoothly, provides accurate responses, and offers a positive user experience. Once successfully integrated and tested, the chatbot is ready for deployment.

What are the Future Trends in Education Chatbots?

The way we receive education has radically altered as a result of technological improvements. AI chatbots for education are revolutionising how organisations communicate with their pupils. There are numerous ways that chatbots are becoming more and more popular, from teacher assistants to student support. Global News Wire reports that in 2021, the market for chatbots was valued at USD 526 million; by 2030, it is expected to have grown to USD 3,619 million, with a CAGR of 23.9 per cent from 2022 to 2030.

After the period of the COVID-19 epidemic, the education sector saw a significant shift. The analysis shows that one of the top five industries benefiting most from chatbots is education. Additionally, chatbots may assist students right away by fixing this issue, personalising each student’s interactions, and ensuring that each student has the best possible learning experience.

A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can respond to students’ questions based on their academic records and personal information. The learning process will undoubtedly be more effective with personalised learning assisted by a chatbot. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are created in such a way that they can understand the purpose of any engagement with students.


The good news is that those repetitious duties can be effectively carried out by AI chatbots. The teachers may utilise a chatbot as their assistance. Chatbots, which use artificial intelligence, can assist teachers in completing their tasks without making them feel pressured or worn out. Use AI chatbots if you want the productivity of your institutional employees to rise.

Universities may benefit from the growing trust in AI chatbots by utilising the technology to reassure their students, their parents, staff, and academics. In numerous industries, including but not limited to higher education, AI chatbots are the intelligence drivers that will revolutionise, empower, and evolve the face of those sectors.

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